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Skills-Based Approach Solution


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There are many ways Skills-Based Approach solves problems in education and career planning and development.

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Skills-Based Approach Solution

  1. 1. Skills-Based Approach A Solution For Personal Growth Copyright 2015 Ryan M. Frischmann
  2. 2. Problem: Professionals are unhappy with their careers. Solution: Skills-Based Approach simplifies career planning and development. • In a Gallup survey of 150,000 workers, only thirty percent are into their jobs. Fifty-two percent openly admit they are not. And eighteen percent say they are actively disengaged. [NBC Nightly News 6/24/2013.] Let’s get high school and college students effectively planning their careers. Help them find future happiness. Copyright 2015 Ryan M. Frischmann
  3. 3. Problem: Big disconnect in learning expectations (high school to college to professional). Solution: Thinking in terms of planning and building skills is a solution. Copyright 2015 Ryan M. Frischmann
  4. 4. Problem: Sometimes it is hard to let others know what you do best. Solution: There are many ways suggested in the presenting and validating stages. Copyright 2015 Ryan M. Frischmann
  5. 5. Problem: Professionals have many career changes. It can be a challenging maneuver. Solution: The planning and building stages have strategies to facilitate transitions. Copyright 2015 Ryan M. Frischmann
  6. 6. ‘The value of a company is the sum of the problems you solve.’ ~Daniel Ek Learn more about Skills-Based Approach: Photo Credits: • Copyright DepositPhotos: olly18 # 7626816 • Copyright DepositPhotos: Goodluz #6702247 Copyright 2015 Ryan M. Frischmann