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     V o l. 4   N o. 2    Winter         2008

                    Access helps Avid adapt
Dear valued clients,

              Integration strategy seems to have more relevance to organizations in times
New pen flexes its muscle
A top tip from the Access model team
When Novo Nordisk needed to introduce its NordiFlex PenMateT...

               Avid’s New Thinking
               world tour: Adaptation to
               change in realti...
ACCESS Vol.4 No.2 Winter 2008 4

                                                                                             Timex Asserts
        Customized design solutions
        with turnkey options
S   taples, the company that ...

                                     All eyes on the economy:
                       What’s the climate for...
Petroleum dependency                                  Redefining the value proposition
The builder-fabricator segment of o...

             EMC — Fusing Technology
             and Design for Effective Communication
Does it seem that today as much                       Finally, every material and texture, whether
emphasis is placed on b...
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Our clients are hoisting some seri...
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Access Corporate Newsletter


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Access Corporate Newsletter

  1. 1. experiences. V o l. 4 N o. 2 Winter 2008 Access helps Avid adapt to change in realtime Larger (or smaller) than life — the Access model team makes it Staples: Using what exists to create a versatile package
  2. 2. Dear valued clients, Integration strategy seems to have more relevance to organizations in times of economic uncertainty, when businesses are looking for the greatest productivity. We believe there are two important reasons why it pays to consider linking programs under one trusted source: You can achieve success despite the consolidation of marketing programs, • budgets and staffs. You can strengthen communication while decreasing the time and effort • needed to manage programs. We constantly ask ourselves, How can we simultaneously help our clients navigate through economic volatility and help them achieve their marketing goals? Informing our clients of day-to-day industry changes that result from the economy and other external forces is one way. Another way is to provide our clients with integrated services and professional expertise in one efficient place, ready when they need it. This issue highlights several Access clients, new and long-term, that have achieved their strategic marketing objectives by partnering with Access, utilizing its traditional and extended services. You’ll read in the next several pages how Access helped its longest-standing client, Timex, unveil its position in the marketplace as the pre- miere umbrella brand. You’ll learn how we helped Avid embark on its global private event within an aggressive timeframe. You’ll read about yet another award- winning exhibit design for EMC. You’ll see how our model-shop artisans helped Novo Nordisk create its splashy show floor product introduction. And on the green front, you’ll read how Access and Crawford & Company partnered to transform an ecoconscious idea into a charitable contribution. Our clients know that they can count on us for design and fabrication to achieve their face-to-face marketing goals. When they come to us with a challenge that requires extended expertise, we have the in-house services to solve it. Using our strategic marketing savvy, promotional creativity, functional expertise, product innovation and intelligence systems, our clients can proceed with confidence, regardless of the economic climate. At Access, our clients have the option of fully integrated services every day, all in one place — right at their fingertips. Very truly yours, Richard G. Silton President On the cover: At Avid’s New Thinking tour attendees interact with innovative new product. AT L A N TA If you have comments about the contents of this publication, please contact Kerry Pascetta, our Director of Marketing, at 508-266-2642 or BOSTON For more information about Access TCA, visit us at LAS VEGAS © 2008 Access TCA, Inc. Access experiences. is published three times a year. If you wish to use our material in your own publication, please contact Access TCA, Inc. EUROPE Printed on recycled paper: Chorus Art Gloss—50% postconsumer waste.
