Reasons for using professional resume and career services


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Writing a resume is considered by many as a simple skill that the majority of us have. Well if this is true, you should also wonder why so many of the resumes submitted to employers or some kind of hiring services don’t even make it through the automation process, and therefore don’t get any chance of being read by real people? This simply goes to show that a lot of people have this huge misconception about how resumes should be written.

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Reasons for using professional resume and career services

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1 Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2 Writing a resume is considered by many as a simple skill that the majority of us have. Well if this is true, you should also wonder why so many of the resumes submitted to employers or some kind of hiring services don’t even make it through the automation process, and therefore don’t get any chance of being read by real people? This simply goes to show that a lot of people have this huge misconception about how resumes should be written. The good thing is that there are resume and career services that could help even an ordinary job applicant increase his/her chances of getting hired. Below are some aspects of a perfectly written resume that we normally take for granted and that experts would always know how to include in your resume. SPECIFIC SKILLS: Although this is one item that people know should be included in their resume, it is also one of the first mistakes in their resumes. Needless to say, you should state a particular skill of yours that match a specific job. However, the way you present this to the reader could be more important. Unless you are able to get the message across that you are capable of doing the job, you will not have any chance of getting an interview. This is something that professionals will help you with. FAMILIARITY WITH THE COMPANY: It is vital that your resume shows that you are familiar with the company. As you can imagine, there are hundreds and thousands of other job applicants out there, and you can definitely make your resume stand out by making it show how familiar you are with the brand of the company. Otherwise, it will be overlooked over and over again. LASTING IMPRESSION: An excellent resume should make the hiring personnel easily feel that you are the right person for the job. This means that your resume should be precise, straight to the point and must contain all the strong traits you have. But you might end up being overzealous in highlighting your special traits. Expert resume writers know exactly how to make your resume attractive and interesting to read. STRONG REFERENCE SECTION: Don’t think that it is enough that you list a few references in your resume. You have to make sure they are listed in a way that would make the readers understand the reason you are listing those names. What companies are looking for are the strongest references of an applicant in relation to the position being applied for. You may try to go on and write your resume on your own, but you will likely put importance only on the things you think matter. You have to understand that companies won’t care about the specific things you list on your resume. What they are after is to see how well you will fit in their company, and this is what professional resume and career services will help you with. with. There is no doubt that making a career change is a challenging and overwhelming task. But of course, you should be motivated by the rewards of determining and actually doing what you really love to do. By working with a
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3 career transition coach, you will find it easier to identify your personal interests, define your life goals and eventually create and execute a plan for your career change. These career coaches provide their clients with assessments and exercises that could help them refine their own vision for an entirely new and much more rewarding career. Furthermore, this service can help you go through the process of searching for a job to make sure that you will find the best work environment and job that will match your personality and goals. If you are seriously considering changing careers, you may be overwhelmed by the task at hand along with the planning that you need to do. You just have to do it one step at a time and you shouldn’t rush over making that decision immediately. Here are the four principles that even professionals use in helping their clients plan their career changes or transitions. 1. Thinking outside the box. If you think you are completely ready for a change in your career and your life, you will realize that possibilities are just endless. If this is not the case for you or if you are having a hard time determining the best options, all you need to do is imagine a place where you want yourself to be in and a task you wish you will be doing. 2. Exploring the role that best suits you. Whether you are planning to work independently or as part of a new team, it is important that you figure out what the best role for you is. Should you choose to join a team, think about whether or not you want to connect, coordinate or even lead. And if you decide to be on your own, knowing what your working style is will spare you from the frustration in the end. 3. Look for the best work environment for you. It is common sense that you cannot insert a square block to a round hole. The same is true for choosing a job. It will be very hard to stay long in a job where your personality doesn’t fit in the workplace. Take time to evaluate the culture in a certain work setting and figure out if it is something you will be comfortable with in the long run. Trying to figure out what the best job and work environment for you is a long process that will have you think deeper into yourself and your personality. It could also be so frustrating that you might end up deciding against changing careers. But with the help of a career transition coach, you will be guided to make sure you will end up in a place where you will not only be productive, but fulfilled as well. Whether it is something related to looking for a job or perhaps surviving a particular workplace, all of us definitely need some sort of guidance as we try to succeed and eventually reach the top. This is what mentorship can do for any individual. The role played by a mentor in the life and career of a person cannot be undermined. A professional career mentor is someone who will guide you through the challenging, confusing and overwhelming path towards a successful career. What Does a Mentor Do? While it is true that you can use your network of professional contacts for referencing and your job applications, having a mentor would mean there is someone who will invest his or her time in finding the perfect match of employment for you and building your career. If you intend to work in the same company or workplace, you may still count on
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4 your mentor to help you further your skills and nurture your career. With the help of a mentor also, you could develop a better insight of your current work and you may also receive some constructive criticisms as you go along. What’s important, however, is that you are open- minded enough to consider such feedback as a vital part of this learning process towards your career development. Without a doubt, your mentor’s guidance and encouragement will help you discover your potentials. Finding a Mentor As you look for a mentor for yourself, you would want to work with someone you can look up to and one with the experience and the knowledge that could help shape your professional growth. So you should first ask yourself what particular skills you would want to develop through your mentor’s guidance. But along with your desired skills, you must also take into consideration your own personal goals and traits that could either help or hinder your climbing up the corporate ladder. A lot of organizations and companies today also have a formal mentoring program which they offer their employees. Their goal is to attract, develop, as well as maintain or keep their employees. If your employer has this kind of program, this will be a good chance for you to have a mentor, especially if you are still reluctant to find one on your own. Once you have found the right career mentor, make sure that you also keep an open relationship with him or her. Do not hesitate to share with your mentor everything about your aspirations and whatever is happening in your workplace. If you have issues with your work, whether it is on the personal or professional level, you can certainly share them with your mentor. Remember that mentorship is meant to assist you in making decisions related to your career, so you may as well consider your mentor a good friend who will not judge you and rather will lead you to the right path.