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What employers should know about employee career advancement


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What employers should know about employee career advancement

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  2. 2. Do you think it is possible that workers of today will put more importance to the opportunity for them to advance in their career than to receive more compensation? Well this turns out to be the case. While we all hear people complaining about how low their salaries are and how much they really want a raise, it all comes down to getting the opportunity to grow, develop, and achieve career advancement. This trend is very good and positive for employers, especially for businesses that prefer to promote people from within their own companies as this method is proven to be more effective and inexpensive. Bonuses and salary raises are usually not the topic in the offering table these days. Actually, even starting salaries have decreased significantly over the years. However, there is something that employers should not forget to offer their employees and new hires - the chance to move up the corporate ladder despite their low starting salary. A number of surveys are regularly conducted to find out how workers change in terms of what their priorities are in being employed. Aside from their salaries and chance for advancing their careers, they are also looking for flexible work settings and excellent management teams. Many employees also mentioned the importance of not having too much pressure from work. The results of such surveys give businesses and company a great chance to know how they could improve the situations of their workers and for them to avoid high employee turnover rates. Cosmic Coaching Centre As mentioned earlier, more and more companies are choosing to hire from within their companies. Indeed, a lot of businesses are now interested and so enthusiastic about developing and evaluating the most talented and hardworking members of their team for some of the higher positions they have. What they are hiring for are the lower rank positions. With this setup, it is important for employers to highlight the things that applicants can look forward to in working for the company. If it is your aim to get the best out of your current list of job applicants, you must understand what exactly they are looking for. Keep in mind that it is not always going to be about the money. You should understand that they all know what they want – the chance for career advancement. So it is your job now to make them understand and believe that the position you are offering now is what they can use as a stepping stone for the position they are longing to have. No matter what career you have, if you want to get anywhere with it, you need to strive to be the right kind of person. If career advancement is your goal, it is of utmost importance that you put all your efforts into pursuing it. This is easier said than done, though, because it takes time and a lot of hard work and planning to achieve a career that will satisfy you both personally and professionally. But there’s still good news – you can learn from other successful people’s experience and you can utilize the strategies they have used for Page 2
  3. 3. career advancement in your own pursuit of career success. These are some of the most basic yet effective career advancement strategies you may use to boost your career growth: Don’t be afraid to make important decisions. One valuable skill you should have is the ability to recognize the differences in various situations and to identify the most appropriate way to react in each of them. At times it is recommended to get other people’s input on an issue, but you should also learn how to decide and act independently in some situations. You can also show your leadership skills by taking responsibility for all the actions you take. This could sometimes entail pains, but you have to be ready for anything. Hope for the best, but expect the worst, as they say. But you should not take this as being negative because it isn’t. The point here is that you have to be realistic and accept the fact that it is not all the time that you will have things your way or the way you want them to be. The best thing you can do to prepare for the worst possible scenarios is to have alternatives when it comes to the right courses of action. Look at yourself from a different perspective. To keep yourself grounded once you have achieved career advancement, you should try to look at yourself from another person’s point of view. By doing this, you are going to see all your weaknesses that need to be improved or changed. As a result, you will have the urge to become a better person and a more valuable member of the society. Keep in mind that if career advancement is what you are after, you have to keep a good image. Work hard on improving not only your job but yourself as well. You need to be disciplined throughout your career if you want to keep it progressive. Never forget to identify what skills, traits, and other aspects of yourself that you need to work on and improve. Always remember that at the end of the day, with or without your job or career, all Cosmic Coaching Centre you really have is yourself. The material things and the fame you can get from your successful career cannot give you all the happiness you need. More importantly, self development is what’s going to make you stand out from the rest. For as long as you know who you are and you keep your own values in life, career advancement will always be within reach. We all need a job, that’s a fact. However, does this mean that we should just accept whatever job is being offered to us? Should we have a set of standards for the kind of job that we’ll do? Well, this is question isn’t very easy to answer because we all have our own reasons for wanting to get employed. Nevertheless, every worker deserves to be happy with what they are doing. If you are not happy with the job that you have, you have almost no reason to wake up in a good mood every morning. So how are you to know if you are satisfied and happy with your current job? Here are some signs to look into: You feel energized. If you always go to work feeling ready to take on anything your boss will throw at you, this is a good sign. How energetic you are at work every day is an important element that will help you maintain focus and enthusiasm for your work. According to studies, those workers who are fulfilled and happy with their jobs look forward to going to work at the start of the week. On the other hand, unhappy workers don’t like the thought of being in the workplace and interacting with their coworkers. Page 3
  4. 4. You are being a great contributor to your team. Happy employees find it easy to generate ideas to help their team come up with something effective. This is because their minds are stimulated and they are enthusiastic about the projects they are assigned. You will know that you are in the right place also if you consistently think of ways to help your department or your company reach their goals. You also don’t mind spending some of your time helping out other workers and sharing with them what you know. You love talking about your job. Unsatisfied workers do not enjoy discussing with other people what they do at work. It is also none of their business whatever is happening to the company they work for. Your willingness to talk about your work with other people simply shows how passionate you are about your job and how proud you are of your position. You have friends in the workplace. One of the crucial elements that keep workers happy is their relationship with other workers. If you consider making friends at work as a waste of time, this clearly means that you don’t enjoy being at the workplace. On the other hand, building good relationships with other workers is a great sign that you consider your workplace a part of your life. You also don’t feel pressured by the competition, and you think of promotions or career advancement as a bonus that comes with the job that you love. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4