  3. 3. New pen flexes its muscle A top tip from the Access model team When Novo Nordisk needed to introduce its NordiFlex PenMateTM to the market at the Pediatric Endocrinology Nurses Society (PENS), it chose to do it in a big way. The PenMate, normally shorter than five inches and lighter than three ounces, weighed in at 60 pounds as it sat atop Novo Nordisk’s exhibit. It was protected and fully visible from every angle. What better way to introduce a product than at a convention, larger than life, for all to see? The model NordiFlex PenMate was one of three products designed and fabricated by Access’ in-house model team, a small group of model-making artisans who have completed some exceptional work for the likes of Raytheon, SpineWave and Biolock. The team creates museum-quality models of, well, just about anything. Some of the models they’ve produced even function like the products they replicate. Access created a working model of SpineWave’s Staxx™ medical implant system, used for minimally invasive vertebrae repair, to help introduce the product to the market. The model functioned exactly like the real thing. Healthcare practitioners attending the show gained familiarity with a new product, a real benefit in educating potential users. “We look to the client to determine the quality standard, (museum quality is the highest), the functionality, the approximate size and the budget,” said John Tetreault, who manages the group. “Then the model team (led by long-time model maker Bob Berchen) determines the scale and the right materials based on the criteria. With the right criteria and access to the real product, the possibilities of what this team can do are virtually endless.” The team has created models using metal, acrylic, fiberglass, wood, sign foam and more. All product models are designed and fabricated in-house at Access. For more information on Access’ model team, contact your account director. Collaboration yields benefits beyond the show floor Ecoconsciousness just got a shot in the arm from the economy, making doing the green thing not only a good idea, but also a fiscal mandate from the top tiers of some corporate organizations. As the “eco-conomy” continues to weigh on the minds of convention and exhibit managers, experiential marketing agencies will need to continue to seek viable, tangible answers to questions that are getting more serious. At the RIMS show in San Diego earlier this year, Crawford & Company utilized Access’ cost-effective, interlocking wall system for constructing trade show environments. Access developed the system to enable its clients to reduce postshow waste by off ering an efficient, ecoconscious option that can be part of a comprehensive convention and exhibit program. Assembling the kit is easy and can be done onsite. It’s considered green because it’s small, lightweight and reusable. The story doesn’t end there. During the show, Crawford & Company and Access brainstormed “ This is more than a on ways to reuse the exhibit. They contacted the San Diego chapter of Habitat for Humanity, which graciously accepted the offer of a free exhibit. At the close of the show, GES let the success story about how nonprofit agency bring in its own truck and load out 100 linear feet of walls for use in Habitat for Humanity stores. Access developed an “This is more than a success story about how Access developed an innovative, face-to-face marketing solution,” said Rich Silton, Access’ president and COO. “It extends into community innovative, face-to-face outreach. Access is proud to have partnered with Crawford & Company on this endeavor, and it is also gratifying to see the industry so readily seize the opportunity to give back to marketing solution.” the community.” The Access system concept was developed by members of the Access Green Team, which Rich Silton concentrates on ecoconscious initiatives. The Access Green Team is one of several multi- President and COO disciplinary taskforces it employs to research and develop creative solutions to the industry Access TCA challenges of the day. For more information about Access’ ecoconscious initiatives, please contact your Access account director. ACCESS Vol.4 No.2 Winter 2008 2
  4. 4. CASE STUDY Avid’s New Thinking world tour: Adaptation to change in realtime A environments and corresponding graphics vid—the world leader in digital-media- in a two-week timeframe. Without time for creation tools for film, video, audio, animation, site-visit planning, the Access team relied heavi- games, and broadcast professionals — has been ly on its experience and expertise to virtually undergoing a lot of change. This new Access “I was most impressed by configure properties and anticipate the needs client tested the versatility of the Access team of each environment. They designed versatile at a recent private event that unfolded concur- how quickly the Access team solutions that could adapt to various (and rently in three venues. sometimes unknown) venue constraints. In adopted the Avid mindset Challenge some cases, reconfiguration of the properties Competition in the media-editing software needed to happen overnight to address the market is fierce. While Avid has long been the and maintained it throughout needs of each audience. Access’ efficient in- industry leader, lower-priced competitors have house capabilities, particularly its UV printing emerged. Avid decided to meet the competitive the project. It was a relief technology, kept the project on schedule. challenge by hosting a series of private events that unveiled its vigorous New Thinking to be able to rely on Access Result campaign to launch the new version of its “This was no easy task, especially