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12 oct 12w bama


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12 oct 12w bama

  1. 1. lus OW ER P buysp NOP ay m e n t 2012 CANADIAN RETAILER OF THE YEAR + s NODown POWER P ay m e n t in the pric + e 369 Modern NO Sofa $ ON LY ON LY Loveseat ONLY $349 Chair ONLY $329 Interestuntil 2014! * on a wide selection of Furniture & Mattresses**O.A.C. DRSG12 Oct_01-F *When paid in FULL SEE PAGE 11 FOR DETAILS.
  2. 2. D I D YO U K NOW! Because we think you deserve it all Incredible Choice With over 300 exciting leathers, August 23, 2012: We are proud to introduce our exclusive product fabrics and colours to choose Independent retailers line that sets a new standard for comfort, design from, we offer an return 52 per cent and value. We partnered with Canada’s leading extraordinary selection manufacturer, Palliser Furniture, to custom-design to make your home of their revenue to a premium selection to fit your foremost needs. your very own. the local economy compared with The CompleteComfort Seating System 14 per cent by The newest innovation in comfort. Imagine a fusion of heavenly softness and ultimate support. ompleteComfort uses the features found in premium mattresses to provide an unparalleled C national chains, says seating experience. Composition of seating core may vary with style and dimension changes.Civic Economics, a U.S. research firm. Chain Bonded Fibre Wrap What you feel first is the gentle cushion of Bonded Fibre. It’s the stores and restaurants l ayer closest to you and provides an ultra soft touch surface. extract locallygenerated revenue from ComfortWave Core Experience the comfort of coils, without the coils. The innovative the community while undulating waves form a perfect spring-like base providing the most independents create a c omfort and support where you sit.cycle of local spending. Stabilizing Foam The extra dollars left The final layer is the firmest, and creates a strong and uniform base. The other softer layers are stabilized by this firm underlying structure in local communities High-resiliency foam provides comfort, nd preserves the cushion’s shape. a support and helps maintain cushion shape. produce more jobs, extra tax revenue, more investment in commercial and residential districts,and enhanced support for local non-profits. Shopping locally can keep at least three times more revenue in local economies.(Source: Home Improvement Retailing) 999 LeatherPOWERin the price $ ON LLY ON Y Match So faCome visit us today! Loveseat ONLY $949 WE ARE YOUR #1 LOCAL SOURCE FOR MAJOR BRAND NAME FURNITURE AND MATTRESSES!
  3. 3. NO P ay m e n t POWER + s $ in the pric Leather M 1299 ON LY atch Recli e ning Sofa NODown P ay m e n t Reclining Loveseat ONLY $1249 + Rocker Recliner ONLY $899 NO Palliser Furniture is Canada’s leading home furnishings manufacturer. Celebrating over 60 years of innovative design, quality manufacturing and reliable service, this family owned company employs over 2,500 people in facilities in Canada and Mexico making it the perfect choice for all your upholstery needs.Winnipeg, Manitoba Interest until 2014! * 1399 Leather Sofa $ on a wide selection of Furniture Mattresses**O.A.C. Loveseat ONLY $1349 ON LY * When paid in FULL ATTENTION: DUE TO INK VARIATIONS AT TIME OF PRINTING, COLOURS MAY BE “SLIGHTLY” DIFFERENT THAN IN STORE.
  4. 4. my style.Every time you see the“custom order” icon, it ottoman extrameans you have option to customize your 899 furniture purchase. 2 Piece S ectionalPick the colour and fabric that works $ ON LY best for you! ecliner Rocker R $ 399 Leather M 969 atch Recli $ ning Sofa ecliner Rocker R 249 Recliner ONLY $569 ON LY $ ONLY SERVICE, SELECTION PRICE – MAKING YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE BETTER, EVERYDAY!
  5. 5. POWER buys on now! ir T b Cha u $ 149 POWER There is Power in the pric in Numbers B o n d e d Le a th e e 599 r S o fa Loveseat ONLY $579 $ Chair ONLY $449 ON LY We are a proud part of a nation-wide buying group that commands over $300 Million in buying power. 1169 R e c li n in g S o fa What does that mean to $ you, our valued customer? Value pricing on quality, brand-name furniture and mattresses with friendly, Matching Recliner ON LY hometown service. ONLY $699 Additionally, we have access to fantastic hot buys and limited Elran, a family owned Canadian business since 1967, is proud to be celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. Our reputation and name are time offers from both domestic synonymous for its highest standards for quality and comfortable, reclining furniture. and foreign manufacturers Our fully automated 235,000 sq.ft. factory situated in Montreal, features cellular manufacturing and “Just in time” production. We employ that other retailers don’t! So a local workforce of over 500 employees. We ship directly from our facilities across Canada, USA, Europe and the Middle East. With over don’t believe the competition 150 collections, multiple options such as power recline lift chairs, a selection of over 550 fabrics and leathers to choose from, there is when they say nobody beats something for everyone. We put the “custom” back into customer! their lowest prices – check us out first!WE ARE YOUR #1 LOCAL SOURCE FOR MAJOR BRAND NAME FURNITURE AND MATTRESSES!
