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EDEN SoMe Newsletter 1


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EDEN Destinations Social Media Newsletter 1, september 2012

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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EDEN SoMe Newsletter 1

  1. 1. Newsletter 1. (17-09-2012) Editor’s Word .Dear colleague, marketer of the EDEN destination. Here is the first newsletter about EDEN socialmedia marketing. It’s purpose is to regularly inform you about what is new in EDEN collaboration insocial media. We will also share the lessons learned by members of our network. In eachnewsletter we look closer to some issue of social media marketing or some web tool. This timethere is an introduction to Flickr.Aims of our collaborative social media activities are threefold: 1. Everyone will learn through this journey. You will grow your knowledge and personal skills on how to use social media tools in a better way for marketing your own tourism business and destination. 2. Together as network we will rise the visiblity of EDEN in different digital channels. We will do it in two ways: by publishing our own stories on social web, and by reaching out to our target audience, influencers of various kinds like travel blogger, journalists, tour operators. 3. As result of this we grow the EDEN online community, consisting both local people and potential travellers to EDEN destinationsWe will do it together! This newsletter is done jointly with you as well. Please send your questionsto me aivar.ruukel@gmail.comAivar Ruukel (editor of EDEN SoMe Newsletter) What is first thing I should do? Now!Send this newsletter to at least three other people, your co-workers, colleagues andtourism businesses at your local destination. Even better if you forward it to 10 people.Knowledge is not power, the sharing of knowledge is power!What is a second thing that I should do?If you do not have yet, register for a Google account. With this account you will:1. participate in planning of EDEN Monthly Themes at Google Docs2. collaborate in Publishing Calendar3. take part of online learning meeting with colleagues by using Google Hangouts4. .... use other FREE Google servics (we will cover some of them in future newsletters)
  2. 2. How to: start using Flickr? 1. Create an account on 2. Choose your name (personal, business, place, brand) 3. Personalize your profile 4. Create your Flickr URL 5. Search about your business and make your first connectionsMore about first 5 steps see: 6. It is time to upload your pictures. Also using photos of other people is fine, but allway ask for permission first, and add authors name on the description of photo. 7. Add to photos: Title, Description, Tags. Geo-tag your photos as well. 8. Join EDEN Flickr Group at . Join also some other relevant groups that you find on Flickr 9. Add some of photos to EDEN Flickr Group 10. Have 10 minutes every day to check Flickr, participate in conversations, make new friends and learn!
  3. 3. EDEN SoMe in numbersTable below gives you an idea of where we are in terms of some metrics, as well as what are weaiming to achieve in coming 18 months. Together!What do you think? March 2012 Sept 2012 AIM: March 2014Facebook Page Fans 1762 2006 10 000Flickr Group Members 5 8 100Flickr Group Pictures 61 108 4 000Youtube Channel 51 62 200SubscribersYoutube Channel Views 41 000 61 844 1 000 000Additional to EDEN Facebook Page Flickr Group Youtube Channel are other platforms and channels as part of EDEN Social Media Storytelling Mix, or asvisualized below the „Storytelling Flower“Many stories about EDEN places are around us, many of them already published in differentplaces on Web, but many not. Some stories are shared by visitors to EDEN places, many are toldby local people living there. We will collect these stories, select such stories that fit into sustainabletourism profile of EDEN andpublish them collaboratively onour blog well as promote on differentweb channels and platformsPictures are very important asbeing worth a thousand words.We use forcrowdsourcing relevant picturesfrom many people who havevisited our EDEN destinations.Videos are becoming more andmore popular and importantmedia. We use Youtube forcrowdsourcing relevant usergenerated videos and learn howto create our own.Last but not least we will share our published stories on different networks and social tools likeTwitter, Google+, Pinterest and others. Next Time!In next issue we will discuss how to use Facebook for tourism marketing. Have a question?Please send it to editor of EDEN SoMe Newsletter