LinkedInSales NavigatorNo more cold calls – gainnew insights into leadsBuild real connections to the people and companies ...
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LinkedIn sales navigator
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LinkedIn sales navigator


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Datasheet Of LinkedIn's new sales offering for B2B sales professionals, Sales Navigator.

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LinkedIn sales navigator

  1. 1. LinkedInSales NavigatorNo more cold calls – gainnew insights into leadsBuild real connections to the people and companies you need to reachContact Decision Makers Directly and Expand Your Network and Leverage YourShorten Your Sales Cycle Common ConnectionSales Navigator includes LinkedIn InMail, the powerful With 150 million members, LinkedIn offers realcontact tool that lets you send messages to decision connections to the people and companies you needmakers even if they’re not in your network. According to to reach. While employees with more coworkera CSO Insights study, on average 8 InMails can generate connections receive more introductions, only 53% of1 new sales opportunity.1 sales professionals have leveraged their coworkers to facilitate introductions to new opportunities.2 With TeamFind and Be Found with Trusted Data Link from LinkedIn, you automatically see who on your sales team is a first-degree connection with yourMake your LinkedIn profile work harder for you. With prospect, resulting in warm introductions and moreyour LinkedIn profile, present a professional impression deals won.of both you and your company for interested inboundleads. The power of LinkedIns professional graph andinsights extends to prospects too. LinkedIn members Drive Deeper Adoption of Your Existingself-author their profile information, so you can trust CRM Investmentthat its accurate and up to date. In fact, 87% of sales Sales Navigator users using LinkedIn within their CRMreps found more information about people or view an average of 27 LinkedIn profiles a day, comparedcompanies using Sales Navigator that they wouldnt to the broader population of sales professionals whohave found otherwise.2 view just five profiles per day.1 By integrating your CRM with social channels like LinkedIn, you are researchingPrioritize Your Accounts and Territory and connecting with your prospects in the environment where they live and prospecting smarter within yourDon’t waste time pursuing ineffective leads. Sales existing CRM.Navigator’s Lead Builder tool helps you build a contactlist based on criteria such as seniority, title, function,and industry, and prioritizes that list by the number ofpeople you know at that company. And with otherLinkedIn tools such as Profile Organizer and SavedSearches, you can track profiles, organize them intofolders, and add your own sales notes.
  2. 2. Member Profile View professional history and summary Contact directly with InMails Leverage first-degree connections of your organization to reach prospectsSales Navigator boosts theeffectiveness of your sales team with:• Access to a worldwide network of 150 million (and growing!) professional members• Integration of rich profile data with your existing CRM solution• Trusted, authentic data in self-authored profiles• Tools for prioritizing and managing lead development
  3. 3. Lead Builder Build pipeline with new leads Search criteria for leads Gain full-name visibility for third-degree connections LinkedIn free Premium version sales accountTeam Link: Leverage your team’scombined networkInMails: Gain access to decision 10 per monthmakers – response guaranteedSaved search alerts: Stay on top 3 saved search minimum of 7of new leads resultsLead Builder: Source and closedeals with integrated dataPremium search filters: Pinpointthe right leadsProfile Organizer: Save importantprofiles and sales notesWho’s Viewed Your Profile: Beproactive in managing inboundqueries and interest in your profile1 CSO Insights, "Results of LinkedIn for Research," March 20122 LinkedIn Charter Customer Survey, November 2011 Please contact your sales manager or account manager for more information. Copyright © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-064-G 0312