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I-10 Office Buildings


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I-10 Office Buildings

  1. 1.   Brass Gateway Development 1 - 4 acre lots available San Antonio, TX He ue rm a nn Ro ad Northwest San Antonio: Located on IH- 10 , near the Dominion and the Rim. IH -10 Exclusively Marketed by:    Ryan Harrison, CCIM  Jill Strauss, CCIM  Direct: 210.363.4964  Direct: 210.363.8226 
  2. 2. IH‐10 @ HEUERMANN ROAD  San Antonio, TX  TABLE OF CONTENTS PROPERTY SUMMARY 3 MASTER SITE PLAN 4 BUILDING ELEVATION 5 LOCATION MAP 6 EMPLOYEE COMMUTE TIMES 7 AERIAL PHOTGRAPH  8    Ryan Harrison, CCIM    Jill Strauss, CCIM  Direct: 210.363.4964      Direct: 210.363.8226  Page 2
  3. 3. IH‐10 @ HEUERMANN ROAD  San Antonio, TX  Property Summary Description:  Brass Gateway is an office development offering one to four acre lots for build‐to‐suit    office buildings  and  great amenities  such  as  a  proposed  onsite  hotel  and  restaurants,    ease of access to and from IH‐10 eastbound or westbound, and immediate proximity to    shops and dining.          Situated at the verge of the Texas Hill Country, this location marries the convenience    of the city with the views and atmosphere of the country.  The master plan for the pro‐   ject  effectively  preserves  a  park  like  feel,  incorporating  the  contours  of  the  natural    landscape and native oaks.          The gently sloping grade and excellent placement of trees mean that the land you own    will  be  virtually  all  useable  land.    There  are  no  pervious  cover  constraints  and  up  to    50%  impervious  cover  is  allowed  without  detention.    In  addition,  the  property  is  lo‐   cated outside of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.  All of these factors  work to ease    the construction process and ensure the greatest value for you.  Why should you pay    for land you cannot use?      Address:  20865 W. IH‐10 San Antonio, Texas 78256      Location:  The development is surrounded by some of the city’s most desirable housing and finest    retail developments.  The Dominion Country Club is located across from Brass Gate‐   way  on  I‐10.    Crownridge,  Fair  Oaks,  Boerne,  Cresta  Bella  and  many  other  neighbor‐   hoods are conveniently within a few minutes drive time from the project.        Surrounding Employers:  Many of San Antonio’s largest employers already call the Northwest Submarket home:    Valero, NuStar, Medtronics, USAA, and more.       Traffic Count:  88,000 cars on IH‐10, daily.  Signage visible to I‐10 is available for each  owner in the    Brass Gateway development.  Engineering Reports:  Phase  I  Environmental,  GeoTech,  Endangered  Species  Assessment,  Topographic  and    Tree survey, Traffic Impact Analysis Study      Entitlements:  24.5 acres; C‐2    Ryan Harrison, CCIM    Jill Strauss, CCIM  Direct: 210.363.4964      Direct: 210.363.8226    Page 3
  4. 4. IH‐10 @ HEUERMANN ROAD  San Antonio, TX  Master Site Plan 1 to 4 acre lots, Zoned C-2 Office Lots available for  hrt Purchase or Build to Suit  No He Larger Office or Hotel Lots  F  u erm available for Purchase  an nR oa d H  G  E  J  I  D  IH-10 West L  K  C  B  A  The Master Site Plan above proposes a complimentary mix of office, retail, and hospital- ity. All sites have great visibility from I-10 and enjoy the ease of access from I-10 or the side street, Heuermann Road.   Ryan Harrison, CCIM    Jill Strauss, CCIM  Direct: 210.363.4964      Direct: 210.363.8226    Page 4
  5. 5. IH‐10 @ HEUERMANN ROAD  San Antonio, TX  Typical Building Elevation 2,500 to 30,000 Square Feet The representation above depicts the style of architecture and building materials to be used within the project, however, each building will differ slightly as a result of the independent users’ needs. One to four story custom buildings are approved from 2,500sf to over 30,000sf. All buildings will enjoy access to Heuermann Road and the I-10 access road and varying visibility from both.   Ryan Harrison, CCIM    Jill Strauss, CCIM  Direct: 210.363.4964      Direct: 210.363.8226    Page 5
  6. 6. IH‐10 @ HEUERMANN ROAD  San Antonio, TX  Location Map Heuermann Road IH - 10 We st Heuermann Road  IH IH ‐10 ‐1 0    Located in the Northwest Submarket, just outside Loop 1604 on IH‐10.    Ryan Harrison, CCIM    Jill Strauss, CCIM  Direct: 210.363.4964      Direct: 210.363.8226    Page 6
  7. 7. IH‐10 @ HEUERMANN ROAD  San Antonio, TX  Employee Commute Times Purple Shading BOERNE indicates 10 min- ute or less drive time area. FAIR OAKS Orange Shading indicates 15 min- ute or less drive DOMINION CROWNRIDGE time area. STONE OAK SHAVANO PARK Green Shading AIRPORT indicates 20 min- ute or less drive time area. ALAMO HEIGHTS The majority of San Antonio’s workforce experiences a commuting time of between 15 and 30 minutes. As you can see from the map, nearly all of the city’s major housing is within this acceptable commuting area.   Ryan Harrison, CCIM    Jill Strauss, CCIM  Direct: 210.363.4964      Direct: 210.363.8226    Page 7
  8. 8. IH‐10 @ HEUERMANN ROAD  San Antonio, TX  Aerial looking Southeast (Toward Downtown) The map above shows the immediate access to I-10, Loop 1604, many executive housing areas, restaurants, shopping and entertainment. This is one of the best places in the city to come to work.   Ryan Harrison, CCIM    Jill Strauss, CCIM  Direct: 210.363.4964      Direct: 210.363.8226    Page 8