  6. 6. POWER buys on now!Dear ValuedCustomer,Throughout this flyeryou will find fantasticdeals on only thebest furniture madeby Canadian basedmanufacturers.Many of theseitems are available in 6 P ie c e B e d r 1599custom order! oom SetEnjoy quality, valueand convenience. 6 Piece Bedroom Suite Includes: Panel Headboard, Footboard, Rails, Dresser, $ ON LY Mirror Night Stand. Chest ONLY $599Includes: Headboard, Footboard, Rails,Dresser, Mirror Night Stand.Chest also available $1199Come in-store to test it out! 6 P ie c e B e d r 2599 underbed oom Set $ storage available Self closing Hidden jewelry premium finish drawers drawer in the chest An all-maple wood suite in a Just nudge the drawers 2 Secretly hide your valuables sophisticated, new 8-step hand- and it closes tightly on a felt-lined drawer – rubbed, gray anthracite finish ON LY on its own – no more nobody will know it’s there. that must be seen in-person! sticking or slamming! SERVICE, SELECTION PRICE – MAKING YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE BETTER, EVERYDAY!
  7. 7. NO + NO + NO until 2014! *Payments * DOWN Payments INTEREST on a wide selection of Furniture Mattresses ** O.A.C. When paid in FULL DeFehr Furniture is a Canadian family-owned furniture manufacturer with factories located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have over 60 years of experience and innovation in the industry, manufacturing Master Bedroom, Youth Bedroom, Entertainment and Home Office residential furniture. We employ approximately 450 employees and our “Eco Green” goal is to reduce, reuse and recycle 6 P ie c e B e d r wherever possible in all of our 1599 oom Set processes. Includes: Headboard, Footboard, Rails, $ In order to create high quality furniture, we utilize the highest quality materials and excellent Dresser, Mirror Night Stand. ON LY workmanship in producing all of Chest also available $599 our products.Great Powerful Savings , hurry in NOW! EC A C E D B D A B A A 499 399 B Dresser- $499 D Night Stand - $219 Double Bed Mates Bed Includes: Bookcase headboard Drawer box C Chest - $569 E Mirror - $159 $ B Dresser- $339 D Night Stand - $139 $ ON LY Twin Bed- $449 ON LY C Chest - $299 E Mirror - $149 WE ARE YOUR #1 LOCAL SOURCE FOR MAJOR BRAND NAME FURNITURE AND MATTRESSES!
  8. 8. NO + NO + NO until 2014! *Payments DOWN Payments INTEREST * on a wide selection of Furniture Mattresses ** O.A.C. When paid in FULL All pieces also available in butternut oak D C B F ON LY A G E A 499 B Computer Desk - $269 E 48” Bookcase - $169 O ff ic e D e s k C Corner Table - $199 F 76” Bookcase - $199 $ D Hutch - $299 G File Cabinet - $299 ON LY Entertainment Units at Power Low Prices $ 499 ON LY $ ON LY 899 $ ON LY1699 $ 1699 ON LY TV not included. TV not included. Fireplace not included. Fireplace included. Fireplace included. SERVICE, SELECTION PRICE – MAKING YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE BETTER, EVERYDAY!
  9. 9. NO P ay m e n t + s NODown 499 7 Piece D inette Se $ ON LY t P ay m e n t Includes: Table 6 Chairs. ON LY + NO Interest POWER until 2014! * in the pr ic e 599 5 Piece D inette Se $ t on a wide selection of ON LY Furniture Mattresses**O.A.C. * When paid in FULLWE ARE YOUR #1 LOCAL SOURCE FOR MAJOR BRAND NAME FURNITURE AND MATTRESSES!
  10. 10. POWER b uys10 Sleep Strategies ci al Limite d Offer Spe for a Great Night‘s Sleep!1 Sleepsupportive mattress on a comfortable Queen Mattress Set 599 and $ and foundation.2 Keep mentally stimulated throughout the day. Hazelton Euro Pillow Top – 540 Active Response VertiCoil™ ONLY3 Eat a balanced diet with reduced caffeine intake. UPHOLSTERY • SpaceTech™ Memory Foam Twin Set $4994 Exercise regularly. • ” Extra Firm High Density StayTrue Foam 2 • ” Medium Firm High Density StayTrue Foam 2 Double Set $5495 Take a warm bath. • ouble OS Fibre Pad D QUILT King Set $1099 Set includes: Mattress Boxspring.6 Establish a regularritual, that keeps sleep • 1” StayTrue Fibre • 1.5” SuperSoft Convolute hours. • SuperSoft StayTrue Foam7 Dress for falling asleep.8 Create a relaxing bedroom atmosphere.9 Stop smoking. Please visit the Better Sleep Council of Canada at to see if your mattress10Don‘ttotryfalltoo hard is giving you the best sleep possible. asleep. NO + NO + NO until 2014! * Payments DOWN Payments INTEREST * on a wide selection of Mattresses** O.A.C. When paid in FULL WE ARE YOUR #1 LOCAL SOURCE FOR CANADIAN-MADE MATTRESSES!