during editing software. to effectively translate and organizational and branding changes. I was most impressed by how quickly the Access Access’ challenge was to translate Avid’s New apply the brand strategy team adopted the Avid mindset and maintained Thinking campaign into a face-to-face experience it throughout the project. It was a relief to be for people who work in the post-production to the design, coupled with able to rely on Access to effectively translate community. Groups of 400 to 500 clients were and apply the brand strategy to the design, invited to venues in New York City, Las Vegas smoothly executing the coupled with smoothly executing the onsite and Los Angeles. logistics,” said Sharon Holm, Avid’s events Perhaps the project’s greatest challenge was onsite logistics.” marketing manager. brought about by the restructuring of Avid’s The show was a resounding success for Avid, management team, which forced a three- Sharon Holm which reinforced its connection to its clients. week stoppage. Avid’s Events Marketing Manager (To view live video from the national events, Solution visit Access designed and developed the environ- ments for each venue in real time, as the con- cepts were being developed by Avid’s agency. Despite Avid’s work stoppage, the event’s live dates remained the unchanged. Avid relied heavily on Access to design and fabricate the 3 Vol.4 No.2 Winter 2008 ACCESS
  5. 5. ACCESS Vol.4 No.2 Winter 2008 4
  6. 6. CASE STUDY Timex Asserts Market Leadership A t the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market A large tower in the three-color combination earlier this year, Access TCA helped Timex forged a strong identity for visitors seeking this position itself in one of its most important mar- island exhibit. The tower walls featured large- kets with a striking new exhibit. That in itself format graphics, while the space below the “We had a goal is exciting enough, but the fact that Timex and tower opened up for illuminated product dis- Access have been partners since 1986 is noth- plays. A 16-foot, C-shaped scrim printed with going into the show ing short of phenomenal. product graphics jutting from the tower formed a background for the large (9-foot-diameter, and far exceeded our Challenge 3-inch-thick) red cutout Timex logo. Spotlights Timex challenged Access to design and build played on the logo, adding the type of drama own expectations. a new 20'-x-30' exhibit that would showcase associated with a category leader. its market leadership and find a compelling Our exhibit was a hit Since some companies take orders at way to integrate two of its most prominent Outdoor Retailer, four color-coordinated product brands: Timex IRONMAN and with our own people, work counters, two for each brand, facili- Timex Expedition. Timex also wanted Access tated the workflow. An additional counter to accomplish this task without overhead as well as with in the center of the space handled overflow wire management, carpeting or raised floor. crowds. The reception counter was marked Solution our customers.” by an interior-lit X. Intelligent lighting was Access gave the Timex exhibit a clear, contem- mounted on trusses, and 16 branded gobos porary relevance through its choice of materials, played interchangeably on booth surfaces Keith Meyer lifestyle graphics, lighting and product displays, Timex’s Manager of Event Marketing to heighten visual interest. as well as innovative use of brand colors. and Sponsorships Access added some bounce to the display Besides embodying the Timex heritage of glob- by laying out a red, orange and gray rubber- al strength and forward-looking design and ized floor, the kind found on playgrounds, technology, the exhibit created an authoritative made from recycled tires. It allowed sufficient statement despite a cluttered show environment. clearance for wire management. The Timex logo is an X inside a circle with Result another small circle to the right of it, all done “We had an amazing show,” said Keith Meyer, in the corporate red. On the other hand, the IRONMAN brand uses orange, and the Timex’ manager of event marketing and spon- Expedition line grey. Access skillfully integrated sorships. “We had a goal going into the show these colors throughout the exhibit using tex- and far exceeded our own expectations. Our tured laminates on the walls and recycled exhibit was a hit with our own people, as well rubber for flooring. as with our customers.” 5 Vol.4 No.2 Winter 2008 ACCESS
  7. 7. CASE STUDY Staples: Customized design solutions with turnkey options S taples, the company that invented the museum stand-off, oversized panels that office superstore concept in 1986, is the masked any sign of a system look. Access’ world’s largest office products company. color palette and materials selections insti- For its global sales conference last March at tuted ecoconscious elements and contributed “Access enabled the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Staples to the overall custom-built look. In all, wanted to reinforce a strong underlying cor- Access’ graphic team created 900 graphic our exhibitors, porate message. It also wanted reliable part- pieces that covered 17,000 square feet virtual- ners who could design and manage the experi- ly error-free. Access utilized existing rental both our trusted ence within its vast private-event program. inventory properties to develop a branded entrance featuring a 30-foot fabric “wave” wall partners and Challenge banner, accompanying media and a 12-station In order to bring a strong, unified message to product pavilion. our internal brands, suppliers, partners and employees, Staples Together with Teamwork, Access developed