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Ryan Collier a2 media


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media theorists

Published in: Education
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Ryan Collier a2 media

  2. 2. MEDIA THEORISTS TWO STEP FLOW ▸ The two step flow of communication model hypothesises that ideas flow from mass media to opinion leaders and then from them to a wider population. ▸ It was first introduced by sociologist Paul Lazarfeld et al in 1944 and was elaborated by Elihu katz and lazarfeld in 1955.
  3. 3. TEXT USES AND GRATIFICATION THEORY ▸It is an approach to understanding why and how people actively seek out specific media to satisfy specific needs. UGT is an audience centred approach to understanding mass communication 1. Personal relationships: substitution of media for companionship 2. Diversion:escape from everyday problems or an emotional release 3. Surveillance:using media to find out what is around us 4. Personal identity or individual psychology: self understanding
  4. 4. TEXT BARTHES ENIGMA CODE ▸It is a theory that suggests that any text in television or film makes the audience question something and intrigue the audience to help draw them in. ▸A regular example that is used in a lot of films including horrors, is revealing the culprit/bad guy of the film at the end. this is done to make sure that the viewer is enticed into what going on in the film and to make them wonder who did it.
  5. 5. TEXT TZVETAN TODOROV-THEORY OF EQUILIBRIUM ▸An interpretation of film texts with his theory of equilibrium or disequilibrium and is shown in five stages.
  6. 6. TEXT THE HYPOTHERMIC NEEDLE MODEL ▸A model of communications suggesting that an intended message is directly received and wholly accepted by the receiver
  7. 7. TEXT LEVI STRAUSS- BINARY OPPOSITIONS ▸These are the contrast between two mutually exclusive concepts or things that creates conflict and then helps drive a narrative E.G Good and evil.
  8. 8. TEXT PROPP’S NARRATIVE THEORY ▸seven roles within any film/story; 1. Donor-prepares and provides hero agent 2. villain-struggles/fights with hero 3. princess- a goal to reach or a person to save 4. helper-assists, rescues and solves problems 5. dispatcher-sends the hero on adventure/mission 6. false hero-claims to be the hero but really isn’t 7. hero-departs on a search after reacting to donor