Peter Henry I ResumeP: (02) 9875 2896 M: 0437 975 951 E: peter@pdhbusiness.comCareer ProfileAccomplished C.E.O., change age...
Employment History2012 - Present                Managing Director                              PDH Business Consultacy Pty...
2008 - 2009                    General Manager                               Auto One Australia LtdThe responsibilities of...
launch the project, including: legal companies, government bodies, content providers, motoring    associations, the media ...
"There is no person I could recommend higher than Peter. His infectious energy and steelydetermination make him one of the...
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Peter Henry Resume 2012


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Peter Henry Resume 2012

  1. 1. Peter Henry I ResumeP: (02) 9875 2896 M: 0437 975 951 E: peter@pdhbusiness.comCareer ProfileAccomplished C.E.O., change agent and entrepreneur who is best described as a visionary. 26 yearsexperience in the retail sector. With key strengths lying in change management, brand building,leadership and sustainable growth, I am someone who sees past opportunity and drives a team todeliver on desired outcomes. Demonstrated success in turning businesses around and implementingeffective marketing strategies resulting in increased market share and profitability. Proven ability toexceed business goals and build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders.With extensive experience in sales management, finance management, marketing, strategic planning,public speaking, media liaison, effective leadership and brand management, I am confident in myability to overcome any challenges a business is experiencing and apply my expertise to achieve theirdesired outcome. I am a member of the C.E.O. Institute and have been appointed as the NationalCounsellor of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association.Key Skills Corporate strategy and Development Specialist – a visionary, strategist and effective change agent with a consistent record in delivering extraordinary results in business growth, profitability and operational performance. Effective and accountable in high profile positions – solid ability to overcome complex business challenges by making highly appropriate decisions using experience backed judgement and intuition. I am respected for the responsibility and accountability I take in my positions and the fact that I do go “above and beyond” to achieve desired outcomes, assist others in being successful and in ensuring the business is running smoothly under my direction. I also hold influential positions within the industry and as an expert in the field of ‘building brand’. Strong orientations in operations and finance – key player in high level operational initiatives including organisational restructure, development and implementation of new marketing concepts, process re-engineering and business planning. Respect and leverage of human capital – skilled in motivating, mentoring and leading teams to achieve set goals and objectives. Strong believer in ‘living’ the business culture and leading by example. I adapt an interacting, engaging, inspiring and motivational leadership style that in turn sees people willingly give at least 100% effort and loyalty. Consistently deliver on desired results and outcomes – as a visionary, my determination to succeed and passion for developing effective strategies has seen me exceeding business goals and expectations. Sales and marketing management - experienced in developing and implementing successful marketing communications and brand management strategies with the capacity to achieve business growth and visibility. Strong ability to lead sales teams and devise effective sales strategies to also contribute to business growth. Strong ability to effectively manage the media and build a powerful organisational image. Also experienced in working with government bodies and participating in public speaking.
  2. 2. Employment History2012 - Present Managing Director PDH Business Consultacy Pty LtdIn challenging times it is now more than ever that we need to ensure our Brand forms the glue requiredto retain and grow business. In one sense, perhaps the most important sense, a brand is a promise.Think of some top brands and you immediately know what they promise.PDH consultancy is a specialist firm that’s works with you and your team to understand your brandpotential, develop and implement a complete end to end Brand Strategy.2009 - 2012 Chief Executive Officer Auto One Australia LtdAuto One was established in 1988 and today is a prominent competitor in the automotive parts andaccessories sector. Auto One is an independently, member owned organisation and currently has 70stores operating across Australia.Responsibilities• Oversight of all National Office operations including but not limited to Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Finance and Human Resources• Development & Implementation of all National Policy• Actively promote Auto One within the industry and to the greater market place• Drive new member recruitment and training• Formulate and recommend Strategic Plans to the Board of Director• Ensure company compliance with all industry and government codes and regulations• Preparation and attainment of financial budgets and forecast projections• Attendance and participation in Board meetings, member meetings, national purchasing committee meetings, national advertising committee meetings and state committee meetings• Formulate, organise and implement Annual Conferences• In liaison with the company appointed legal representative ensure full compliance to all laws and where necessary manage any actions required• Develop new business structures, drafting of policies and structuring commercial transactions• Lead by example and motivate staff to ensure optimum performanceAchievements• Introduction of a new Auto One brand value position that has seen the group increase market share from 2008 to 2010 by 100% from 3% to 6.5% nationally• Change management plan that has seen 27% of all businesses reinvesting in new facilities or refurbishment of stores in 2010• Development of a sustainable business plan to improve profitability and reduce expenditure: YTD GP up 6.4%, net profit up 15.3% and all targets achieved in 09/10 financial year• Increase the company balance sheet by 22.6% between 2008 and 2010• Infrastructure and Systems development including the establishment of a new combined National office and Warehouse facility
