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What has the ASWCD Done Lately for their Community?


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What has the ASWCD for the communities of Anchorage, Girdwood, Portage, Eagle River, Chugiak, Birchwood, and Eklutna lately?

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What has the ASWCD Done Lately for their Community?

  1. 1. What Have We Done Lately??
  2. 2. Peters Creek Flooding …and blasting…and construction
  3. 3. Spring 2006 2008, post-construction 1980 – same bend in the creek
  4. 4. Community Events & Education
  5. 5. The ASWCD Forage Directory, a comprehensive list of local producers Estimated to ns per year Seaso nal variability Yard Waste (commercial and household) 13,373 1 summer Wo o d M aterial fro m A ncho rage Wo o dlo t 2,500 2 summer C o nstructio n, D emo litio n and Land C learing Waste (wo o d fractio n o nly) 10,000 1,4 summer P allets 4,500 3 year round Other Wo o d Waste 15,748 1 year round F o o d Waste (commercial and household) 24,174 1 year round B arn Waste (manure and bedding, primarily horses) 43,800 5 year round P aper - N ewspaper 15,787 1 year round - C o rrugated C ardbo ard 31,520 1 year round - M ixed P aper 51,899 1 year round B io so lids (from wastewater treatment) 20,000 year round 2 Anchorage Soil and Water Conservation District Summary of Organic Waste Composition Data for Anchorage 1 Sound Resource M anagement, Waste Flow Analysis and Background Document, Working Draft , August 8, 1998. This waste flow analysis and background document was produced as a preparatory step to the Anchorage Waste Reduction and Recycling Task Force's planning process. The report summarizes information available at that time, including four analyses of Anchorage municipal solid waste composition conducted in 1997, 1982, 1978 and 1972 on waste delivered to M OA transfer facilities. 3 Larson, Eric, and Patricia DeRoche, Potential Supplies and Costs of Waste Wood and Paper in Southcentral Alaska , Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, July 1996. 4 Estimate based on assumption wood accounts for between 13%and 21%of construction, demolition and land clearing waste. Other fractions of this waste stream may also be compostable. 5 Estimate based on an Anchorage horse population of 4,000 animals, and an average daily production rate of manure and bedding of 60 pounds per horse per day, as per Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences publication, Horse Stable M anure M anagement , 2002. Research and Publications
  6. 6. Annual Poster Contest for all K-12 students
  7. 7. Kincaid Sand Dunes & Coastal Refuge Cleanup
  8. 8. Composting 101 Classes
  9. 9. ….so can backyard composting
  10. 10. Conservation Planning and Getting Your Horse Property Compliant In 3 Steps or Less Understanding the Large Animal Ordinance
  11. 11. Assistance with Property Owner & Area Issues, New Management Methods