Analysis of 3 Similar Products to Ancillary 1


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Analysis of 3 Similar Products to Ancillary 1

  1. 1. 3 Album Covers, Disc Images and Back Covers1st Album: Enema of the state – blink-182 Album Cover Back Cover Disc Image
  2. 2. 2nd Album: What Separates Me from You – A Day to Remember Album Cover Back Cover Disc Image
  3. 3. 3rd Album: Heartbreak – Kanye West Album Cover Back Cover Disc Image
  4. 4. AnalysisColour SchemesFrom the 3 albums I have chosen, the albums come from different genres of music. The first album‘Enema of the State’ is produced by the American punk rock band ‘blink-182’, the colour scheme inthis album is quite tricky to analyse as the colours are different to the ones they normally use in theirother albums, but in this album the colour scheme is colourful and luminous, this is showing that theband follows a wide and varied lifestyle and their music is about enjoying life and making the mostof it hence all of the different colours.The other album is ‘What Separates Me from You’ by the band ‘A Day to Remember’ this band alsodoes punk rock music but is more emotional and depressing. The colour scheme in this album usesvery dull and dark colours this colour represents the style of music the band produces.The last album is called ‘Heartbreak’ by ‘Kanye West’; this genre of music is a mix of RnB and Hip-hop. It is pretty obvious to work out the theme of this album from the title ‘Heartbreak’, and this iswhy the colour scheme in this album consists of a large red heart in a breaking motion whichsupports the title whilst also remembering that the colour red is a symbol of danger and love hencesubconsciously telling the audience that love is dangerous.Position of Images and TextThe first album I chose to use for this project was the album ‘Enema of the state’ by ‘blink-182’ andthis album’s position of images and text is quite straight forward. For example; there is clearly awoman at the centre of the image showing that she is the centre of attention, the text on the imageis only small and is located on the woman’s jacket that she is wearing, the text is positioned herebecause it is near her breast which attracts attention so therefore it will most probably be read.The second album ‘What Separates Me from You’ by ‘A Day to Remember’ contains ratherfascinating positioning for the images and text. For example; on the front cover of the album there isa man stood in a hourglass in the centre of the image, this is showing the audience that he feelstrapped and in the middle so he cannot leave. The text in this album cover doesn’t really do anythingas it is just plain text of the album name and artist going across the centre of the album, this iseffective in a sense because with the text being in the centre of the image it supports theGuttenberg principle as the eye would naturally travel in that direction.The third album ‘Heartbreak’ by KanyeWest is quite simple yet effective in terms of the image andtext positioning. For example; the images in the album cover show that it is a large heart literallybreaking through the middle which is a good technique as it follows the rule of thirds as it is locatedexactly in the middle, it also supports the Guttenberg principle as the eye would naturally travel pastthe middle so its effective as the album can make the point it is trying to make. The text positioningis quite effective as it is very dull and unappealing, this would describe somebody’s feelings whengoing through the emotional pain of heartbreak so it relates well to the album title.