  11. 11. dRSG III EURO TOP Queen Mattress Set W ER PObuys $ ONONLY LY 499 Our line of Canadian made, top-quality Twin Set $399 Double Set $449 mattresses offer you the rest you King Set $799 deserve at a price that won’t keep you Set includes: Mattress Boxspring. up at night. Test rest one today during dRSTGP I O our Fantastic Furniture Savings Event TIGHT dRSTGP II 369 Set Queen Mattress T O Twin Set $249 TIGH $ 19 Double Set $3 ON LY 41 9 Set Queen Mattress Twin Set $319 Double Set $3 69 $ Please visit the Better Sleep Council of ON LY Canada at to see if 2012 your mattress is giving you the best sleep possible. * O.A.C on all Furniture and Mattresses EXCLUDING CASH CARRY ITEMS, CLEAR-OUTS, PRICE BUSTERS AND APPLIANCES. SEE STORE FOR DETAILS. Prices shown are for selected fabrics. administration fee is due at time of purchase. A $21 annual membership fee may be charged on the anniversary of your account open date, subject to certain conditions. On approved credit. Excludes appliances and An electronics. Financing provided by CitiFinancial Canada, Inc. and is subject to all the terms and conditions in your cardholder agreement and the credit promotional plan disclosure statement (collectively the “Account Agreement”). For the “Do Not PAY UNTIL 2014” credit promotional plan (referred to in the Agreement as the “No Pay/Same as Cash” plan) Finance Charges will accrue on the purchase from the beginning of the credit promotional period Until 2014, but no minimum payments will be due during the credit promotional period. However, if you pay the purchase price in full by the expiration date of the credit promotional period, all of the accrued Finance Charges will be waived and no Finance Charges will be assessed on the purchase. Otherwise, all of the accrued Finance Charges will be assessed. On termination or expiry of the credit promotional plan (or for purchases that are not part of the credit promotional plan), the standard APR of 29.99% and the terms of the regular credit plan will apply to all outstanding balances owing. This offer is valid up to and including October 31, 2012, cannot be used for previous purchases and cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or special incentive programs. Certain terms and conditions apply. See store and Account Agreement for further information. SERVICE, SELECTION PRICE – MAKING YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE BETTER, EVERYDAY!
  12. 12. SAVE UP TO INSTANT REBATE Convection Range When you buy qualifying Whirlpool appliances with a total value $1000 or more before taxes. See store for details. SALE $ P lu s 999 UP 5% O1 SEPTEMBER 27 - OCTOBER 28, 2012 BUY 2 SAVE 10% BUY 3 SAVE 15% S AVE TREBATE Front Load Team Convection Range EARN Also Available in 75 Black $899 4.0 cuft washer with 6.7 cuft dryer. Wash with the EcoBoost™ option to save even Uses a rear fan to circulate heated air over, AIR MILES Reward Miles White $899 more and still get great cleaning and gentle performance. Pedestals sold separately. under and around food to seal in flavour and juices.  Steam clean option 22 cuft French Door Refrigerator Everything is in sight inside the full-width storage space, so it’s easy to find exactly what you need, right when you need it. Tall Tub Dishwasher Stainless steel interior model with Quiet Partner IV sound insulation for whisper quiet operation.EARN 150 1399AIR MILES Tall Tub Dishwasher 22 cuft Refrigerator $ 649 1599Reward Miles $ (PER TEAM) EARN $ SALE EARN SALE 75 SALE 75 UP 5% UP 5% % VE TREB5TE TO1 TO1 P lu s P lu s AIR MILES P lu s O1 AIR MILES SAVE REBATE SAVE REBATE UP Reward Miles Reward Miles SA A Also Available in Also Available in Black $549 Black $1399 White $549 White $1399 40010-2 DRSG12 _OCT01-App option 9917 – 100 Avenue, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0V1 Ph. (780) 539-7715 Store Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm, Closed on Sunday We now deliver to Slave Lake and surrounding area w w w. ba m a f u r n i t u r m WE ARE YOUR #1 LOCAL SOURCE FOR MAJOR BRAND NAME APPLIANCES!