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Finno-Uugric footprint on the Web


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Finno-Uugric footprint on the Web - presentation on 1st International Finno-Ugric Branding Conference. Conference aims to initiate a systematic process for raising global awareness of, and interest in the Finno-Ugric common cultural roots and ongoing international cooperation (“Finno-Ugric movement”)

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Finno-Uugric footprint on the Web

  1. 1. Finno-Ugric footprint in the Internet:situation assessment and opportunities Aivar Ruukel 13. october 2011
  2. 2. About myself
  3. 3. About myself
  4. 4. How do people search information the Web?
  5. 5. Comparing Finno-Ugric Websites 1. When was website launched? 2. Is there information in English? 3. What other languages? 4. Offer regular news? 5. Social or not? - a blog, facebook, forum, etc. 6. What is the google PageRank
  6. 6. Scorecard of Finno-Ugric Websites
  7. 7. The Social Web
  8. 8. The Flagship of Finno-Ugric Social Web
  9. 9. Bloggers
  10. 10. Opportunities● Some quality blogs can be created ○ individual bloggers ○ collaborative blog● User generated content ○ Images / photos (Picasa, Flickr ...) ○ Video Channels (Youtube, Vimeo)● Coordination among existing "official" websites● Finland and Hungary could have a try?● Is there a niche for a new (collaborative) Website?
  11. 11. Thank You! skype aivarruukel twitter @ruukel