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This is a reality television show concept I came up with for an internship. I think this idea sells and is only getting hotter. Just needs established characters.

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  • And are this and the similar following pages examples of 1A? If so, include them in that section.
  • Maybe start off with an explanation of what StartUp Weekend is – is it a series of events in multiple cities, put on by the same organization? Similar in type but not organized by the same people? I’m not sure what you mean by “Offer insight through interviews with the guest speakers at the events and do shorter specials on selected start ups.” I guess it’s the “offer insight” part that I don’t’ fully understand.
  • Startup city

    1. 1. STARTUP CITY “Forever in Pursuit of Great Ideas”
    2. 2. SUMMARY: STARTUP CITY #1A• Startup City is a television show that films the Arch Grants Startup competition and selected contestants. This will give the audience a portrait of the modern day entrepreneur and the struggles they face turning their dream into a reality. The focus will not be on a specific industry, on the judges, or overall success. The focus will lie firmly on the startups themselves and the development of an idea and startup community. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were businesses, but at some point a shovel was dug into the ground and a foundation was laid. Startup City helps facilitate and highlight the steps it takes to develop a foundation for young businesses. Building St. Louis’s startup community and laying the ground work for turning great ideas into great business.
    3. 3. CONCEPT #1A COMPONENTS• Film and follow the Arch Grants Start Up Competition.• Give the audience an inside look at the difficulties and successes of young entrepreneurship.• Follow the semi-finalists of the competition throughout their daily routines to give a glimpse of how a great idea is turned into a successful business.• Scenes would include: meetings, semi-private conversations, marketing efforts, events, life at home, etc.• The tone would be dramatic and highlight the stresses of being a startup business while maintaining passion and drive to succeed in this economy.• Arch Grants committee and celebrity business leaders would judge the start up companies and award the qualifiers a check for $50,000 + support
    4. 4. CONTEST OVERVIEW2013 Arch Grants Competition (Website Copy)• 2012 marked the inaugural year of our business plan competition. Awarded $750,000 cash to 15 startups plus pro bono support bringing the total around $1,000,000 awarded to startups in St. Louis!• Planning to award 20 grants in 2013 for a grand total of $1,000,000 in grant funding.• Winners Get – ◦ $50,000 in grant funding (meaning no equity is exchanged for the funding) disbursed quarterly, over the course of a year – ◦ Free legal, accounting, marketing, cloud computing, and mentoring support – ◦ Discounted residential and commercial rent – ◦ Access to St. Louis’ angel investment network – ◦ The opportunity to be a vibrant part of the downtown St. Louis startup community – ◦ Recognition as a spokesperson for the entrepreneurial space – ◦ A chance for a $100,000 follow-on grant from Arch Grants – PUBLICITY!
    5. 5. RESOURCES: EXAMPLES OF PAST GRANT WINNERS IDC Projects • IDC Projects makes location-based social games for mobile phones that serve as an ideal targeted marketing platform for advertisers. CEO, Michael Orlando, says of Arch Grants, “It’s great to see such an effort being made in my own home town!” •
    6. 6. RESOURCES: EXAMPLES OF PAST GRANT WINNERSObsorb• Obsorb is a customizable work platform for small businesses that works on the web, iPhone, iPad, and Android. The Obsorb team converged on St. Louis from Chile, Dallas, and Portugal to be a part of what’s happening in this city.•
    7. 7. RESOURCES: EXAMPLES OF PAST GRANT WINNERS Techli • Techli is the online news magazine for the digital startup community in the Midwest. CEO, Edward Domain, moved from Chicago to base Techli in St. Louis. •
    8. 8. RESOURCES: EXAMPLES OF PAST GRANT WINNERSMaterial Mix• Material Mix monetizes the trade of recyclables. The company, led by Portland native Allison Carmen, helps waste and recycling professionals reduce operating expenses and recover investment on inventory via a dynamic, web-based, customer regulated exchange platform with supply chain management tools.•
    9. 9. RESOURCES: EXAMPLES OF PAST GRANT WINNERS simMachines • simMachines provides the fastest similarity search engine (NoSQL 2.0) available. CEO, Arnoldo Müller-Molina, moved to St. Louis from Costa Rica to create efficient, novel, and easy to use data analysis tools. •
    10. 10. SUMMARY: STARTUP CITY #1B• Startup City is a television show chronicling Startup Weekends across the United States and the startup communities behind the events. Showcasing the successes and failures of the events while glorifying these business pioneers as crusaders of capitalism and the American dream, each episode would depict a Startup Weekend in a different city. The show would include pitches, program curriculum, project evolution, business insight of industry professionals and participants, and finally, grant/funding winners. By illustrating the conception of unique business concepts, the show will disclose a way to turn a great idea into a potentially great business.
    11. 11. CONCEPT #1B COMPONENTS• Follow StartUp Weekend events around the United States and highlight the best and brightest from each event.• Offer insight through interviews with the guest speakers at the events and do shorter specials on selected start ups.• The show would have the same format as many shows from the travel channel and food network where the host is in one city per episode but covers multiple topics.• Paint the startup businesses as economic heroes and the next potential big thing/job creator.
    12. 12. STARTUP WEEKEND• Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch.• Video• Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.
    14. 14. RATIONALE: WHY PEOPLE WILL WATCH• Interest in how to bridge the gap between great concept or idea and execution. – Real living examples of ideas made reality.• The show captures the American dream…capitalism and rags to riches stories.• Insight with drama – The audience will gain insight into the world of infant stage entrepreneurship and get a front row seat for any drama.
    16. 16. STARTUPS AND ENTREPRENEURISM ARE HOT RIGHTNOW• Startups: Silicon Valley- Bravo• Shark Tank – ABC• TechStars – Bloomberg TV• X Factor for Tech – In Production
    17. 17. RATIONALE: BENEFITS THE JAVELIN FAMILY BRAND• Benefits to the Javelin, Inc. brand family – Builds relationships with budding businesses and fresh ideas. • Possible Javelin clients down the road. – TRIM could be a possible startup featured. • Catalyst to revitalize the brand. – Economic Interests • The St. Louis economy will benefit from the publicity and influx of innovative businesses.
    18. 18. POTENTIAL BRAND EXTENSIONS• Startup City sponsored start up conventions and discovery events.• Startup City guides to starting your own business.• Online courses on how to turn ideas into action.• Entrepreneur online games.• Branded budgeting, planning, and promotion organizational software.• Follow up show that follows selected businesses during their first year of business post-grant. Would allow more in depth coverage and deeper stories.
    19. 19. RESEARCH LINKS• Arch Grants Startup Portfolios• Stl Start Up Map• Stl Start Up Infographic•