required two halls at Mandalay Bay’s conven- to showcase their the floor plan for the two halls and handled tion facilities, claiming a combined space of all on-site supervision. The project was 270,000 square feet. The first hall was dedicat- products at this notable for the speed at which the on-site ed to Staples’ internal departments. The second, logistics team prepared the show floors. tiered environment was dedicated to corporate important event.” Access and Teamwork installed the 41 exhibits sponsors. Staples challenged Access to create in just two days. two unique environments. One environment Phil Cavanaugh, former would allow Staples’ 16 internal departments Result Staples’ Director of Events to display products and services within in a “Access was the perfect choice to meet our family of exhibit structures. The second envi- challenge,” said Phil Cavanaugh, former ronment would create a turnkey exhibit pro- Staples’ director of events. “By creating an gram that would be offered to 30 multileveled integrated family of easy-to-use, lightweight, sponsors. Access was also tasked to create a environmentally responsible properties, lightweight, easy-to-install solution that Access enabled our exhibitors, both our allowed each exhibitor to highlight its brand. trusted partners and our internal brands, to showcase their products at this important Solution event.” Access worked in conjunction with its partner, Teamwork, which served as the project’s gener- al contractor and provided the Alluset struc- tures. Access designers used these structures as the framework for their graphic solution — ACCESS Vol.4 No.2 Winter 2008 6
  8. 8. CASE STUDY All eyes on the economy: What’s the climate for exhibit builders? By Pat Friedlander Reprinted with permission from Exhibit City News From Frank Chow, senior economist According to Marler, the big impact will be for Trade Show Executive magazine, and felt from customers who face the same chal- Doug Ducate, president of the Center for lenges facing the builders and who have the Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) to same exposure. “The company Vince Marler, executive vice president of “Liquidity has slowed down so that corporate Moss, Inc., industry experts agree: recession exhibitors who believe they have a line of that’s willing to will come. “They seem to come every seven credit with their banks find out that suddenly years,” Marler said.“The last one was they don’t because of the banking crisis,” change and strike in 2001.” he noted. “And it’s difficult to use an exhibit The challenge, as Ducate put it, is to “keep as collateral.” a responsive chord your eye on the ball, not on the scorecard,” According to Michael Westcott, EDPA interim which is in line with the advice Chow gives with the client can executive director and managing director of the industry: “Prepare for the potential reces- strategy for Red7Media, the credit crisis will sion, but spend more time planning for the go a long way” get buyers focused on value and on making recovery.” The exhibit and event industry can more informed decisions about their tradeshow Vince Marler hardly be inoculated against global economic investments and the specific objectives they’re Executive Vice President ills. Perhaps one of the most vulnerable investing for. Moss, Inc. segments is the builder-fabricator. “That said, many industries — such as parts The credit crisis of the tech sector — remain strong, and the The credit crisis is certainly one significant smart players will invest in a down market challenge facing the exhibit builder. to come out on top,” Westcott pointed out. Rich Silton, COO at Access TCA, predicts He added that since contractual commitments that since many companies in the industry in the tradeshow industry are made months are heavily leveraged — the industry average in advance, “there may be some desire to trim is 4 to 1 — some builders will come under costs here and there, but many [companies] serious pressure and could exit the business. are forging ahead with shows to generate Pressure along the supply chain will increase new business.” for suppliers to, in effect, act as unsecured lenders for their clients. This situation poses Silton, too, sees the opportunity for corporate some interesting challenges and opportuni- marketers to build market share — by ties. Silton predicts that stable companies exhibiting at shows when competitors don’t with no to low debt will be able to take attend by getting ahead in their planning advantage of the balance sheets and increase processes, and by securing relationships with their market share. stable partners. 7 Vol.4 No.2 Winter 2008 ACCESS
  9. 9. Petroleum dependency Redefining the value proposition The builder-fabricator segment of our industry The result of the current economy will be the has always depended on petroleum for both need for builders to validate the marketing dol- materials and transportation. Although the lars their customers spend. Marler said corpo- price of petroleum has come down recently, rate exhibitors want high value and high visi- operations are still being modified to reduce bility for their investment, so companies must this dependency. Silton said he doesn’t believe- find unique ways to deliver that. Westcott sug- builders can react in the short term. He said gested that builders and fabricators must be there are clear advantages in having multiple open to partner with firms and agencies that facilities and efficient operations, but if they provide smart integrated solutions and that don’t already exist, they can’t be put in understand and address marketing needs; that place overnight. integrate media, technology and messaging