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Cosmic Coaching Centre is made up of a group of professionals dedicated to successful career planning both corporately and individually.

Our network of professionals have over 30 years of experience in providing career coaching, leadership, career planning, business mentoring and writing effective resumes that gets results. We also provide life coaching and life management services. Our services are provided across Canada, the United States and in Europe.

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Insights on your future career

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives 1-866-486-4112 781 Spadina Road, Suite B Toronto, Ontario M5P 2X5 Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1
  2. 2. Top 5 Habits to Become Successful at Work Most people who are successful in their careers acquire certain important qualities that make them standout from the rest of the crowd. Of course, these qualities lead them to be the best they can be in every endeavor and open more doors for opportunities which they readily receive in good faith. Some are fortunate enough to be born in a family who possess money, power and connection; good fortune is what they call it and because of this, they were properly trained at a very young age to become aware and to fully understand the importance of being successful thus giving them an advantage over those who are less fortunate. There are a few common traits that can make anyone successful in their chosen career; here are the following: 1. Passion – passionate people love what they are doing and so you can expect them to always give their best in their performances or even on the little things that they need to accomplish. They have a zest for life and they use this to guide their endeavors in life. This trait can’t be seen in everyone but can simply be embraced by increasing the amount of enthusiasm you possess. 2. Focus - keep your eyes on the goal because you know you are doing something significant. Whenever you are too bored and tired to wake up in the morning and go to work, you can use this as an approach to help you get back on track and Cosmic Coaching Centre eventually make things happen by continuous effort and passion. 3. Time Management – remember to make priorities and follow a strict schedule to be able to accomplish things. Remember that you cannot afford to waste your time as this will just slow you down in accomplishing all the tasks that are assigned to you; thus making your career success really slow. Do not let unimportant things prevent you from completing your tasks and distract you from your goals. 4. Scheduling – you need to manage your tasks in accordance to what needs to be done as soon as possible to be able to make a list of the things you need to do tomorrow. Remember that delaying important tasks will just ruin your schedule for the whole week. 5. Move forward – always move forward and do not give up even if there are certain challenges that might stop you along the way. Grab every good opportunity as long as it can help advance your career. These 5 simple steps are just words that you can read from a magazine or hear from your colleagues but in order for you to become successful, you need to possess all of them. This is an example of career management because you know where you are headed in your life and you need to embrace these qualities in order to achieve all your goals. Make them as your guide in creating the life you have always dreamed of. Career Switch In 5 Easy Steps You know for a fact that you are a true professional and you have the necessary work ethics that employers would definitely value, but why is it that none of them are calling you after the interview? We understand how frustrating it is to send out Page 2
  3. 3. application after application and don’t hear back from the recruiters. And it is just fair to say that everyone has probably gone through the same experience except that some didn’t give up until they landed their dream jobs while the others just settled for something that they ended up hating, and left them making these transitions all the time. But what you’ve got to understand is that looking for a good and well-deserved job takes a whole lot of time so the virtue of patience needs to be practiced in quite similar to your old one so you will understand how everything works in that field and know what to expect when you make the switch. If you identify your target industry, you can now start participating in blogs and networking events to know more about the industry and meet new people. 3. Focus on your qualifications – it is easier if you are just changing jobs because changing careers is just another level higher and needs a lot of preparation. Enroll yourself in training programs and courses that will qualify you for the job and will help you meet their requirements. 4. Prepare for the application process – start by creating a knockout resume and outstanding cover letter detailing your achievements from your previous career. Be honest and back it up with reliable references such as your old boss. There is nothing to worry if you have done your part in being a hardworking and honest employee. 5. Win them with your personality – let your sunny disposition and excellent communication skills amaze them by preparing for the interview 2 days before. Make a list of the possible questions that will be asked of you and create an answer that will impress them, that is of course based on your own experience. Changing careers is a very challenging task and needs careful planning in order to achieve success. Most people who change careers fail in their search Cosmic Coaching Centre this aspect of your life. But we can make it easier for everyone to make that switch, just follow these 5 simple steps: 1. Reflect- take time to know yourself more and what it is that you really want to do. Understanding yourself will help you easily identify the career that is suited to your skills and capabilities. 2. Do the research – take time to know the industry that you are considering to get involved with. Check if it is because they don’t know what to do and have not done enough preparation. You can be sure that you are on the right track to a bright future by following these 5 simple steps because they will serve as your guidelines in case you lose your way in the process of achieving your goals. Tools That Provide Insight On Future Careers Looking for the perfect job is sometimes a difficult task for a lot of people. Unlike those who were literally born to do something like take over their family business, follow in their father or mother’s footsteps, or have a talent that they are so good at it becomes a given what they will be when they grow up, there are people who are actually clueless as to what they are going to do for the rest of their lives. Page 3
  4. 4. Early on, as you pick a course to take after high school, you are supposed to take aptitude tests or exams that will determine what you are good at. Then, you take the course that perfectly fits your abilities. Once you have learned all the necessary knowledge and skills needed for a particular trade, you are then released to the world to seek employment. It does not always mean that what you are good at on paper is going to define what you are good at. There are people who are very intelligent on theory but when it comes to the practical aspect, they become all thumbs. It takes the right combination of knowledge and skill together with the right attitude to make a person truly adaptable to a certain profession. If you do not belong to the safe group of people who are already born to do something, the people who have their lives made out for them already, find your true calling and follow your heart. Even if you are one of these people who seem to already have their future paved for them, but still want to go down a different path, plot your next move properly by Cosmic Coaching Centre determining what else you can do and what will truly make you happy. Make use of certain tools that will help you discover if you have traits that are meant for professions you haven’t realized you could be good at. There are quizzes and tests you could take to find out realizations about yourself. You can find these in career management offices or your local employment centers. You can even surf the internet and find a lot of resources that provide the same purpose as aptitude tests. Better yet, find a person that is licensed or qualified to make recommendations and analyze your results. Taking a career test free of charge will be able to give you an idea of which direction to choose in terms of profession and which trade you would like to be associated in. There are so many choices to pick from so you will have to be careful to determine what is going to make you happy. Page 4