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Eden SoMe Newsletter3


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Eden SoMe Newsletter 3

Published in: Education, Technology, Sports
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Eden SoMe Newsletter3

  1. 1. Newsletter 3. (27-09-2012) Happy World Tourism Day! .Today is World Tourism Day. In 2012 it is being held under the theme Tourism & SustainableEnergy: Powering Sustainable Development.How do you celebate it? Please share it on EDEN Facebook Page Ruukel (editor of EDEN SoMe Newsletter). Contact me EDEN Storytelling Cycle: 7 Steps to follow...In June there was EDEN Baltic seminar hold in Jurmala, Latvia. It was a very inpiring 2 days eventwith meeting of all local partners from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, great work Armands!On that Jurmala meeting I presented the ideas of how we as a 100+ members network couldtogether run a coordinated action plan on Social Media. Please find slides at : I would like to showcase how the EDEN Storytelling Cycle works in practice on socialchannels. Below are 9 steps that I made today morning, all these steps took me 20 minutes of time.
  2. 2. 1) Find a good picture and upload it to FlickrAlternative is that you already have photos on Flickr.TIP! Search Flickr and find great pictures of other people who already have been in yourdestination, they love it and they share their experiences in form of photos with rest of the world onFlickr – biggest photo-sharing website. NB! Allway ask for permission of auhtor of photo. 2) Add or invite this photo EDEN Group on Flickr !Here is EDEN Group on Flickr
  3. 3. 3) Copy the code for using this photo on your blog or site 4) Paste it on your post or pageMy example is EDEN blog it can be your own website or blog of your business, DMO, National Park, Tourism InformationOffice, you as local guide etc.Write text that adds to your story!This is weak point of the Kuldiga exaple, as I have never personally experienced cycle trip inLatvia  Good stories are allways personal!
  4. 4. Here is our post on EDEN Blog 5) Upload same picture also to Facebook Page !My exmple is EDEN Facebook PageIt can be your own Facebook Page, see newsletter nr 2 for instruction how to start it!NB Add link in the descrption that takes people from Facebook to your blog post!For describing photo see tips of Michael and Jaana in newsletter nr 2
  5. 5. 6) Pin your blog photo to Pinterest !In next newsletter we dicuss Pinterest and also why it is a worth to start using it.Making an account is simple and intuitive, start at 7) Tweet about your story!My example is about linking from Twitter to Pinterest. Good idea would also be to send trafficdirectly to your blog post.
  6. 6. In your tweet use allways the hastag #edeneurope , by doing this your tweets will be visible also onthe twitter stream on EDEN Facebook PageUse some other relevant hastags, as example for today #WTD2012By taking these 7 steps we have published „Cycling in Kuldiga“ on Flickr, Blog (or website) and onFacebook page. We have also shared it additionally on Pinterest and Twitter.Now starts the fun part, hopefully somepeople care about what we are telling them,about Cyclig in Kuldiga, hopefully theycomment, share, ask questions on thevarious platforms. If they do so, theyfollowers will see our story and hopefull careto say something too.Our role is to react in every move that or fans,friends and followers make, do it in helpfuland friendly manner.And our opportunity, as a large network ofpeople is to care about each others actionson SoMe.You all are very welcome to comment, like,share, favourite, pin, retweet!In next newsletter, as told earlier, we will be discussing Pinterest- the new kid on the block of the social media scene.Have a question, comment or suggestion?Please send it to editor of EDEN SoMe Newsletter