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LinkedIn Sales Solutions & Microsoft Dynamics


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LinkedIn Sales Solutions & Microsoft Dynamics

  1. 1. LinkedInSales Executivewith Dynamics CRMSocial Selling to WinExpand Your Network and Leverage YourCommon ConnectionsWith over 160 million members1, LinkedIn offers compellinginsights into new leads through profile and company data,status updates, and groups. LinkedIn insights reveal thatpeople are typically connected to fewer than 6% of their salescoworkers on LinkedIn.2Use TeamLink—a premium feature ofSales Executive—to powerfully extend your network and gainvisibility into your sales team’s first-degree connections.Leverage those common connections for warm introductionsand accelerate sales cycles. Sales Executive allows yourorganization to quickly scale into social selling in a moreefficient and effective manner.LinkedIn Sales Executive is a premium social sellingsolution that provides sales professionals with theability to quickly find, qualify and create new opportu-nities and helps sales managers accelerate the socialselling capabilities of their sales organization.Prioritize Your Prospects and Build Better LeadListsDon’t waste time pursuing ineffective leads. Sales Executive’sLead Builder feature helps you filter your lead list based oncriteria like seniority, title, function, and industry. Lead Builderthen prioritizes your leads by degrees of social proximity,ranking your highest degree connections at the top of yourlead list. Additional tools like Profile Organizer and SavedSearches make it easy to track profiles, organize them intofolders, and add your own sales notes.Engage Decision-Makers Directly and ShortenYour Sales CycleSales Executive includes LinkedIn’s direct messaging featurecalled InMail that allows you to contact decision-makersdirectly—even when they’re outside of your network. Accord-ing to CSO Insights, an average of eight InMails can generateone new sales opportunity.3InMail is the most effective whenyou reference a common connection. Knowing who toreference is even easier thanks to TeamLink. TeamLink is apremium feature that provides visibility into how yourcolleagues are connected to your prospects. TeamLink andInMail make a great combination; referencing a sharedconnection in your InMail generates a 78% more likelihood ofa response than if you did not have a common connection toreference.4Build meaningful connections with the people and companies youwant to reach.LinkedIn Sales Executive helps you to navigate your network and reach decision-makersmore directly by leveraging the power of the world’s largest professional network.
  2. 2. View professionalhistory and summaryContact directlywith InMailsLeverage your organizationsconnections to reachprospects with TeamLinkFind and Be Found with Trusted DataMake your LinkedIn profile work harder for you. Sales Execu-tive gives you the ability to see the full name of your thirddegree connections, see who has viewed your profile andbenefit from more robust search results. Since LinkedInmembers write their own profile information, you can trustthat the data you receive is accurate and up-to-date. In fact,87% of sales reps reported finding more information aboutpeople and companies using Sales Executive than they wouldhave found otherwise.2Enjoy Seamless Integration with YourExisting CRM InvestmentAccess self-authored profile data everywhere by takingadvantage of seamless CRM LinkedIn integration.Research and connect with your prospects on the world’slargest professional network. On a sales call? No problem.Engage with your prospects and access insights while on thego by using LinkedIn on your mobile device.LinkedIn Integration with MicrosoftDynamics CRMTake advantage of LinkedIn integration with MicrosoftDynamics CRM to automatically match LinkedIn profiles toyour Dynamics records. Transform your contact records into aninsight-rich display of self-authored customer profile informa-tion.Summary table of benefits and features:• Gain insights into new leads through profile and company data, status updates, and groups; use Sales Executive to scaletrue social selling and prioritize your lead lists with Lead Builder.• Discover common connections and identify decision-makers and influencers more quickly.• Engage decision-makers directly through personalized communication including InMails. Use TeamLink to leveragecoworker connections and secure warm introductions.• Leverage trusted, authentic profile data everywhere – CRM integration seamlessly provides up-to-date information onwhere your leads live, work, and network. You can also use Linkedin while on the move with your mobile device.
  3. 3. To learn more please visit © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation inthe United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.10-LCS-064-G 0812Build pipelinewith new leadsGain full-name visibility forthird-degree connectionsLead BuilderSearch criteriafor leadsAs of March 31st, 2012LinkedIn Charter Customer Survey, November 2011CSO Insights, “Results of LinkedIn for Research,” March 2012LinkedIn Data, March 2012InMails are response guaranteed: if you don’t get a response to an InMail within7 days, LinkedIn will return the credit to your account. Unused InMails roll overand accumulate for up to 90 days while you are a subscriber.123SalesExecutiveFind ProspectsSales alerts: Stay on top of new leadsLead Builder: Build a targeted pipeline to generate new opportunitiesPremium Search Filters: Pinpoint the right leadsProfile Organizer: Save important profiles and sales notesMaximum of3 weeklyMaximum of7 dailyPremium35 outstanding 5 outstanding25 per monthFull NameVisibilityFirst NameEngage with ConfidenceIntroductions: Get introduced to inside sources at companiesInMails: Gain access to decision makers – response guaranteed*TeamLink: Leverage your team’s combined networkRelate with InsightExpanded Profiles for your Entire Network: Gain full profile visibilityWho’s Viewed Your Profile: Be proactive in managing inbound queries andinterest in your profile3rd Degree Connections: See names of your 3rd degree and group connectionsLinkedIn freeversion4*