  3. 3. 2008 - 2009 General Manager Auto One Australia LtdThe responsibilities of this position were significantly over-estimated and as it turned out, it wasactually more of a Chief Executive Officer position. I was therefore officially promoted to ChiefExecutive Officer shortly after joining the company and the bulk of my responsibilities remained thesame.2006 - 2008 National Sales Manager – Parts & Accessories BMW Group Australia LtdBMW was founded in 1916 and today is one of the world’s most popular, trusted and well known luxurycar retailers and manufactures. In 2010, BMW produced just under 1.5 million cars and approximately112,271 motorcycles.Responsibilities• Manage the Australian business at both strategic and operations levels• Work with both the operations and strategic teams towards meeting a $110 million sales target• Negotiation of internal budgets and the implementation of budgets across the network• Conduct discussions and meetings regarding the operation of the business across all departments• Work closely and manage five direct reports (i.e. Business Development Managers) located in various states around Australia• Based in Melbourne, I was responsible for overseeing the operations and performance of 37 dealerships nationwideAchievements• Exceeded annual wholesale and sales targets each year by a minimum of 3.5%• Development and implementation of new initiatives (mainly focused on customer relationship management) which resulted in increased sales across all areas of the business2005 - 2006 Service Operations & Development Manager BMW Group Australia LtdResponsibilities• Provision of technical support to all Dealerships• Operational support of the Dealerships• Oversee the technical operations• Liaison with BMW Head Office in Germany• Fulfill responsibilities of being the direct report too the managing director for the Customer Relations team• Managing buy back situations and critical customer concerns. When / if any of these matters became legal matters, I was then responsible to deal with all parties concerned, including law firms, media, etc.• Managed all recall policies and processes, including liaison with relevant government bodiesAchievements• I was also the National Implementation Manager and developed, tested and delivered the BMW “Connected Drive” project. This involved liaison with a broad range of parties to successfully
  4. 4. launch the project, including: legal companies, government bodies, content providers, motoring associations, the media and the Managing Director of BMW located in Germany. This project resulted in increased sales and brand awareness and acted as a ‘competitive edge’ for BMW at the time.Experience Pre-20052002 - 2005 Service Development Manager BMW Group Australia Ltd1999 - 2002 Regional Aftersales Manager – Northern Region BMW Group Australia Ltd1999 Northern Region Aftersales Manager Saab Automobiles Australia Pty Ltd1995 – 1999 Group Aftersales Manager Sci-Fleet Lexus1990 – 1995 Lexus Service Manager (Lexus Hi Tech Master Technician) Lexus of CanberraEducation and Training2004 Certificate of Business Management Deakin UniversityExtra Curricular Activities and Achievements• National Counsellor of the Australian Automotive Aftersales Association. Being in this role, I am involved in the legal committee, am involved with government meetings and lobbying• Committee member of the Legal Committee for the Australian Automotive Aftersales Association• Member of the C.E.O. Institute of Australia• Received Automotive Engineering Trade Award in 1985• During my time at BMW, I was a Senior Executive on the Assessment Team (8 people) where we met once a year to assess the performance of all Dealerships and possible solutions to any problems. My responsibilities in this position included assessing the after sales viability of Dealerships, liaise with Dealership Principals, assist in devising business plans for each Dealership and determining the ratings for each Dealership and making vital decisions as to their performanceRecommendations"Peter epitomizes focus, diligence and being results orientated. Having worked with Peter for morethan two years as major series co-sponsors within the motorsport sector, I have had the privilege ofwitnessing Peter exude an innate ability to think laterally in order to grow the Auto-One network withina highly competitive arena. Peter is a change agent and established professional who constantlypushes himself and his business, ensuring status quo is not an option. A commercially astute,diplomatic, and well thought leader, Peter is an individual whom I have the utmost respect for, who hasbeen a pleasure to work with, and most importantly someone to learn from."— Kevin Spiteri, Marketing Manager - Australia, Parker Hannifin (Australia) Pty Ltd, was with anothercompany when working with Peter at Auto One Australia Ltd
  5. 5. "There is no person I could recommend higher than Peter. His infectious energy and steelydetermination make him one of the most focused executives I have worked alongside. Peter hasan unique ability to get the very best result from any situation and an uncanny knack of engagingpeople in the process. A true professional."— Dale Brittain, Managing Director, DBC2, was a consultant to Peter at Auto One Australia Ltd