Coaching and mentoring


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Different individuals may have different and varying ideas about what coaching and mentoring are. What some people call mentoring could be considered by others as coaching.

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Coaching and mentoring

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & ExecutivesCosmic Coaching Centre Page 1
  2. 2. If your own need for development requires more of a personalized approach, it is vital that you decide whether coaching or mentoring is more suitable for you. This may seem complicated, but keep in mind the basic difference of the roles of a mentor and a coach. You should look for a mentor if you wish to discussDifferent individuals may have different and varying various career issues, obtain general guidance, or ideas about what perhaps want to clarify your development goals, coaching and mentoring make the right decisions for your career, have a plan are. What some people call for the future, and solve your current problems with mentoring could be your career. considered by others as coaching. Well, to make A coach is what you need if you want to seek help in things easier and simpler defining exactly what it is that you need to be better to understand, we should at. You will also need a coach if you already have afirst know what these terms mean literally. goal based on enhancing your performance and improving your skills in your current job or career.The word ‘mentor’ originates from the Latin word‘mentore’, and this means “to be like”. An effective A direct supervisor can play the role of your coachmentor is someone who shares his knowledge and since there are the ones responsible for developingimparts his wisdom with a colleague who has much their subordinates’ performance. A mentor, on theless experience. Thus, mentors are typically able to contrary, is not a person with higher rank orlead their mentees to valuable resources. On the authority. Your mentor could be your friend or justother hand, a coach does not necessarily have to be someone who is more or less senior to expert in their field. Coaching and mentoring may also differ in terms ofMentoring in the workplace is typically used to the advice they give. Nevertheless, they are bothpromote career development, skills development, committed to helping people like you who seem lostand integration or on-boarding to a new role in an in their careers. So if you want to keep your career onorganization. Performance coaching, on the other the right track, you should carefully consider having ahand, is focused on developing a person’s ability to mentor or a coach.perform their jobs.Coaches and mentors use almost the same sets ofskills, and it is possible for their roles to merge aswell. Mentoring and coaching both feature trust,rapport, communication, respect, observation andfeedback. Advice and guidance may also be offered,and what is sought are practical and not really thetheoretical solutions.When to Choose a Coach and When to Choose aMentorCosmic Coaching Centre Page 2
  3. 3. In a team mentoring session, several adults work with smaller groups of young individuals. The typical adult-to-youth ratio is no more than one to four. Peer Mentoring Peer mentoring offers a great opportunity to a caring youth for his/her development of a teaching and guiding relationship with another younger person. Normally, this mentoring program specifies theWe all go through a phase in our lives where we need activities which are curriculum-based. For instance, ato decide which path to take, particularly in terms of high school student may teach an elementary school our careers. This is not student how to read or write. The role of a peer an easy task to do, mentor is vital as he/she serves as a role model to the though, because there younger mentee. are so many choices out there and we may E-Mentoring or Online Mentoring actually not know whatfactors to consider when choosing a career or even a With the advent of the internet, many things havejob. This is when it may be necessary for you to become possible, and one of them is mentoring. In anconsider joining a career mentoring program. So online mentoring program, the mentor and thewhat types of career mentoring programs can I mentee communicate online at least once a week forchoose from? at least 6 months to one year. In most cases, the mentor is like an advisor or a guide in either careerOne-to-One Mentoring or school related areas. This is a very popular mentoring program especially for those peopleIn a traditional one-to-one mentoring program, one looking for their first career and those who haveadult is placed in a relationship with one youth. plans of shifting careers. Among the differentIdeally, the mentor and the mentee are supposed to mentoring programs, this is also considered themeet on a regular basis for at least 4 hours a month most convenient because the sessions can take placethat will last for at least a year. An exception to this anywhere the mentor and the mentee choose to.scheduling is one that is school-based because itshould match the school year as well as other types ofmentoring initiatives in school.Group MentoringGroup mentoring is designed to have one adultmentor building a relationship with one group ofyoung people consisting of up to four members. Inthis setup, the mentor plays the role of a leader and iscommitted to meeting regularly with the groupduring a certain period of time. The interaction ismostly guided by a specific session structureincluding time for personal sharing.Team MentoringCosmic Coaching Centre Page 3
  4. 4. program should improve your career management skills and the quality of your life as a whole. When Does One Need Coaching? If you are looking to develop a good strategy to reach your career goals, then you can use a career coach. You may also find such programs useful if you are planning to change jobs or careers.Whether you are a fresh college graduate, a How Could You Find a Career Mentor? jobseeker, as old or new worker, career coaching There are many different directories you can use to can definitely benefit you. find a seasoned career coach. In choosing one to You will find athletic guide you in the right career path, make sure you go coaches helping athletes to for the one who is certified by a professional maximize their potential. organization. Aside from their certification, coaches Coaches are everywhere are also supposed to have an advanced degree. As and in every field, such as you go along your search for a career mentor, it isacting, dancing, painting, music, and so on. Similarly, important that you choose the one you feelcollege students and jobseekers who would like to be comfortable