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Life coaching: How is it beneficial?


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As a team leader, you would definitely want to see cooperation among your team members. But this is easier said than done. For you to be able to foster effective team work amongst your members, you need to be fully aware of all the elements involved. You must also be ready to make the necessary adjustments to make sure you take into consideration all the personalities of each of the team members.

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Life coaching: How is it beneficial?

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1 Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2 As a team leader, you would definitely want to see cooperation among your team members. But this is easier said than done. For you to be able to foster effective team work amongst your members, you need to be fully aware of all the elements involved. You must also be ready to make the necessary adjustments to make sure you take into consideration all the personalities of each of the team members. Though this seems really hard to do, careful planning, proper organization, and the use of effective motivation can help you make your team work better as a unit. Below are the basic elements of team work you should consider: Every member of the team has toCOMMUNICATION: be aware of what the other members are up to, especially when they are dealing with a complex project. By keeping the lines of communication open, both among the members and with the manager, the team becomes more able to respond to unexpected events more quickly. A team leader mustDELEGATION OF TASKS: delegate tasks properly. Otherwise, it will be hard for the team to work harmoniously and efficiently as a group. Needless to say, each team member has experience and abilities that are unique, and these differences should be the basis of the team leader when assigning tasks to them. By letting everyone do what they are good at, the group can function at their best. An effective manager or team leaderGOAL SETTING: is someone who can set clear and accurate goals for his team. It is important also for all the set goals to be realistic so that every expectation will also be reasonable. Ideally, a team leader would break all the team goals into smaller goals arranged according to priority. This way, the team will have an idea of what to focus on first and may also develop a sense of continuity. How a leaderINTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: deals with his team members, and how team members deal with one another are key to achieving team work. It is important for every individual involved to not think about competing with one another. Thus, great camaraderie should be developed. This can be developed through team- building activities, for instance. It is actually the job of the team leader to come up with creative ways he could allow his members to know one another on a personal level. As any life coach would say,MOTIVATION: motivation is what can keep a person going despite all the challenges and difficulties that may come his way. A good team leader must know how to motivate his team because motivation leads to job satisfaction on the part of the workers as well. And when workers are happy with their jobs, productivity easily follows.
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3 One of the most basic aspects of being an entrepreneur or owning a business is goal setting. Unfortunately for employers, not every person who tries to be part of the workforce clearly understands what it takes to plan a successful career path. As an employer, you would want your workers to be more independent in their work, thus, it is vital that they be at least know how to set goals and then figure out ways they could achieve such goals. It is, therefore, your responsibility to teach or train your people how proper goal setting is done, but not through those boring classes or speeches. Below you will find some unique and interesting methods by which you may help your staff develop this important skill. Through Visual Aids By using visual aids, you could give your employees an exact picture of what’s to happen in the future. While you could simply make them imagine working in a newly opened branch of yours, it would be more interesting on their part to see it. Thus, you should encourage them to create a goal poster where they will post images of the things they look forward to. For instance, if one of your employers has always wanted to go on a trip to South Africa, he or she could cut out photos of animals and all the tourist spots that can only be found in such places. This poster will serve as a reminder to the employees that there is a reason for them to work hard and remain dedicated to their jobs. Use Lists If you are someone who likes making a list of the things you need to accomplish in a day, you may not be aware that you are actually setting goals. Many people become more effective at work when they have a list to refer to and follow in terms of what they should accomplish. Thus, employers could use this method to remind their employees of what specific goals they are expected to meet for a particular period of time. Using Charts Do you remember how you school teacher would draw charts to show who had a perfect attendance, for instance, or who had the highest scores during the exams? You might not have been aware of your teacher’s intention for doing that, but it was actually to encourage everyone to perform better in class. This is what you can also do to motivate your employees to be better in what they do. For instance, you could demonstrate on a chart whoever has surpassed their quotas, so that everyone would be inspired to do the same. By doing these things to inspire your workers, you are actually serving as a career or life coach to them with how you are helping them set goals effectively. Losing a job can certainly have many negative effects to a person’s self-worth and self-esteem. No matter what the reason is for your job loss, it can still make your feel like a big failure. Maybe for a person like you, this would be an intense
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4 feeling, and something that may even continue to grow. The worst thing about this is that it may even have an impact on your family and loved ones. Of course, your losing of your job is an event that will change all your lives in so many ways. If you strongly feel that you are about to lose your job eventually, the best thing you can do is prepare not only yourself, but your family as well. You may also consider consulting a life coach to help you go through this difficult process. Here are some of the biggest effects you should anticipate after you lose your job. Family Income The income is perhaps the most devastating and the most immediate effect of losing a job. Although it is expected that every household keeps some amount of money as their emergency savings, this doesn’t commonly happen in real life. As a result, job loss can easily mean the family not being able to afford luxuries anymore. What can be worse than this is that at times, even finding money for the family’s basic necessities becomes really hard. This explains why a huge percentage of families experiencing job loss turn to state or federal assistance just so they can have something to eat. Emotional Struggles Those who are terminated by their employers or laid- off are very likely to experience anxiety and a deep feeling of grief. This is because they tend to feel cast aside and betrayed by the people they had served for years. A person suffering from anxiety can easily change moods, which has a direct impact on the people he or she lives with. In fact, there have been many cases in which the tension and anxiety cause by a job loss have led to the failure of marriage. And for the children too, it can be depressing and traumatic to witness their parents arguing and seemingly hating each other because of job loss. Children’s Education When an employee is left with no choice but to look for another job elsewhere, it is often the children who have to make the biggest adjustment. This is what happens especially when one of the parents has to relocate to find a new job or have a career change. Needless to say, this is not good for the children, who may experience insecurity because of the family’s lack of stability.