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2009 Us Product Catalog 052610[1]

  2. 2. Nikken has been the world leader in wellness ever since we pioneered the concept in 1975. And from the very beginning, we’ve been a different kind of company. Our aim is not merely to sell a product or service. Nikken was created to offer people everywhere a better way to live. This is made possible through recognizing and strengthening what Nikken calls the 5 Pillars of Health™ — Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. Achieving balance in all of these areas can help produce a more satisfying lifestyle. That is our mission — to inspire others to discover this new way of life, and to provide them the means to make it their own. With that idea, founder Isamu Masuda began an organization that became the BALANCE. OLD WORLD PHILOSOPHY, NEW WORLD TECHNOLOGY. 2
  3. 3. fastest-growing direct selling company in Japanese history. From there, Nikken has spread to more than 35 countries. Nikken world headquarters is located in Irvine, California. From this home base, the company supervises operations worldwide, manages research and development and financial activities, and provides support for the thousands of Independent Nikken Consultants. Among its activities toward promoting a healthy society, Nikken maintains a relationship with Japan’s Magnetic Health Science Foundation, the University of California, Irvine Medical Center as well as humanitarian organizations. Nikken is also a member of the internationally-recognized Bioelectromagnetics Society. The company is socially responsible in respect to the environment. Nikken follows “green” manufacturing practices and wherever possible uses product packaging that is made of natural materials and/or biodegradable. Our facilities are designed to conserve resources and minimize environmental impact. Nikken state-of-the-art wellness products deal with everyday concerns. In combination they form what is known as the Nikken Wellness Home — an environment that supports a family’s health and happiness. Table of Contents table of contents You live in a Wellness Home when you make Nikken products a part 2 Introduction of your surroundings. A Wellness Home is based on the THE COMPANY TODAY 3 Wellness Home understanding that long-term health depends on proper attention toward the major aspects of living — Performance & Rejuvenation, Environment and Lifestyle. Nikken technology represents a solution Solutions for Creating a Wellness Home for today’s very real problems. performance & rejuvenation It’s not difficult to turn your home into a Wellness Home. There’s no solutions remodeling, no technical knowledge needed. Nikken products integrate easily into your life — and can make a very real difference in it. 4 Insoles Among the innovations pioneered by Nikken you’ll find in this 6 Magnetic Biaxial Rotation catalog are: 8 Kenko™ Sleep System • Advanced Magnetic Technology 14 Magnets, Magnetic Fashion • Air Wellness™ Technology 18 Support Wraps • CardioStrides™ Fitness Technology environmental solutions • Far-Infrared Technology 22 Air Wellness™ Technology • Kenko™ Sleep Technology 24 PiMag™ Water Technology • Kenzen™ Wellness organic-Based Nutrition • PiMag™ Water Technology THE NIKKEN WELLNESS HOME lifestyle solutions • True Elements™ Swiss Organic Skin Care 30 Kenzen™ Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition 38 True Elements™ Swiss Organic Skin Care 42 CardioStrides™ 43 Pet Products Product availability and information in this catalog are subject to change without notice. 3
  4. 4. Nikken Magsteps® and Magstrides™ • Unsurpassed comfort and durability • Magnets and an energizing foot massage • Supports active lifestyles When your feet hurt, your whole body knows it. But you can be relaxed and comfortable even if you’re on your toes all day, thanks to Nikken insoles. Nikken Magsteps and Magstrides have brought comfort to millions of people. But this “new” technology is actually based on a time- honored wellness practice. Public bathhouses are a part of traditional Japanese culture. These places have long offered men, women and families a chance to FEEL ENERGIZED FROM unwind after the stresses of the day, and enjoy a welcome opportunity for relaxation. THE GROUND UP. One notable feature of these bathhouses is underfoot. The Japanese discovered that placing pebbles on the floor imparted a relaxing, energizing feel after walking on this surface. Nikken founder Isamu Masuda began his wellness revolution with a brilliant thought: If people feel better after walking on pebbles, why not create a way to experience this effect