speaking with. Keep in mind that thissuccessful in their respective careers need the person is going to play a very important role in yourguidance and expertise of a career coach or mentor. personal and professional life. Thus, it is a must that there be chemistry between the two of you.What Does a Career Coach Do? The internet will be your best source of informationA career coach is a professional with the expertise on about the different career coaching programs inhow to help an individual achieve his or her career your area as well as the most respectable andgoals. A good career mentor is both a listener and an experienced career mentors. Take time to do yourobserver. They are always willing to listen to your search as this will be key to your future success.aspirations and dreams. It is through their training,experience, and the use of different career tools thatthey are able to help people develop their goals intheir careers, plan a good strategy, and eventuallyachieve success.What Can I Expect from a Good Career Mentor?You may be wondering what is in it for you to have acareer coach. Well, there are so many things you canlook forward to by working with a mentor. Aboveanything else, your career coach can help you figureout what your specific direction is. This is because hecan improve your own perception of yourself, yourweaknesses and strengths. As a result, you will have aclearer concept of your own purpose, career goalsand aspirations. An effective career mentoringCosmic Coaching Centre Page 4
  5. 5. In looking for your career coach, there are several very important things to consider, such as the coach’s skills, ethics, enthusiasm as well as values. You would also want someone who has undergone the necessary and additional training and education in career coaching. Career Coaching Programs As you try to find the best career coach, you shouldCareer coaches play a very important role in helping also take a look at the career coaching programspeople decide which career paths they should being offered. The program to be used for you shouldpursue. The field of career coaching combines be tailored according to all your particular needs and complex psychological personal preferences. By working with a professional theories and career career coach, you can: research with the current organizational processes • Assess your own skills, weaknesses and and job market trends. To experience; put it simply, these • Explore the different career options in front professionals will help you of you and make a realistic action plan forhave a clear understanding of your personal your career;development and the nature and complexities of • Obtain access to all the information you needwork. about the job market and all the otherHow Can a Career Coach Help? resources you may need in looking for a job; • Get the job you have always wanted andProfessional and experienced career coaches are further your skills and marketability in thehighly skilled and trained not only in terms of career futurecounseling, but also on the aspect of job search. Whatthis means is that once you have found a coach to Where to Find a Coach?help you find a job, you can use the same coach to The industry of career coaching has grown rapidly inhelp you deal with the challenges you might face in recent years. This just goes to show how people haveyour workplace. Also, there are various programs changed their perception about the importance ofoffered by career coaching services. If you are clear knowing and preparing for their career paths. Youabout the goals you would like to pursue and simply can surf the internet for the best career coachingneed some sort of assistance to get there, you can services around you. The internet also makes it easypick the perfect program to suit your needs. for you to learn more about the background orChoosing a Career Coach qualifications of the several coaches you may be considering in the end.Career coaching is a specialist area in itself. Althoughit is true that many kinds of coaches are available,many of them are only self-taught when as far ascareer work is concerned. Thus, you should searchfor a career coach who has undergone a specifictraining in this field.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 5
  6. 6. • Find a mentor that could serve as your role model. As you search for a career mentor, look for one that has the kind of work and lifestyle that you want to have. You need not go for the most popular mentor. All you need is someone who can set an example to you on how you can achieve all your goals in your career and life. • There are several different forms of mentoring. ItWe all have our own skills and talents, but we have to could be one-on-one, in a group, or even online. admit that we wouldn’t You should decide which type of mentoring will have acquired all these suit your schedule and your preferences. You abilities without proper need not choose a mentor from the same area as education and learning. you. Making full use of modern internet You have surely met technology will make things easier and more people in your life who has convenient for you.influenced you in so many ways. And even when youthink you know everything, there will still come a • Consider the techniques and style of a mentor.point where you will need someone to guide you. There is no specific formula for an effectiveThis is very likely to happen when you are about to mentorship. The key is how well a mentor and alook for your first job, or if perhaps you are thinking mentee can work together for the achievement ofof changing jobs. Mentorship can play a huge role in their goals. Nevertheless, you would want tohow successful you are going to be in your career know the style of your possible mentor becauseendeavors. But how can you find the right career this will determine how comfortable you arementor? Read along and learn some tips on finding going to be under his/her guidance.your own mentor.• Be sure to know why you need a mentor. Do you want to have someone to give you specific advice? Or you just want someone to help you realize what it is that you want to do. Once you are clear on your reason for getting a mentor, it will be easier for you and your mentor to plan out your course of action.• Define your own communication style and personality. Before you choose a mentor, you should first know what type of mentor will fit you. If you are an extrovert, decide if you want someone who is the same as you, or you want a total opposite. Remember that you will be talking a lot with your mentor, so it is crucial that you have someone that you will feel comfortable with in terms of their personality and style of communicating.Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 6