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Question 1


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Question 1

  1. 1. Film Trailer In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Definitions‘A trailer or preview is an advertisement for a feature film that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema, on whose screen they are shown’ - Google ‘A short promotional film composed of highlights of a movie due to release in the future’ - Dictionary definition
  2. 2. Trailers (Forms and Conventions)Basic Conventions I have learnt from my research into real trailers•Suggestion of the storyline. This is usually told to the audience through 5 transitions in astandard trailer with no more than 4 words per slide. This is apparent in trailers such as Oceans13 and Adulthood. Other ways to hint the storyline to the audience would be a voiceover such asin Casino Royale and Hustle.•Draws the interest of the audience by displaying attention grabbing footage. Close-up andmedium shots are the most interesting shots unlike a continuous amount long shots which canbe classed as boring.•Includes the film title and opening date at the end.•Quick build up to high tempo music or if the trailer is of a smaller duration, a consistent hightempo during all of the trailer depending on which genre the trailer has.•Introductions to some of the main characters.
  3. 3. The Theory of TrailersTzvetan Todorov’s Theory of NarrativeTodorov suggested that conventional narratives are structured in five stages:1. a state of equilibrium at the outset;2. a disruption of the equilibrium by some action;3. a recognition that there has been a disruption;4. an attempt to repair the disruption;7.a reinstatement of the equilibriumThis type of narrative structure is very familiar to us and can be applied to many‘mainstream’ film narratives.Because my trailer is mainstream, this theory is relevant to mine which is why I usedin when drawing ideas of narrative to my storyline.
  4. 4. The Theory of TrailersVladimir Propp’s Theory of NarrativeVladimir Propp suggested that characters took on the role of narrative spheres ofaction or functions. From a comprehensive study of folktales Propp came up withdifferent character types.dThe hero, usually male, is the agent who restores the narrative equilibrium often byembarking upon a quest (or search). Propp distinguishes between the victim hero,who is the centre of the villains attentions, and the seeker hero who aids others whoare the villains victims. The hero is invariably the texts central character.The villain who usually creates the narrative disruption.These two character descriptions are the closest I could get to my 3 main character asthey are villains but in the audience point of view, the good guys so hero’s. Acombination of the two is most likely suited to my trailer.
  5. 5. Thriller Trailer and Film Conventions• A thriller trailer must include a high tempo soundtrack in the back. This is apparent in such trailers like Oceans 13 and James Bond.• Smaller length of footage create tension which links in well with the high tempo music.• Sets the thriller genre of the film and creates a feeling for the setting.• Sudden jumps in the music.• 1 to 3 main characters – Usually only one female• ‘Goodies and baddies’• A twist to the storyline
  6. 6. Similarities Casino Heist When researching into trailers, I enjoyed the style Ocean’s 13 portrayed which is why my trailer is similar or of a pastiche to it. Here are some examples.. Ocean’s 13 Casino Heist Casino RoyaleFrom my research into trailers I have become fond of manyshots. For example, I have tried to re-create the over the Casino Royale’s trailer has a close-up ofshoulder shot that was shown on Oceans 13. I thought this was cards to give the audience a feeling ofa very interesting shot so I used Lewis as the boss-man in the the storyline. I have used this shot butscene. changed it slightly to add more tension.Oceans 13s shot includes an upper class background with the To do so, I have zoomed in from a closeuse of a swimming pool. I could not create this but the glass in up shot to an extreme-close up. This shotthe background was the closest I could get to a rich look. could also be seen as a point of view shot which makes the audience seem more related to the situation.
  7. 7. Film Conventions of my Trailer• 3 main characters – Beau, Scott and Lewis who play the 3 con men in the storyline. Scott as the ‘hard-man’, Beau as the ‘charmer’ and Lewis as the ‘boss-man’.• Exciting twists - the scamming of the ‘roll of the dice’. This will give the audience a feeling of what roles my characters play• High tempo music throughout the trailer. David Holmes – 160 Million Dollar Chinese man starts of medium but gradually increases towards the end.• Cuts in the music. I have included 2 cuts in the trailer followed up a voiceover then a drop in the music to give excitement to the viewers.• All scenes are no longer than 6 seconds to keep the tension high. This works well with the music because they excitement levels high throughout the duration of my trailer.
  8. 8. Film Conventions of my Trailer Cont.• The length of my trailer is 1 minute 30 seconds which is a conventional length in trailers.• Action packed which allows the audience to recognise it’s a thriller. The image on the slide is one example which shows Lewis carrying a bag which the audience can assume to be full of money• The trailer itself doesn’t show any storyline really, only highlights from the film which is a conventional structure for trailers.• Transitions including text giving the audience a basic storyline in 15 words and end credits. These transitions relate to the scenes shown in the trailer• Just one female. I have used Beau as the only woman in my trailer
  9. 9. Whats unconventional about my trailer? My trailer is very conventional as it is aimed at the mainstream audience therefore I wanted to stick to basics and not go for a different style. Thriller trailers use sound effects to add tension to their scenes. However, I have not included any sound effects. This is because I feel my soundtrack has an irregular tone to it which syncs in with some of my clips therefore I do not need any sound effects.