in ways that make the most of the tradeshow Marler points to the move toward “material medium; and that provide a memorable and conversion” — replacing heavier building effective environment sensitive to execution options with materials lighter in weight, such costs, yet make a lasting impression on the as tension fabric, aluminum, and plastic — audience through creativity and innovation. to save on transportation costs. Fluctuation in petroleum costs will also influence the pric- There are many predictions of market segments ing of materials such as laminates and help that will be adversely affected in their exhibit- control price inflation in a markup system. ing plans. Trade Show Executive predicts that apparel, food and retail will be hit hard, while The green mandate other experts predict that auto, mortgage and A year ago, the pressing issue for exhibit commercial banking sectors will curtail show builders was the need to find a niche in the participation and/or spending. green economy. Is this still a priority? Or has it taken a backseat in the current eco- Weathering the storm nomic environment? Where will we see cutbacks in the builder-fabri- cator segment? Silton believes green initiatives that add cost • A halt to hiring will probably occur in antici- will take a back seat, but, as he also pointed pation of lower revenue rather than in response out, “Being green doesn’t mean you have to to it, Silton said. spend more. There’s more to ‘green’ than • Westcott noted that because traditional con- green materials. There are cost-saving green struction is likely to slow down, we can expect responses — like greater use of rental compo- some job attrition. nents, less densely designed exhibits, extending • Marler said corporate exhibitors will turn to “ Being green doesn’t mean the life of an exhibit, and optimal routing of refurbishment and push for modular and vari- properties, for example.” Marler believes it’s able configurations so they can do more shows you have to spend more. still important for companies to show green with a single exhibit and focus on value-add capabilities, and, even when there’s a price beyond exhibits. He added that there will also There’s more to ‘green’ differential, to allow the customer a choice. be a greater demand for experiential marketing Westcott is hopeful: “There are many develop- to broaden their reach. than green materials. ments in material innovation, especially in the Silton said this is the time for companies with practices show managers and exhibitors There are cost-saving green very little funded debt and excellent, high-trust employ. Research just completed at the Event relationships to build strength.“Everyone knows Marketing Institute shows that the market for responses — like greater we’re in very difficult times and loyalties will be green exhibits and event services is likely to tested,” he said. “Those who have been loyal double in the next 18 months, and we don’t use of rental components, will most likely benefit from the return of see that slowing down at all yet. Despite the that loyalty.” fact that many managers believe it costs more less densely designed to go green, evidence from the supplier side But, he warned, “A real threat we haven’t seen is demonstrating that, in many cases, smart much of in past years is a looming crisis in exhibits, extending the life green practices can actually cost less than tradi- bad debts. Credit lines from banks are drying tional solutions. Clients are actively seeking up, and companies are trying to replace bank of an exhibit, and optimal green solutions. It’s interesting to note that this credit with supplier credit. Suppliers become the contradiction can actually work in favor of lenders of last resort. That’s not where you want routing of properties.” those firms that are embracing innovation with to be, especially without a solid equity base.” new construction methods and materials and Marler echoed Silton’s comments. “The com- Rich Silton rethinking tradition using green principles. pany that’s willing to change and strike a respon- President and COO They can save their clients money and reduce sive chord with the client can go a long way,” Access TCA their carbon footprint at the same time.” he said. ACCESS Vol.4 No.2 Winter 2008 8
  10. 10. CASE STUDY EMC — Fusing Technology and Design for Effective Communication E MC’s world leadership in information Solution infrastructure and information-lifecycle man- Access gracefully integrated EMC’s products, agement strategies is unmatched. EMC’s ex- software and service capabilities in the exhibit hibit, one of 1,600 at NAB 2008, successfully Event Design magazine while drawing on cutting-edge technology to positioned the company as a high-tech leader present EMC in a fresh light. Access incorpo- in the industry with unrivaled information rated the latest technology in the exhibit, creat- selected EMC’s exhibit management strategies. Having made more ing an environment that displayed EMC’s than 30 acquisitions in the past five years, core values to its customers. Integrating plasma as one of its EMC thought it important that Access convey TVs, light boxes, and 4D Kaon technology, the company’s core traits in an innovative way: Access was able to convey EMC’s overall brand communication through event design. message, that the company is “the caretaker of 20 “best and brightest ” the world’s information.” Challenge from the more than 1,600 EMC challenged Access to integrate its Result Total Customer Experience corporate tenet Event Design magazine selected EMC’s into the design of a new custom exhibit. exhibit as one of its 20 “best and brightest” exhibits at NAB 2008. Designed and created by Access TCA, the from the more than 1,600 exhibits at exhibit can be reconfigured to fit a range of NAB 2008. trade show spaces, from a compact 10'-x-10' exhibit to an expansive 80'-x-80' spread. EMC wanted to go beyond the typical one-to-one discussions to engage the entire audience in all aspects of the exhibit. Attendees were invited to participate in a live theater presenta- tion showcasing EMC’s unique capabilities, centrally located in the middle of the exhibit, followed by an information session with members of the EMC team. The company wanted to promote its strategies in a sophisti- cated way, giving them a sharp, cohesive look within the exhibit. 9 Vol.4 No.2 Winter 2008 ACCESS
