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Why A Personal Branding Model


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Some reasons why you should use a functional online personal branding model.

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Why A Personal Branding Model

  1. 1. { Personal Branding And Being Authentic Why consider this functional model:
  2. 2.  Self promotion can be exaggerated.  ‘Social’ has elements of a popularity contest.  Written content can be superfluous.  Resumes are one-dimensional. Faults With Traditional Personal Branding
  3. 3. Online Personal Brand Model TM
  4. 4.  Skills are simple and universally understood. (No elegance , trick phrases.)  Use the power of demonstration.  You say you have the skills: writing, thinking critically, or designing graphics. Prove it with a work sample.  As you are planning skills, become self aware. As you are building skills, assess your expertise. Then present and validate them. Skills-Based Approach Skill Set
  5. 5.  Use focus groups to understand what an audience feels about you.  Constantly solicit new feedback, ask:  What is your impression of me after reviewing my personal website?  Is this content in my social media ‘me’?  Do you think I am ‘funny, smart, compassionate’ with my posts? Aura
  6. 6.  Establish an identity – a personal website and social media profiles – before making connections.  Consider the five R’s:  Redundancy. Think about how your content and information is used across the internet.  Relevancy. How do you fit on your networks. Make connections with purpose.  Rights. As you share content online, consider royalty and copyright privileges.  Relationships. Networking requires making connections with varying depth. Remember to be human.  Resonance. Similar to relevancy, consider how your message (in content, posts, updates, etc.) is unified and clear. Identity
  7. 7. Personal Website – Showcase Personality
  8. 8. Use this functional model and be authentic. Learn more about online personal branding: Conclusion