Is coaching and mentoring important?


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Is coaching and mentoring important?

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1Cosmic Coaching CentreCorporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2Executives inany industryare constantlyfaced andmade to dealwith anumber ofperformanceand careerrelated issues. Measuring or evaluating theperformance of an executive is a complicated taskbecause it involves a lot of factors, such as execution,competency, political and social issues, personalrelationships, and others.Many intangible factors can cause an executive his orher job. Thus, it is important for any employee toknow what it actually takes to reach and maintain anexecutive position so that they would know whatthey should and shouldn’t expect from this type ofjob. The complexity of being an executive or a leaderof any organization is also a good reason whyexecutive coaching and mentoring is essential forthe success of any career person.Here are some of the most common issues thatcome with leadership:–Transitioning to a new role in the organizationhaving to do a job that is different from what you areaccustomed to is a big challenge. If you start with thewrong foot, it will take you a lot of time and effort topractically get back to good form. Thus, you hadbetter seek guidance from a superior or a mentorwhen you are about to assume a bigger and moreimportant role in your company.– there are specific and veryCompetenciesimportant competencies that you have todemonstrate to ensure your success in your role. Thecompetencies we are referring to here include notonly those technical or business skills, but soft skillsas well.– having poor communication skillsCommunicationis a very common cause of executive careerderailment. In many cases, executives have troublesbecause they are poor listeners, too aggressive,lacking focus, not confident, arrogant, and so on.– executives should be goodLeadership skillsleaders. Otherwise, they will not be able to guidetheir teams and the company to the right direction.As an executive, it is important that you have theability to resolve people issues and address businessproblems properly and in a timely manner. Withoutsuch skills, you will have a hard time having peoplefollow you and you will fail in leading the company tosuccess.– these arePoor judgment and lack of maturityissues that are among the most difficult ones toaddress, even with the help of a career or a lifecoach. The good thing is that experience can teachyou how to be more mature in making decisions andhow to achieve sound judgment. This is whyemployees should not stop learning about the varioustrends in their industries as this can help themsignificantly when it is time for them to makedecisions for a company.
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3Hiring employeesis always one ofthe biggestchallenges anybusiness has todeal with. As abusiness owner,you cannot expectto get the perfecttype of employee that you like all the time, but thereis always a way for you to develop your employees tobecome what you want them to be. By offering yourworkers mentoring programs, you can easily pair upthose employees with not much experience withthose who have been with you for a while. This way,the learning process becomes faster and easier forthe inexperienced employees.There are many other benefits to implementing amentoring program in your company. Here are someof them:1. To fill possible supervisory or managementpositions.As you look at the growth report of your companyand there is a sign that you will be needing managersin certain areas in the near future, you definitely needa mentoring program to prepare a specific employeefor that position. Choose an employee with apotential to become an effective manager and havehim or her work with one of your managers so thatthey could learn and develop the skills required tosuccessfully handle a management position.2. To develop leadership.It is almost impossible to acquire leadership skills onpaper. The best way an employee could learn how tobe a good leader is to expose him to a great leader inaction. Through your mentoring and coachingprogram, a productive relationship can be formedbetween a leader and an employee. You may evennotice your employee applying the leadership skillshe has learned even before he becomes a team leaderor supervisor.3. To keep employees satisfied.Coaching and mentoring programs withincompanies are proven to give employees a sense ofprogression within the company, which then givesthem a strong reason to stay committed and loyal.Working with a mentor can make your employeesfeel that they are important members of theorganization, and hence, can encourage them to notlook anywhere else for employment. Also, you canexpect your workers to be more hardworking andproductive. These are the positive effects of havingsatisfied employees in a workplace.4. To convey company values.As a business owner, you would surely want youremployees to understand not only the companyculture, but its values as well. With a greatunderstanding of the company values, any employeeis likely to stick to them and practice them. When thishappens, you can easily make that employee amentor to other employees. As a result, you will havea group of workers who respect and put into actionyour company culture and values.
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4When itcomes topursuinggreat careersuccess, onewouldwonder whothe bestperson is toteach another how to be successful in their career.Well, we have all heard about the popularity of careercoaching centers and how they have been able to helpworkers improve their skills and their careers. Thequestion now is whether it is necessary for you toenroll in a formal mentorship program to seekguidance from a mentor.Being coached doesn’t always mean having to hire aprofessional coaching and mentoring professional.If you know someone who has the expertise andexperience in the field similar to yours, you cansimply approach him or her and ask if they could byour mentor. Here are some important traits anindividual must have to become an effective careermentor.Has Good Reputation in the Their Respective FieldBefore looking for a mentor, you should first knowwhat field you need mentorship in. There are varioustypes of mentors, and they all have varyingexperiences and expertise. Thus, it is important thatyou be sure first what you need to learn before youcan find a teacher. Once you’ve figured out what youwant to pursue, then you can start looking around forprofessionals in the field. It won’t hurt to approachthem and ask if they are willing to become yourmentor. In most cases, they think of it as acompliment to be asked to mentor someone.Has Respect for OthersA good mentor is someone you can be open to aboutyour personal life and professional goals. Amentoring relationship should involve mutualrespect, which means that as a mentee, you shouldalso feel respected for your opinions. This way, youwill feel comfortable talking to your mentor aboutyour plans in your career.Has Interest in Guiding Others and Helping ThemGrowIt is a fact that not all intelligent people have the skillsto impart what they know with others. This is usuallybecause not all of them are willing to teach and sharetheir knowledge and expertise. You would want towork with someone who has the heart for teaching.This would mean you receiving the kind of trainingand mentoring that will help you grow as aprofessional.Supportive and Not DomineeringYour mentor should not be someone who will orderwhat you should do. A good career or life coach willhelp you realize what your strengths and weaknessesare so that you will discover what in yourself youshould improve on. Through this, both you and yourmentor should think of ways things can be better foryou. What you want from your mentor is a feeling ofsupport and not control. This way, you can build yourconfidence about your own skills and abilities.