The Career Ladder


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Cosmic Coaching Centre is made up of a group of professionals dedicated to successful career planning both corporately and individually.

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The Career Ladder

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives 1-866-486-4112 781 Spadina Road, Suite B Toronto, Ontario M5P 2X5 Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1
  2. 2. Leadership Advancement Targeting – How It Helps Your Journey In The Career Ladder In any career, you need to aim for leadership advancement. Targeting skills and qualities that will be useful is highly necessary. Being a leader takes skill. Although there are some individuals who were born leaders, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot be learned. The qualities and skills you will possess will enable you to perform better in your office. On top of that, you will be able to gain access to better opportunities that will allow you to obtain career advancement. Keep in mind that you should be open to all possibilities, and not limit yourself to certain leadership roles. When it comes to being a leader, you need not be particular about it. If you restrict yourself to certain responsibilities, you will not be able to move up the career ladder quickly. Being choosy with regard to your responsibilities won't benefit you. In addition to that, you will have difficulties with regard to building better professional relationships with your peers. If you are able to show to your other colleagues that you welcome any task, and execute them efficiently, they will see that are a professional who can deal with any kind of undertaking. This in turn will push them to seek your help, and sometimes, your insight on certain topics. Successful front runners have certain qualities that allow them to obtain advancement in their specific professions easily. If you want to be one of them, you should earn these qualities, or work more on them. First of all, you should see to it that you inspire other Cosmic Coaching Centre people to do better in everything they do. Your presence should motivate them to be productive in the office. On top of that, you need to see to it that you are able to communicate your thoughts efficiently. Keep in mind that not everyone will be at the same level of thinking as you are in, which is why it is your responsibility to drop to their level so that you can relate to them your thoughts using terms that they can easily understand. There are times we can't help it but have a few disagreements with people in the office. When this occurs, you should not let this get in the way of talking to a certain colleague. Set your differences aside, in order to make room for better communication. Lastly, you need to ensure that you are focused. Being focused is a necessary trait, because this will allow you to do your tasks efficiently, even if there will be other distracting factors around. Being focused will also allow you to look for creative means with regard to dealing with the same task or problem. When you keep these in mind and have a positive outlook, you can go a long way in the career ladder. Career Change Advice And How It Can Help You Choose The Perfect Job The years we spend in school can be quite memorable. We meet a lot of people, and it is also a time in our lives wherein we are bound to come across various experiences. These experiences will stay with us forever, and we can use them when we become professionals in our respective fields. Choosing the right profession is highly important, because it will one of the important factors that can have a huge effect on our financial stability and lifestyle. With that said, when you find yourself Page 2
  3. 3. unsatisfied and are unable to do your best in your job, take it as a sign to consider your other options. Choosing the right kind of work is highly important. If you fail to choose the right jobs, it can spell disaster for yourself. Instead of staying in careers that do not meet your expectations, you should take a step back, and reconsider your choices. Keep in mind that this is not a process you can just rush. Making this huge life decision cannot be done in just a snap of a finger. Luckily, you can always benefit from your coach's or mentor's career change advice when you find it difficult to do on your own. There are numerous factors you should consider when you are considering a change in careers. First of all, there is your educational background. See to it that you opt for professions that will make it possible for you to use and maximize the skills you have learned in school. In addition to that, you should also take note of what you want and love to do. This will be very important, because you do not want to wake up every day with a heavy heart. All of us do not want to feel like we are forcing ourselves to go to the office on a daily basis, and mingle and work with colleagues whom we do not like, even if they did nothing wrong to us. Choosing a type of job that you love will work to your advantage, because you will look forward to going to your office on a daily basis. On top of that, you won't find it difficult to come up with ideas that will enable you to develop services and merchandise that will benefit your company. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy working with your colleagues, therefore enabling you to build better working relationships with them. Moreover, see to it that your choice will allow you to have more opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. We all strive for advancement, which is why it is necessary that you choose a profession that can open countless doors. Career Advancement Targeting – How It’s All About Finding Something You Love We all need money in order to pay the bills and purchase other needs. Luckily, there are a lot of professions we can dabble in. With all the different jobs available these days, it can be quite overwhelming when choosing one. There are a lot of considerations that need to be made. However, do you simply opt for the first one that comes your way? Do you simply settle with one out of desperation? When selecting a profession, you need to see to it that it suits your standards and goals. If you want to be able to reach the highest peak of your career, you need to see to it that you choose the right kind of jobs from the very beginning. However, one thing is for certain. You should choose a profession you love, and can keep you happy at the same time. You won't be able to do your daily tasks efficiently if you do it with a heavy heart. If you find yourself in a job that provides little to no satisfaction, you need to get yourself out of there as soon as you can. When you land a career you are satisfied in, how will you know if it is indeed the right choice? When you are able to wake up every morning with enthusiasm and plenty of energy, you have definitely found the ideal career. It is very important that you wake up every day with a lot of energy. This will come in handy, because you need this to deal with the day's tasks. In addition to that, you will need plenty of energy to work with your colleagues, and deal with all kinds of clients. Individuals who are unhappy in their current employment don't look forward to the day's tasks and dealing with people. Moreover, happy workers tend to contribute more to the company's they are working in. When you have Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3
  4. 4. an easy time coming up and sharing your ideas, you are on the right track. You find it easy to deal with the projects your bosses assign you with. On top of that, you are eager to help those who ask for your assistance. You also love talking about your job when people ask about what you do. Those who are unhappy with their careers tend to shy away from questions regarding their line of work. When they do provide an answer, they keep it very short. They don’t bother themselves with what is happening to the company they work for, and they tend to keep to themselves as opposed to helping their co-workers. When you are aiming for career advancement, targeting these factors are necessary. Find a job you love doing every day, and you won’t feel like you are doing any work at all. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4