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If you have finally decided to hire a career coach, you should be congratulated for giving yourself the chance to grow professionally and be more deserving of your employer’s trust. The challenge now is how you are going to the find the right coach.

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Career coaching for you

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1Cosmic Coaching CentreCorporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2If you have finally decided to hire a career coach, youshould be congratulatedfor giving yourself thechance to growprofessionally and bemore deserving of youremployer’s trust. Thechallenge now is how you are going to the find theright coach. Ideally, you would want to ask someoneyou know if they could refer a reliable andestablished career coach.However, if you have nobody who has worked with acoach before, you can instead search the web forvarious professional organizations offering networksof career mentors and coaches. Once you haveobtained the names of the possible coaches you maywork with, you should start assessing them, so thatyou will end up with the best one.Things to Consider in Searching for the RightCoach:Does he perform a comprehensive evaluation?Any good career coaching program should startwith gathering data about you as the mentee. Anestablished career coach should gather enoughinformation about you, which will be used to map outthe strategies that will be appropriate for your case.Take note that every coach makes use of a differentassessment tools to get to know their clients a lotbetter. This is what you should expect from yourcoach.Doesn’t he overcharge you?There are some coaches that may ask you to give apayment upfront. This isn’t something to worry aboutas this is normal and common in the industry.However, if he asks to receive a percentage of thesalary you are receiving. Having this kind of financialagreement will definitely not be good for yourcoaching relationship.Does he dwell a lot on his personal issues?If, at some point, you feel that your coach is focusinga lot on his own issues or whatever matters he isinvolved in, it is likely that he has another agendaaside from helping you figure out what will be bestfor your career. Should you ever feel this way, youhad better start looking for another coach.Does he keep professional boundaries?No professional coaching relationship will beeffective if no boundaries are set. It is important thatyour coach remains as your coach only – not yourfriend and especially your lover. A coach that isunable to define the boundaries of your relationshiphas a questionable credibility.Are you comfortable working with him?A career or life coach should be someone you can tellanything to. He or she should get your trust and beliefin them. Otherwise, you will not be willing to shareall your ideas and plans with him, making yourefforts worthless.
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3Every single job seeker outthere should realize howdangerous it is to put falseinformation on their resume.No employer would want tohire someone who lacksloyalty, anyway. But howabout employers – are theybeing true and honest all the time? Interestingly,there are times that they do lie, especially to jobapplicants.Generally speaking, hiring managers and otherrecruiters are expected to choose the best individualsfor the jobs they need to fill. This means that theyhave to reject a number of applications and give thebad news to many job seekers. So what many HRpeople do is make up little white lies to avoid hurtinganyone’s feelings.As a job seeker, you would prefer to know early on ifyou have a chance at getting the job you’re applyingfor or not. And so, career coaching experts wouldwant you to know what lies most recruiters tell jobapplicants.“We will keep your resume for future jobopenings.”Companies receive a lot of job applications all thetime, which means that they have a huge database ofcandidates already. Although it may be true that theyare going to keep your resume, you cannot expectthis to mean they will call you in the future if there isa position they need to fill.“Salary is based on experience.”In most cases, employers have a certain amount ofsalary they are willing to offer their employees. Thereason that they ask applicants about salaryexpectations is just to see if the job seeker is withinthe range. In general, you would want to negotiateyour salary when a job offer is already being handedto you. What you should do is do enough researchabout what the reasonable salary is for the positionyou are applying for.“We will keep in touch with you.”This is something all job seekers hope for, but rarelydo companies keep in touch with applicants unlessthey are really interested in hiring them. However,this doesn’t mean that you are totally not going tohear from the company. Often, hiring teams are justunsure about their next move, so they need time totalk things over too. The smartest thing you could dobefore you leave the interview is politely ask thehiring manager when you can expect them to call.This way, you will have a good reason to send them amail or drop them a call to remind them of theircommitment to you.ConclusionFailure is part of any job search. Whether you arestaying in the same field or doing a career change,you have to expect to experience rejections. Bypreparing yourself for this, you are being realistic towhat your efforts may result to.
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4Career Coaching: Keeping Yourself Happy AtWorkIf you often find yourself uninterested in going towork, there must besomething seriouslywrong with your careerlife. But this isn’tsomething you should beso bothered about orashamed of because there are millions of otherworkers feeling the same way as you. Thus, it issomehow a natural thing to be dissatisfied with yourcurrent employment. The problem arises when youare not sure that you’re ready to move on just yet.There are many ways you can keep yourself happy atwork if you want to. You should learn these things,especially if you don’t think you can afford yet to quityour current job. Here are some tips that can helpyou find happiness in your present job.1. Stay Positive. Always keep your focus on the goodthings about your job. Though it may seem hard tothink of the things you like about your job, there mustbe something you still enjoy doing at your workplace.Always remind yourself that your job can also benefityou in a number of ways.2. Look for More Challenging Tasks. One commonreason many people need career coaching is justboredom. It is important that you make your jobalways interesting. If possible, try joining volunteergroups and offer your services for free. You may evenvolunteer to mentor someone in your department.This way, you will be challenged to be better andmake someone else better.3. Keep Learning. If you feel you lack mentalstimulation, then you should consider undergoingsome training by taking short term courses in thefield you are in. This can be really beneficial for youas you will get to acquire some new skills while at thesame time enhancing your existing skills.4. Meet More People. It cannot be emphasizedenough how important networking is in developingone’s career. If your current work does not allow youto meet people on a consistent basis, then you shouldfind a way you could. As you meet and talk to otherpeople, your interest in learning things keep going.What’s more, a bigger network can help you later onif you decide to pursue a different career path.5. Manage Your Time Well. It is common for careerpeople to get burned out because they work toomuch that they no longer have time for their personalneeds. If this is the same as how you feel, you shouldfigure out ways to manage your working hours wellso that you can still find time for yourself and yourloved ones. Any life coach would suggest thatemployed individuals make sure they balance theirpersonal and professional life.