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Ucsc foxeprenuer fsa intro

Firefox Student Ambassadors Sri Lanka Introduction at University of Colombo

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Ucsc foxeprenuer fsa intro

  1. 1. University of Colombo , School of Computing Ruwan Ranganath Regional Ambassador Lead Firefox Student Ambassador Program Open Source & GNU/Linux Addict OWASP / HackerRank / DELL About Me :
  2. 2. First let's be clear about
  3. 3. • A non-profit organization • Home of Firefox • Global Community • To keep the web open and secure • Group of Mozillians
  4. 4. The Mozilla story
  5. 5. Firefox Student Ambassadors
  6. 6. How It Works This program is not exclusive or selective. We believe in open opportunities just as much as we believe in an Open Web. . You get what you put in. Meaning the more initiative you take, the more you will get out of this experience. Whether it’s leadership, swag, recognition, friends, or knowledge - you are guaranteed to gain something valuable, and we mean it.
  7. 7. Structure of the FSA program • FSA Executive Board • Regional Ambassador Lead • Firefox Club & Club Lead • Firefox Student Ambassadors • Community
  8. 8. Firefox Student Ambassadors Who are we? We lead campaigns Spread awareness Encourage others to contribute and we support Open Web
  9. 9. What we do.. • We contribute towards open source communities during our free time.
  10. 10. Here’s what Firefox Student Ambassadors are doing from all over the world…
  11. 11. starting a KidZilla initiative to educate children about the basics of computers. Focused on aiding schools with lesser facilities on the outskirts of cities. In Kelambakkam, Chennai
  12. 12. In Taipei demoing apps they’ve developed for Firefox OS as part of a contest they hosted.
  13. 13. attending an FSA Leaders Camp organized by the Mozilla Philippines Community to further their leadership skills and bring new knowledge back to their school. In Manila
  14. 14. In Indore hosting a Developers Boot Camp event where attendees were taught how to build an HTML5 phone app, for free.
  15. 15. • Writing blog posts • Designing graphics • Making videos • Building apps • Coding webpages • Giving presentations • Localizing materials • Sharing on social media They are also, and so much more.
  16. 16. Now It’s YOUR turn.
  17. 17. What we get.. Abundant knowledge Help for every shout Global contacts Recognition Satisfaction
  18. 18.
  19. 19. What to do.. • Select any project of your interest :  App Creation  MDN  Webmaker  Mozilla labs  SuMo  Localization  And many more…
  20. 20. Join Us..
  21. 21. Join Us..
  22. 22. Mailing Group : Mailing group Email : Twitter : Facebook Page : Email : Ruwan Ranganat
  23. 23. Thank You!