all day long? He combined a textured surface with magnetic technology — based on another ancient principle — and the Magstep was born. Since 1973, Magsteps have found their way into shoes around the world. The success of Magsteps suggested another idea, and in 1999 Magstrides were introduced. They feature magnetic technology in a cushioned, three-layer insole developed to withstand the pounding that feet endure during sports. AN IDEA BORN IN A BATH Magsteps, Magstrides and Kidstrides™ derive from a unique philosophy that dares to merge traditional wellness techniques with the most up-to-date technology. Three decades later, the rewards of this approach are everywhere, thanks to Nikken. FROM STEPS, TO STRIDES Millions depend on Magsteps and Magstrides to help them feel good on their feet all day. Try these insoles and see why. 4
  5. 5. performance & rejuvenation Kidstrides Magstrides Magsteps CHOOSE THE ONE THAT FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE. Magsteps® Magstrides™ Kidstrides™ Magsteps are the absolute best insoles Incorporating the same exclusive Kidstrides are designed for small on the market today! Featuring Nikken EQL Magnetic Technology as feet and big-time fun. These insoles exclusive EQL Magnetic Technology and Magsteps, the development of feature the same EQL Magnetic and durable, reinforced construction, they Magstrides opens up a whole new Far-Infrared Technologies as in adult are designed with nodules strategically world to active people everywhere. Magstrides — but they’re sized to shaped and placed to provide your Featuring soft, resilient, high-density fit smaller feet, and calibrated for entire body with the benefits of an foam for superior shock absorption, kids’ active wear. And the energizing foot massage. And Nikken these insoles are perfect for more combination of technology with EQL makes these the only insoles that intense activities, such as Kidstrides’ exciting graphics will offer perfectly consistent, 100% running, golf and other give kids “happy feet!” magnetic coverage on the entire surface. sports. Magstrides boast The world’s only These advanced insoles are worn by unsurpassed comfort magnetic insoles for millions of people the world over. and durability children, Kidstrides They are exclusively constructed with through their rugged, have triple-layer two layers of specially engineered ventilated, triple-layer construction that reinforcing mesh, plus a resilient, construction. contains far-infrared, is flexible, wear-resistant outer coating. EQL Magnetic Technology odor-resistant and Magsteps come in three trim-to-fit provides 100% magnetic provides superior comfort and sizes for both men and women. coverage. And Magstrides add Nikken ventilation. They’re made with Far-Infrared Technology — the durable, shock-absorbing foam. A SMALL - SIZES 5-9 #2020 MEDIUM - SIZES 7-12 #2021 natural, breathable warmth from trim-to-fit design makes sizing easy. LARGE - SIZES 13-18 #2022 far-infrared energy. SIZES 1 UP TO YOUTH 3 #2010 Magstrides are odor-resistant and are “ I received a pair of Magstrides™ to try for one week. I was aware that I had available in three trim-to-fit sizes for both men and women. SMALL - SIZES 5-9 #2024 MEDIUM - SIZES 7-12 #2025 much more energy at the end LARGE - SIZES 13-18 #2026 of my work day. ” — Patricia Smith, Rochester, New York 5
  6. 6. Magnetic Biaxial Rotation • Ergonomic design • Patented technology produces an active magnetic field • Soothing massage action Imagine products that employ magnetism in an entirely new way. A footrest that generates a powerful magnetic field and a unique massaging action that within minutes can restore a feeling of energy to tired feet — and a tired body. Or a compact device that uses the same form of magnetic technology — so small it ENERGIZED FROM you can take it anywhere. This is Magnetic Biaxial Rotation. It began HEAD TO TOE. when Nikken scientists decided to rewrite one of the laws of the universe. As everyone knows, a magnet has a positive and a negative pole — one at each end. But Soothing, relaxing and energizing — these are the amazing effects of Magnetic Biaxial Rotation, only from Nikken. 6
