How to choose the right career coaching centre


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If you think you need the help of a life or career coach to guide you as you build or rebuild your career, but don’t have the time to attend coaching classes, you should consider taking online coaching sessions. There are a lot of coaching centres online that offer various forms of coaching where you can choose the one that will fit whatever plans you have for your future.

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How to choose the right career coaching centre

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1Cosmic Coaching CentreCorporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2If you think you need thehelp of a life or careercoach to guide you asyou build or rebuild yourcareer, but don’t havethe time to attendcoaching classes, you should consider taking onlinecoaching sessions. There are a lot of coaching centresonline that offer various forms of coaching where youcan choose the one that will fit whatever plans youhave for your future.Interestingly, you may also decide depending onwhether you want to get a degree or just a certificatein order to earn enough credits in that field. Forinstance, you can earn a certificate in life coaching,which you can later on use to start a life coachingbusiness.The very first step you should take as you search for areliable coaching centre online is to determine firstwhat kind of coaching you need. If, for instance, youare considering working to help other people toreach their goals in life, a course in life coaching maybe what you need. Meanwhile, if your plan is to offerassistance to corporate executives as they go for theirbusiness goals, you may as well choose a course onexecutive coaching. In short, you should choose thecoaching certificate to pursue based on your ownlong term goals.You will find a lot of choice in terms of onlinecoaching classes or sessions. As you search online,take into consideration the accreditation of thecentre itself and the program. By choosing anaccredited coaching program, you can rest assuredthat the program has passed the standards set bycertified organizations.Aside from the accreditation of the coaching centre,you may also want to look at the recent result of theirprograms. You may ask for the names of theirprevious students or clients just so you may verifythe quality of the training they are offering.The experience of the coaches in a centre is anotherimportant aspect to look into. You would want to beunder the training of a certified and experiencedcoach, of course. In general, the ideal length ofcombined experience of a center’s coaches isbetween 2 and 3 years. It is not a good idea to enrollin a newly built institute because you should notallow yourself to become an experiment for a trialcoaching session. Keep in mind that your life coachwill be the one to help you design your career andwill have important input on how you should runyour life.A career coach cansimply be a colleagueof yours who isgenerous enough toshare with youeverything he or sheknows about theindustry you are both in and to help you make smartdecisions and choices in your career. Morecommonly, though, a career coach or mentor is aprofessional whose services are needed by those whoneed assistance in making effective decisions fortheir careers.
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3Before you look for the best career coaching centrethat will serve your needs, you need to know firstwhat a career coach exactly does. This will help youas you compare the different styles of mentors youwill choose from.Assessing a MenteeEvery single worker has their own motivation, so it isimportant for a career mentor to assess his mentee’sskills, personality, and career goals. This should thenbe used as the basis for developing a plan that isspecific to the kind of professional the subject is. As astudent or a mentee, you could be one that hasdifficulty finding motivation; you may also be a highperformer and you want to take your career a levelhigher; or you may just be someone who wants to besuccessful but you don’t know how to reach yourgoals. Your potential mentor should take the time toknow who you are before any coaching should takeplace.Career Coaching PlanA good career coach will show you his or her plansfor you. A career coaching plan involves evaluatingyour weaknesses and strengths as a professional,while at the same time determining the manyopportunities for your personal development andcareer growth.Such type of plan might include pursuing highereducation, development of your professional skills, aswell as building your self confidence. Once you lookat the plan made by your mentor, you should have aclear idea of where the mentoring is directedtowards.Goal Setting and MeasurementsIt is not enough that a career coach lays down a planfor how you are going to achieve your career goals. Itis important for a mentor to have a plan on how he orshe is going to keep communication with you.Constant interaction and follow up is an essentialpart of any mentoring relationship.A good career coach would check up on you on aregular basis just to make sure that you are followingevery step detailed in your career pathways or plan.Should you fall behind, it is the responsibility of yourcoach to give you enough motivation again to keepyou going. In fact, the relationship that you have withyour career coach should last until you havesuccessfully reached your career goals.Searching for a job isone of the biggestchallenges that everyworker has to deal withonce or several times inhis working life. If youare currently holding anexecutive position in your company but are stillwondering if there’s something better out there thatyou can explore, well you will be glad to know thatthere are a lot of great and high paying jobs aroundthat are just not advertised.Many companies are using professional headhuntingagencies to look for the most qualified candidatesaround. This is why any career coaching centrewould encourage their clients to target headhuntersinstead. Thus, if you are seriously considering findinganother employment, you have to get the attention ofheadhunters. Here’s how you can do it.Start Preparing Now. Although you are not yetphysically and actively searching for another job,don’t think that it is way too early to make yourpreparations for your job search. You will neverknow when an opportunity to meet a headhunter will
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4come your way. If you prepare the things you needfor applying for another job ahead of time, then youcan take advantage of every chance you will get whenyou have contact with any headhunting firm.Stay Impressive in Your Current Position. Even ifyou have a plan to eventually part ways with yourcurrent employer, this is not a reason for you to relaxand pay less attention to your efficiency.Headhunters are always around observing howpeople perform in their jobs. So when it’s time tomove on, you will not have a difficult time trying tobuild your reputation.Get Noticed. Although it is vital that you perform wellin your present position, there are other things youshould do to ensure that headhunters are aware ofyour great qualities as a professional. You can do thisby taking part in conferences related to yourexpertise. If you are asked to be a speakerrepresenting your company, this is a big boost toyour chances of attracting a headhunting firm.Get in Touch with Headhunters Directly. Of courseit is always recommended that you contact aheadhunting firm directly. Make a request to includeyou in their database. This process will be likeapproaching a potential employer. Be polite and givethem many reasons why you should be part of theirlist of qualified candidates.Create a Good LinkedIn Profile. There is no doubtthat companies are making use of social media tolook for skilled workers and executive personnel.Whether you are staying in the same industry orplanning a career change perhaps, coming up with atargeted and professional LinkedIn profile will boostyour chances of getting noticed by headhunters andeven employers themselves.