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Rowing Travel as Club Development


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Presentation by Ruth Marr of Rowing The World to Rowing Canada Aviron 2016 Conference. Outlines international examples of developing and sustaining rowing programs through rowing travel, how Rowing The World works with rowing clubs, and ideas and suggestions to apply in your rowing club.

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Rowing Travel as Club Development

  1. 1. 2016 RCA NATIONAL CONFERENCE Session #: Presented by: Date: D23 Ruth Marr Friday 29 January
  2. 2. Page ROWING TRAVEL AS CLUB DEVELOPMENT »International examples »How does Rowing The World work with clubs? »Application to your club – ideas Rowing to travel and travelling to row can be a motivation to continue to train and row beyond competition. How can this assist Canadian clubs? OVERVIEW
  3. 3. Page INTERNATIONAL EXAMPLES » Sport has previously been used as a means for community development » NEMATO was started by a Dutch rowing coach who moved into a township in Port Alfred, Eastern Cape » Rowing was the first sport. The program has grown to include others including fencing and trampoline. » Significant progress has been made, while challenges remain NEMATO – CHANGE A LIFE IN SOUTH AFRICA
  4. 4. Page
  5. 5. Page More than rowing
  6. 6. Page FISA DEVELOPMENT ROWING TOUR » Partnership between World Rowing, Rowing The World and Rowing Association of the Maldives » FISA has had long term plan to develop rowing in Maldives: donation of boats and coaches » Need for sources of cash for many expenses: rowing tourism MALDIVES 2015
  7. 7. Page 1. Development tour a) Test concept b) Identify guides 2. Further tours a) Confirm best product b) Further guide training 3. Locally run trips without foreign tour operator – likely shorter and more local MODEL WITH APPLICATION ELSEWHERE
  8. 8. Page HOW DOES ROWING THE WORLD WORK WITH CLUBS? »Rowing shell rental –A few hours –Day –Multiple days »Safety boat »Trailering and transport »Guides – possibly including food and lodging »Overnight boat storage TYPES OF FEES PAID FOR SERVICES
  9. 9. Page »Four Rivers in Ireland –3 clubs + guide »Classic River Thames –5 clubs + guide »California Dreaming –5 clubs »St. Malo –2 clubs + guide –Bellagio/Italian & Swiss Lakes –4 clubs + guide –South Africa Rowing Safari –6 clubs But it is also about connecting international rowers with local rowers NUMBER OF CLUBS WORKED WITH IN 2015
  10. 10. Page APPLICATIONS TO YOUR CLUB » Rowing The World trips in Canada – Quebec? – British Columbia? – Northwestern Ontario/Manitoba? » Short, local trips in Canada – Individual rows or small packages – Small groups or larger events – Annual club trip – Exchanges with other clubs – Central location for all rowing travel – Other ideas? IDEAS
  11. 11. Page QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? The more that we can get rowers to travel to row and row to travel, the better for everyone. THANK YOU! Ruth Marr Rowing The World world #RowingTravel