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TEL - 21st Century Learning: Recognizing Our Purpose


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Does the phrase "technology-enabled learning" grab your attention, or incite curiosity within you?

21st Century Learning: Recognizing our Purpose
Developing 21st century teaching competencies stems from a recognition that today's learners reside within an interconnected global community. The societal impact of this changed reality requires that our approach to education shift to meet the needs of an evolving workplace.

Join the conversation; construct new knowledge and grow your teaching practice, within a supportive community of learners.

This is the first of many online synchronous discussions. Additional resources and activities will be made available to participants prior to the scheduled event. Sessions are run through Blackboard Collaborate.

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TEL - 21st Century Learning: Recognizing Our Purpose

  1. 1. Welcome to 21st Century Learning: Recognizing Our Purpose! Before we get started - be sure to set up your audio. Click on ‘tools’, ‘audio’, ‘audio setup wizard’, then follow the prompts provided. Waiting to start our talk? Watch:
  2. 2. • Click ‘Technology Enabled Learning’ • ‘Self-Enroll’ • ‘I need a CourseSites account’ • Fill out the form • Then, ‘Save and Continue’
  3. 3. Introductions… in 140 characters or less ;) Looking to tweet about it? #TEL21C
  4. 4. Meeting in Blackboard Collaborate… …is a new experience for me!
  5. 5. Learning has changed...
  6. 6. Learning has NOT changed...
  7. 7. LEARNING
  8. 8. What do students need to learn, or develop, to achieve success? At School? At Work? In Life?
  9. 9. What is 21st century education?
  10. 10. Questions remain…