Dead mans love


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The script for our 5min film for A2 media studies.

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Dead mans love

  1. 1. DEAD MANS LOVE written by Ryan Burden Sam Peckham Justin Heron REVISION 181 Scripped October 11, 2010 Copyright (c) 2010 Ryan Burden All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. A man is driving rather fast in his car whilst talking on his mobile phone. He suddenly hits someone crossing the road and brakes hard, brining the car to a halt. He stares into his rear mirror in shock and sees the person he hit lying on the road. During the collision he dropped his phone, he looks down on the floor by his feet and finds it, then calls for an ambulance. He gets out to check the body, he approaches it and pokes it. The person gets up and asks for a mobile, so the driver lets him borrow his, the vitim tries to phone his wife but then leaves, limping away. His name is Luke. TRANSITION TO: INT. HOUSE - EVENING Luke gets to the front door of his home and lets himself in. He climbs the stairs and we cut to him getting into bed - clothed with his wife. The next day we cut to Luke getting out of bed. He goes into the bathroom and washes his face he looks up and looks in the mirror. His eyes are different, his cut has become infected and he's very pale. He goes into the kitchen and his wife is on the phone, he says goodbye but she doesn't really notice him. He walks into the living room to find his friend Mickey sat on the sofa in his boxers and vest, playing on a games console. His friend doesn't look at him and keeps his attention on the game the whole time (very messy room). Cigarette in mouth, beers on table with feet up. Luke - "You all right Mickey?" Mickey - "All right..." (deep drone) Luke - "I'm off to work, do you reckon you could try tidying up whilst I'm gone?" Mickey - "Yep..." Luke - "Okay, cheers. Well, I guess I'll see you when I get back then yea." Mickey - "Yep." He's not really paying any attention to him, he is too concentrated on the game. Luke leaves the room, it cuts to him leaving the front door, then a table comes flying out the window and crashing to the ground, he looks to it in confusion. Cuts back to Mickey who wipes his hands and sits back down picking up the controller again.
  3. 3. 2. INT. WORK - DAY Luke is sat at his desk in his office, he is writing on paper doing his work when the voice of his boss overhead speaks to him: Boss - "Luke" He looks up to see his boss standing there with a serious expression on his face and his hands on his hips. Luke - "You all right Steve." Boss - "Can we have a chat?" Luke - "Yea sure." He stands up from his chair and follows his boss as they walk into the corner of the room to speak privately. Boss - "Luke, have you thought about going home?" Luke - "No. Why?" Boss - "Because you look a mess, you're ill, it's obvious, go home and have a rest." Luke - "No, I'm fine, honest." Boss - "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. You can't come to work the way you are." Luke - "But I feel fine." Boss - "I respect your efforts, but it's just...well, look at you. People are starting to complain about the smell and the fact you have blood dripping from your head all over the desk isn't exactly what the cleaner wants to find at the end of the day." INT. HOUSE - DAY Cutting straight to Luke entering house, he takes off jacket and goes to bathroom, opens the door to find Mickey sat on the toilet holding a men's magazine. Luke - "Oh, sorry Mickey." Mickey - "It's all right, I'll be done in a sec..." doesn't take his eyes of the magazine when speaking. Luke - "Who's this?" asks as he looks to see a naked man relaxing the bath tub. Mickey - "That's Dave." Luke - "Who's Dave?"
  4. 4. 3. Mickey - "My mate, he'll be staying with us for a while." Luke looks to Dave smiling at him with his arms behind head. Dave - "All right," he nods. Luke - "Okay, that's all right I suppose. Just remember to lock the door next time." Mickey - "I'll try." Luke leaves the room shaking his head. Cut back to Mickey on toilet. He realises there isn't any paper. Mickey - "Bollocks..." He looks to the magazine at the naked lady on the page and tears it out. "Sorry love." Cut to Luke going into the kitchen to see his wife who is washing up. He hugs her from behind and she turns around to kiss him, he kisses her back and runs his hand through her hair. We hear a click and see his hand has come off. He notices and tries to pull it out of her without her noticing. Not coming loose he pulls harder and harder. He gets it out and grabs his guitar to try and serenade her, she ain't happy. LUKE (SONG: To be arranged) WIFE Urm, yes.....Luke do you want something to eat? Luke looks at her with a sinister look, we then see him leap up and camera blacks out. We cut to Dave and Mickey entering the kitchen. We see Luke with his back to them. MICKEY Alright Luke? Luke turns round noticing they're standing in the doorway. He has red around his mouth. DAVE Alright? MICKEY Watcha doing? Luke pulls back a white blanket and his wife is on the kitchen side bloody and ripped clothes. Micky and Dave look shocked. They look at each other which gives the impression that they don't care and shrug their shoulders before joining him with the body. They both take out a knife and fork.
  5. 5. 4. THE END. Credits