Career impressions and management


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Cosmic Coaching Centre is made up of a group of professionals dedicated to successful career planning both corporately and individually.

Our network of professionals have over 30 years of experience in providing career coaching, leadership, career planning, business mentoring and writing effective resumes that gets results. We also provide life coaching and life management services. Our services are provided across Canada, the United States and in Europe.

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Career impressions and management

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1 Cosmic Coaching Centre Corporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives 1-866-486-4112 781 Spadina Road, Suite B Toronto, Ontario M5P 2X5
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2 First Impressions Last When you are starting a new career or a new job, you would really want to make a good impression on your colleagues especially your boss, to make him realize that he sure was lucky to have you as a part of the team. Some new employees have a difficult time dealing with this change especially for those who have been out of job for a while or for someone who recently made a career switch. Although the entire process of going back to work can be quite challenging, there are still several reasons why you need to be thankful for this new opportunity. One of the reasons is the fact that you are given the chance to start fresh; starting all over again will give you a chance to make a good impression especially if you encountered several issues from your previous job, as well as project an image or make that transition towards becoming the best person that you could be. If you haven't done all that yet, then now is the perfect time to start making that big change. Making a good impression at work shouldn't be a difficult task just as long as you follow these basic steps that will guide you on your first few days in the new office. You can still apply these steps even if you have been working in your company for years and have forgotten to assess your performance. 1. No matter what happens, make sure you arrive at work on time- It is best if you arrive earlier than on time so that you will have enough time to prepare your schedule, check your e-mails, clean your desk or relax while. 2. Always practice power dressing - you need to look like you are worthy of a higher position. 3. Keep your desk clean- it will show everyone at work that you are an organized person who's responsible for his own mess. Aside from that, a clean desk will result in a clear mind. 4. Show courtesy and respect to everyone around you - this includes everyone inside your office. It is also best to respect their personal space by asking for their permission everytime you need something from them. 5. Offer a helping hand - if your colleagues show signs of struggles on their tasks, try to help them as much as you can because they will do the same for you. It will make them see that you care for them enough to give them your valuable time. Impressing your boss and your colleagues will show how professional you are and how confident you are with your own tasks and because of this, sooner or later, you can be sure to get better career opportunities. Just follow these 5 basic steps to make your professional life meaningful and more fun. Just another Career Reality Check Most of us get nervous when we think about our annual performance review because most of the time, due to our hectic and busy schedule, we forget to assess our own performance at work. There are some employees who religiously evaluate their performance every single day if not every week, just so they can have a comparison on how they have been doing for the past few months and how they are doing today. But nobody is perfect, sure you might
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3 track your performance everyday but there are going to be times when you are tired and anxious to even think about this-- and this is what makes us shudder when it is time for our annual performance review. It is simply because we cannot give ourselves an honest answer on whether we did a good or otherwise. Counting the days towards the annual performance review can be very stressful on our part as well as time consuming. This reminder will really make you learn your lesson because in reality, you have more control over your performance that you think. It is never too late even if you and your boss don't meet eye to eye with your performance, you can still make that change today and continuously put some extra effort in your tasks. There are several ways on how to manage your career, here are the following: 1. Go to work like every single day is tour first day - do you know how new employees impress everyone in the office? If you do, then act like one. Impress everyone by going to work on time, delivering a good performance, showing courtesy to everyone as well as being extra helpful after you have finished your tasks. 2. Talk to your boss - your boss will be glad to tell you how he sees you as an employee if you really can't wait for the annual performance review. Learn from what he has to say to you and through this, strive to make positive changes in your job. 3. Make your own report- do not wait for the annual report, start evaluating your performance today. Include this in your schedule by making a checklist of how you need to do your job. Through the checklist, you will be able to see how well you perform everyday. 4. Ask around - you may sometimes have a dishonest opinion about your performance, so it would also help if you ask your trusted colleagues at work to tell you how you are at work. Making a reality check of your career will help you manage it better. Career management is a skill that will show everyone how professional and dedicated you are with your job. You can start evaluating your performance today by following these 4 basic steps towards achieving success in your professional life. Manage Your Career towards Success For a goal setter and an achiever, building a successful career is no different from any other projects they have accomplished. They have no difficulties in achieving a successful and meaningful career because they know what they want in life and how they are going to achieve their goals. If people just knew the secrets to success way, way back, there would have been more successful people in the world today. However, these secrets only apply to the doers, the achievers and the pursuer of dreams. No matter how many times you let the world know the key to success if people don't act on it, it is still useless. The change must start within you; you need to have that intrinsic motivation to be successful. This process may be hard, but definitely doable and with just a thorough planning as well as effective execution, you will be a huge success in no time. You need to develop an action plan to manage your career. Success will seldom fall in your lap if you ignore momentum and the basic principle of career management. However, we have found the basic
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4 steps towards getting the success you have always hoped for. 1. Evaluate yourself - you need to understand yourself first and foremost. What are the things that you value most? What are your skills and interests? What are you passionate about? Your career will last a lifetime if you just take care of it, by evaluating your performance every now and then, being accountable for your own actions and giving your best every single time. 2. Plan your next move - if you decide to change careers, you need to practice effective and careful planning to make the change smooth and convenient for you. If you want to keep your current job, you need to find out the areas where you need to improve to maximize your full potential inside the office. 3. Invest in yourself - don't be too overly confident just because you still have a job. Do something that will make you keep it for a long time. Undergo some training and learn new things that were not available for you during your first few years in the office. Be competitive because the younger know some valuable things that you don't know anything about. 4. Talk to your boss - don't be ashamed to tell your boss your plans and if possible ask for his opinion on what else you can do to improve your performance. This will show him how dedicated you are with your job. Career Management is a challenging task however not everyone has the ability to have an honest evaluation of themselves. But with the right action plan and a positive mind, you will be able to manage your career towards success in no time. Just follow these very basic steps to show everyone that you are staying and that you are worthy of the role you are playing in the company.