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Speaking activity, worksheet 2 telling the truth


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To be able to recognize how important it is to tell the truth

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Speaking activity, worksheet 2 telling the truth

  1. 1. Miss RuthMorales 1 WORKSHEET N° 2 We know that in our society we are losing the good values such as telling the truth, we were taught about it either at home or in the schooleven when we were younger, however, what happens now? Sometimes it is better to tell the truth even if it will hurt someone but in some cases this is not a good thing. 1.- Are there any situations where you would not tell the truth to somebody? If so, how many can you list? 2.- Would you lie to protect your family? 3.- Is it good to be a liar sometimes like Pinochio? 4.- What do you think of this quote: “Lies are always wrong, even white lies or to protect one´s family”. I think lying is a very basic sin. How far do you agree with this opinion? 5.- How important is it to tell the truth up to certain extent? Can you mention in which cases people lie? - to fit in the society - not to be excluded in the group Don’tbe a liar!
  2. 2. Miss RuthMorales 2 - in terminal diseases such as: cancer, AIDS, etc. 5.- Choose one of the following scenarios and make a decision.  A married person is in love with somebody else, but does not wish to break up the marriage.  You find out accidentally that your brother is adopted. He doesn’t know. Should you tell him?  You have been in prison for a mistake you made in the past. Should you tell your future wife and her family?  A woman finds out that her sister’s husband is having an affair. Should she tell her sister?  A boy of 11 years old broke her mother’s favourite vase of flowers by accident. He doesn’t know if he tells her mother the truth or not.