  11. 11. Does it seem that today as much Finally, every material and texture, whether emphasis is placed on brand impres- static or dynamic, needs to support the mar- sion as on the exhibit structure? keting objectives, which in turn should sup- SP: Yes. The corporate marketing world port the brand. Convention and trade show First Person: Steven Pascal recognizes that the contemporary customer managers should involve internal brand man- is visually astute. With unprecedented expo- agers early in the design process, and every- sure to messaging across multiple media plat- one involved should be asking why and how forms, buyers expectations — and their recog- certain materials work better than others nition of brand identities, personalities and to promote their brand. as a Strategic Initiative elements of the brand promise — have become Sometimes it’s hard for exhibit man- very sophisticated. Because of this, marketers agers at small companies, who are spend a good part of their budgets on position- already multitasking, to accomplish ing statements, image banks, consumer adver- Graphic Messaging this. Where should they start? tising — basically, on every element that SP: No matter how small the company, par- supports marketing objectives and imprints ticipating in a face-to-face marketing event the brand on the market’s collective con- requires the creation of their corporate public sciousness. These elements form a bridge face. The goal is to manage that image, not between the marketer and the target customer, just the dollars spent. and the trade show is a big part of this bridge. Creating a home in which to bond with one’s What role do graphics play? customer base is as critical to success as show SP: Well, strategically integrating visual brand and event logistics. equity is the key to successful exhibiting, but visual elements often appear to be retrofitted. Any parting words? SP: If convention and exhibit managers find This is a mistake, as it creates an “off-the-shelf” the visual assessment of their company frag- look to graphics, which detracts from the brand mented or nonexistent, they should ask their statement. Successful exhibit graphics, on the exhibit agency for help. The agency can create other hand, reinforce and communicate the an image — through graphics — that will incite brand statement by attracting exhibit attendees. a conversation with attendees. Are you suggesting that strategic By embracing the possibilities that the effective positioning is involved with use of graphics offers, convention and trade exhibit graphics? show managers will significantly increase to SP: Yes. Marketing objectives should not their company’s face-to-face marketing success. be passed over lightly, because they define and inform every element that brings the brand “ By embracing story to life. Adhering to marketing objectives helps to create and reinforce the experience the possibilities that contemporary customers have with the brand. Every element, including graphics, should help the effective use to tell the story of the brand. of graphics offers, It sounds as if you have a broad defi- nition of graphics. Please explain. convention and SP: Brand elements, exhibit materials, fonts, images and animation — all of these are defined trade show managers as graphics for our purposes. We try to inte- grate a combination of elements to produce a will significantly cohesive statement that supports the market’s beliefs about the brand and enhances the cus- increase their tomer experience in the booth. The goal of exhibiting is to attract, intrigue and educate the company’s face-to-face target market. To that end, graphics humanize the exhibit experience and create a true spatial marketing success.” comfort zone. Can exhibit managers adopt a mindset Steven Pascal that makes this happen? Director of Creative Strategy SP: Everything in the exhibit space should have Access TCA a function, a reason for being there. All ele- ments should support the marketing objectives. It’s important to build a graphics library that can be used for large-format and small-format images. Convention and trade show managers should think about what’s visible from different vantage points — from 20 feet, from 16 feet, from 12 feet, and from eight feet or less. A C C E S S V o l . 4 N o . 2 W i n t e r 2 0 0 8 10
  12. 12. 1 2 3 Our clients are hoisting some serious hardware 1 We congratulate AMAG Pharmaceuticals on receiving a bronze award in the 2007 In-Awe medical exhibit competition sponsored by the Healthcare Communication and Marketing Association. 2 We tip our hats to Giorgio Borruso for claiming more than five honors for the Snaidero retail environment. 3 Congratulations to EMC for its recent award from Event Design Magazine. EMC’s exhibit was selected as one of the 20 “best and brightest” from more than 1,600 suppliers at the National Association of Broadcasters’ 2008 show. PRSRT STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO. 7 ASHLAND MA