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Speaking activity relationships


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To be able to talk about how to interact each other

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Speaking activity relationships

  1. 1. Miss RuthMorales SPEAKING ACTIVITY GROUP DISCUSSION Work in groups of three or four. Discuss the following questions about “Relationships” What makes a good relationship? … to have something in common , get on well, don’t argue, …What’s your opinion? 1.- What do you think are the important things to agree on? 2.- What would be your kind of ideal partner? 3.- Is marriage a good thing for you? Why or why not? 4.- What would your reaction be if your 18-year-old daughter left home to live with her boyfriend? 5.- How important are friends to you? 6.- Do you think you can love more than one person at the same time? 7.- What’s your opinion of homosexual relationships? 8.- Do you think most children can communicate well with their parents? 9.- Is a cohabitation is a good option for those who think that getting married is not always the right thing? What do you think? 10.- Do you think it is good to know the person very well before getting married? Why? Why not?
  2. 2. Miss RuthMorales