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EDEN Destinations Social Media Newsletter 2, september 2012

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EDEN SoMe Newsletter2

  1. 1. Newsletter 2. (24-09-2012) Editor’s Word .Dear colleagues, here comes a second newsletter of EDEN social media movement, aiming tohelp You to become a better digital marketer of your tourism business and/or destination.Thank you all who have been responding on our first newsletter and giving their opinions: Antje,Antonis, Anya, Artis, Chrysoula, Elizabeta, Erika, Gustaf, Halldor, Iulia, Jaana, Jaanika, Johann,Michael, Olga, Robert, Stan, Virpi, Vitalijus and others.I do appreciate very much you comments, especially the critical ones, as this is the fastest way weall learn and move forward. Special thanks to Stan, Antje, Michael and Jaana for contributing tothis newsletter!Aivar Ruukel (editor of EDEN SoMe Newsletter). Contact me aivar.ruukel@gmail.com Newsletters are now online!Stan from Zuid-Limburg, the Netherlands, pointed to the need of havingnewsletters online: "Do you have online link available? Then I can push the messagethrough our Twitter account, where we have a lot of entrepreneurs who are interestedin our EU activities."Thanks Stan! Now the first newletter is available at: http://www.slideshare.net/Ruukel/eden-so-menewsletter1 . All coming newsletter will be available on SlideShare as well.Flickr Slideshows to present EDEN on #ATWSAs you all probably know from Antonios, I am going to participate on Adventure Travel WorldSummit, taking place in Luzerne, Swizerland on 8.-12 of October 2012.Initially my plan was to network there for my own purpose only, but I am happy to present alsoEDEN Association, the largest sustainable tourism network in Europe.Flickr slideshows are a great way to share with adventure travel media and touroperators on #ATWS intranet. I am already using this communication, before theactual summit started.This week we will compile several slideshows about EDEN on different themes.For that I would like you to take one hour and upload best images of yourdestination / company to Flickr. Become part of EDEN Gouphttp://www.flickr.com/groups/edeneurope/ !See the first newsletter for simple instructions on „How to start using Flickr“.Last week we have got one new EDEN destination joining our team on Flickr,thank you for this contribution Antje from Abenteur Flusslandschaft /Kanustation Anklam, Germany!
  2. 2. Facebook Pages for Tourism MarketingMost helpful feedback on the ideas presented in the first newsletter came from Michael (FernhillHouse Hotel / Clonakilty, Ireland) and Jaana (Wild Taiga, Finland). Michael and Jaana both havethe experience in Facebook marketing and they are sucessfully managing their Facebook Pageshttps://www.facebook.com/wildtaiga https://www.facebook.com/FernhillHouseHotelSee EDEN Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/EDEN.destinations
  3. 3. Here are comments and tips from Michael:„- You are using loads of imagery which is good. Have to use a pic with every post on facebookand you do.-Posts are short which is also good. Short posts get more interaction.What could be improved?Your edgerank is very bad. Its a complicated thing but it means that of the 2000 who like the page,few are seeing your posts. This must be improved. To do so you need more interaction on yourposts. You can do this by doing the following:-You need to put a call to action on posts. For example Soomaa National Park : building a DugoutCanoe Should be Would you like to build a canoe in Soomaa National ParkJust putting in the word like will get more people to like.Then those people who liked it will see more of your posts in future and also the posts they likedwill go viral to their friends.-The second thing you need to do is post more often, which is obvious but very important. Gettingcontent is normally hard but should be easy for you as pics of destinations will work brilliantly. Youcould schedule half a years posts (I recommend 1-2 posts a day) with two pics from eachdestination.Here are tips from Jaana:Some ideas- its all about pictures, which fans notice and share in their own pages - in our case especiallywildlife pictures are liked- good amount of humour is always appreciated- try to show what happens behind scenes, for example serie of our entrepreneurs or staffhttps://www.facebook.com/erja.mahonen?ref=ts#!/media/set/?set=a.318183718223948.70553.180600658648922&type=3
  4. 4. 10 Steps : How to start with Facebook Page ?Why should I have a Facebook Page for my company, town or tourist destination?Because it is the worlds largest social network with 922 265 720 active members (as by 24thSeptember 2012 according to http://www.socialbakers.com ).As they say, go fishing where the fish are!1) Create a PageGo to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php and you will find following possibilities to choose: "Local Business or Place" - under what you find categories like: "Hotel" "Attraction / Things to do" "Tours / Sightseen" "Landmark" "Local Business" "Restaurant / Cafe" or "Company, Organization, Institution" - under what you find categories like: "Travel / Leisure" "Small Business" "Company"Choose one that is most appropriete for you.
  5. 5. 2) Follow the instructions and fill all the details, it is not difficult!3) Add photographs (profile picture and cover picture) to make the page look professional, think ofyou brand personality.Facebook Page URL is another important thing to consider. Examples from our members are:https://www.facebook.com/wildtaiga https://www.facebook.com/FernhillHouseHotel4) Post pictures and create albums about your themes, activites, seasons and other relevantissues, that might be interesting for your fans. Good idea is to create thematic albums.5) Invite your Facebook friends and customers to become fans of your page6) Update consistently. 3-4 times per week is a good way to start.Put some time into thinking about the types of content your fans will like and create a list of ideasas a calendar for next weeks and months.7) Share pictures of other Facebook users. For finding such posts try search on Facebook, enteryour company and/or place name and you will find that some other people are already talkingabout your stuff. For posting relevant pictures to your page click on "share" and add a shortsentence about the picture.8) Respond to all actions that your fans take on your Page. „Like“ their comments!When they have a question answer in a timely and helpful manner.9) Create Facebook Events. It might be some regular event that you are planning to run anyway.Invite potentially interested people to join your event. When you are already having a bigger fanbase you might consider to create some special events for your fans.As an example see event from Soomaa, Estonia below:
  6. 6. 10) Ask your fans questions. There is a special Facebook functionality for asking questions.Think of some relevant question that your fans will actually care to know.Please also vistit https://www.facebook.com/EDEN.destinations and answer the question:„How you will be celebrating World Tourism Day 2012?“Take these 10 steps (or 8) and let us know what problems did you encounter? What questions doyou have now? Write at aivar.ruukel@gmail.com, I am here to help you out! Next Time!In next newsletter we will continue discussing the best practice of Facebookmarketing and also introduce Pinterest - the new kid on the block of the socialmedia scene.Have a question, comment or suggestion?Please send it to editor of EDEN SoMe Newsletter aivar.ruukel@gmail.com