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Lasi 21 century skills panel


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A presentation on 21st century competence and an example of a learning analytic designed to enhance learning to learn: EnquiryBlogger

Published in: Education
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Lasi 21 century skills panel

  1. 1. Rebecca Ferguson Simon Buckingham Shum Ruth Deakin Crick
  2. 2. Everybody’s got a little list
  3. 3. • Communication in the mother tongue • Communication in foreign languages; • Mathematical & scientific basic competence • Digital competence; • Learning to learn; • Social and civic competences; • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; • Cultural awareness and expression. Deakin Crick et al (eds) (2013) Learning to Learn: Perspectives from Theory and Practice, Routledge, London Forthcoming.
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  6. 6. 21st century challenge….. “educational philosophy and theory face the unfamiliar and challenging task of theorising a formative process which is not guided from the start by the target form designed in advance” Zygmunt Bauman Zygmunt Bauman, 2001: The Individualised Society, Cambridge, Polity Press.
  7. 7. Deakin Crick, R., Godfrey, P. & Huang S. (2013) Systems Thinking, Systems Design and Learning Power, International Journal of Engineering Education, (in press).
  8. 8. EnquiryBlogger: Reflection and relationships
  9. 9. Changing and learning Learning relationships, Creativity Strategic awareness, Resilience Meaning making, Critical curiosity ELLI Spider: learning power
  10. 10. Choosing, Observing, Questioning, Narrating, Mapping, Enquiry Spiral: structuring knowledge
  11. 11. Mood view: managing mood
  12. 12.