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Caligiuri, ryan webquest

  1. 1. Ensuring Job Interview SuccessIntroduction A WebQuest for 9-12 Students inTask Career ExplorationResources Designed by – Ryan T. Caligiuri, ctryan@bgsu.eduProcessEvaluationConclusion EDTL 6150 – Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning – Summer 2012StandardsCitations Based on a template from The WebQuest PageTeacher Notes
  2. 2. IntroductionYou will have to complete a job interview at least once during your life, whetherit is during high school, college, or at some other stage in your life. Whatquestions will you need to answer and how do you answer these questions tosucceed in the interviews that your future holds? This WebQuest will help youanswer these question and better prepare you for the interviews that await youin your pursuit of future jobs.
  3. 3. TaskThe ability to succeed in an interview is essential to landing a job. During thisWebQuest, you will be examining the keys to having a successful interview andensure that you are better prepared for the interview processThe school you are attending is in need of a new business teacher for theupcoming school year. You will conduct your own research on the entireinterview process and then you will present your findings to the school principalin order to identify how the ideal candidate will perform in an interview.You will be divided into groups of four, with each of you taking on a differentrole within the group. Based upon your own thoughts and notes from your roleyou will help to develop your group presentation.
  4. 4. Resources - Online• http ://•••••••••
  5. 5. Process – Everyone1. Before we begin this WebQuest, everyone open up Microsoft Word or pull out a sheet of paper and write the first ten words that come to mind when you hear the word interview. Take these notes with you to your groups.2. For this WebQuest you will be split into groups of four as assigned by the teacher. (Split into assigned groups now)3. Within your groups, each member of the group will take on a different role. The roles will be – principal (lead interviewer), current business teacher, and two potential interview candidates. Decide within your groups who will take on each role4. Read at LEAST three articles from that relate to job interviews - Job Interview Advice, Tips and Questions5. In order to prepare yourself better for this WebQuest, take five minutes within your group to discuss the things you wrote down previously and the three articles you read to get your minds simulated6. In the following slides each member of the group will complete the necessary process that corresponds with their role within the group
  6. 6. Process - PrincipalIt is your job to lead and conduct the interview. You are incharge of this interview and need to have at least 5 questionsready that you would want to ask the candidates. You’veasked one of the high school business teachers to assist youwith this process. Read each of these references to get abetter idea of the questions you want to ask.Three True Job Interview QuestionsWork-life BalanceHow to Conduct a Job InterviewEnsure that you type out or write down your 5 questions, youwill need them later.
  7. 7. Process – Business TeacherYou’ve been asked by the principal to assist him withinterviewing potential business teachers to teach beside youwithin your school. You will only be assisting with theinterview, but you need to develop at least 5 questions thatyou will want to ask the candidates for the job. Read thefollowing references to help prepare your questions.100 Potential Interview QuestionsSix Key Interview AnswersBest Words To Use In An InterviewEnsure that you type out or write down your 5 questions, youwill need them later.
  8. 8. Process – CandidatesBoth of you are being interviewed to fill a business teacher positionat a local high school. You are friends from college and have decidedto team up in order to prepare for the interview. You will need tocome up with 3 potential interview questions that you would expectto see and draft the answers that you would give to the questions –leave specific details out as each of your answers will need to differwhen actually completing the interview. Additionally, you need todevelop 2 questions you would want to ask your potential employer. Read the following references to help prepare your answers topotential questions.Smart QuestionsThings Never to SayCommon Job Interview QuestionsEnsure that you type out or write down your 5 questions, you willneed them later.
  9. 9. Process – EveryoneUltimately, it is decided that both teachers will receive a job offer due to their beingthree total vacancies within the school. The superintendent asks all participants toprepare a presentation to give to students within the school about the entire process.You will work as a group to develop a 10-15 minute professional presentation based onyour findings. As a group, you will combine the information that you each read as wellas the questions you believed to create a presentation that addresses the question of“What questions will you need to answer and how do you answer these questions inorder to succeed in the interviews that your future holds?” Your presentation needs toaddress the following questions:1. What are three questions I could expect to see in an interview?2.What are appropriate answers to these questions?3.What are three questions I should ask during an interview?Treat this presentation just as you would an interview by ensuring you act as aprofessional. Reference the rubric on the evaluation slide for more details on whatyou will be graded on.
  10. 10. Evaluation – PresentationYour presentation will be worth 40 total points.
  11. 11. Evaluation – Demonstrated LearningAnswering these questions will be worth 60 total points.
  12. 12. Evaluation – Peer EvaluationPrint off the above rubric and grade your group members,including yourself based upon the defined categories. Your scorewill be average of all 4 scores out of a possible 20 points.
  13. 13. ConclusionCongratulations! You should now be better preparing for the interviews thatyour future holds. When you walk into an interview you should feel confident inthe following questions:What questions will you need to answer?How do you answer these questions to succeed?Additionally, you should also be comfortable asking a few questions yourselfand the interviewee to ensure maximize success.
  14. 14. StandardsInclude the following standards (The number willvary depending on your WebQuest. More than oneslide may be needed)Ohio Academic Content Standards – specificcontent area i.e. Math, Language Arts.Guidelines for Effective School Library MediaPrograms in OhioOhio Academic Content Standards for Technology
  15. 15. Teacher NotesInclude things a teacher may need to know to be successful implementing theWebQuest.Include an additional lesson if applicable.
  16. 16. CitationsImportant: This is a list of citations to the use ofcopyrighted materials.Cite all print, non-print, graphics, backgrounds,websites, etc. that are inserted into yourWebQuest.Use APATemplates from PowerPoint do not need to becited because they come from the softwareapplication.