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Social media business model


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From a 2013 presentation at a local conference. This includes frameworks and tactics to help transform your business into a social business model.

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Social media business model

  1. 1. What is a social business model? Traditional def ~ capitalism that serves humanity's most pressing needs. Muhammad Yunus
  2. 2. 350,000 new Tweets 500,000 new FB comments Every minute. social business ~adopting social networking tools and practices
  3. 3. 1 second frame of NBA finals twitter
  4. 4. The Social Business Model is about people
  5. 5. Why invest in a social business model?
  6. 6. Can every employee be your smartest employee? Can commenters become your biggest contributors? Can your next big idea be crowdsourced? Q Q Q
  7. 7. Building your social business model
  8. 8. Commit Planr Foundation Content Accelerate Leadership
  9. 9. Listening Engaging Voice + Tone Commit. Know who you are.
  10. 10. Plan - Set benchmarks Monthly progress 6 mo. % to complete
  11. 11. Who Plan - Empower your teams How So you can respond in a timely and relevant wayWhen
  12. 12. Foundation create a social property architecture
  13. 13. Foundation map the tools
  14. 14. 52% of consumers stop following a business’ page because the contentis boring & repetitive.
  15. 15. Accelerate grow your audience
  16. 16. Accelerate social CRM & lists
  17. 17. Leadership thought leadership and influence
  18. 18. /Bizplantoday @Bizplantoday /+RyanCampbell1 Thank you Ryan Campbell