  7. 7. what if a magnet could be made to act as if it had Energizer. Create a biaxial product that’s small, multiple poles — in every direction? portable and extraordinarily durable, and the result Unbelievable as it seems, that is the operating is the PowerMag. principle behind Magnetic Biaxial Rotation. Revolving Experience this Nikken revolution for yourself. Enjoy magnets that also rotate on a second axis constantly the Biaxial Body Energizer and PowerMag, and enter shift their angle, as often as 25 times per second. the sphere of true relaxation. This creates a magnetic field that is dynamic rather than stationary. No other products, no other magnets, work this way. Combine this breakthrough idea with the benefits of a massaging surface and you have the Biaxial Body performance & rejuvenation Y-axis Magnetic Biaxial Rotation keeps the magnetic poles in constant motion, producing a field X-axis that is dynamic rather than stationary. The field moves in all three dimensions — a Nikken first. POWERFUL MAGNETISM IN THE PALM OF SIT DOWN AND CHARGE UP. YOUR HAND. Biaxial Body Energizer™ Biaxial PowerMag™ The Biaxial Body Energizer is The advanced ergonomics of designed to make you feel good all the 1,800-gauss PowerMag over, starting at your feet. Its gentle make it comfortable for use at vibration and massage, textured any time. The power and speed surface and comfortable angle, controls are placed within easy begin to create a feeling of comfort reach. Its electronics and and relaxation almost immediately. mechanical components Soon you’ll feel not only relaxed, maximize efficiency and but energized, even at the end of a long day. ruggedness. The direct-drive mechanism has only three The Body Energizer features six moving parts, for long-lasting reliability. 1,800-gauss biaxial units that This built-in simplicity conserves electric power to extend operate together, fully battery life. The PowerMag can be operated with four AA adjustable speed and a plug-in batteries (not included) or on ordinary household current AC power cord/adapter. with the available AC adapter. BIAXIAL BODY ENERGIZER #13213 BIAXIAL POWERMAG ADDITIONAL ADAPTER #1306 WITH AC ADAPTER #23151 BIAXIAL POWERMAG ONLY #2315 Additional adapters, and a car adapter, are also sold separately. ADDITIONAL ADAPTER #1306 POWERMAG CAR ADAPTER #2306 Thermographic photography — compare the image at left, produced immediately before use of the Biaxial Body Energizer, with an image of the same test subject (below) after 30 minutes of use. The difference is dramatic. 7
  8. 8. Kenko™ Sleep System • Magnetic technology replicates Earth’s natural energy • Orthopedic support for all body types • Massage nodules and far-infrared temperature regulation SLEEP THE WAY NATURE INTENDED. 8
  9. 9. To get the sleep you need, it makes sense to create an polyurethane foam used in most sleep products, this environment that promotes good sleeping. latex contains no synthetic chemicals — an ideal sleep solution for those who wish to avoid inhaling Nikken has done exactly that. hydrocarbons. And there’s no annoying chemical odor to keep you awake. A Nikken Kenko Sleep System combines a number of Latex is naturally resistant to microbial growth and revolutionary features designed to help you experience dust mites. It holds its shape and firmness better than the processes of physical and mental recharging that polyurethane foam, for more durable support, yet it form the basis of sleep. yields to pressure for an ideal degree of sleep comfort. Latex also wicks away moisture and promotes No other product or system has ever brought together improved ventilation. this unique set of technologies and materials, that are The Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper features massage intended to make your surroundings more naturally nodules produced by a proprietary technology. Their conducive to healthy, restful sleeping. gradient density gently stimulates. This massage effect helps ease tension so you not only fall asleep more easily, you also wake up feeling refreshed. The Kenko Sleep The covers for mattress topper and pillow are woven in System features a blend of natural fibers — free from chemical an arrangement pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. Together with the of magnets cotton cover on Kenko comforters, this promotes inspired by the breathability for natural regulation of temperature, and performance & rejuvenation Earth’s magnetic flow. New RAM™ (radial-axis to resist mildew. Nikken Far-Infrared Technology in magnetism) Technology in the Kenko Naturest™ each comforter reflects far-infrared energy, and Ionic Mattress Topper and Custom Pillow, and Field Gradient Comfort Technology releases negative ions to produce Technology in Kenko comforters, extend this energy the refreshing feeling of walking through a forest or over a range of directions, at multiple angles. beside a waterfall. The result is a magnetic field that covers a full 360 In all, the Kenko Sleep System includes a number of degrees in three dimensions, to surround you in a features you won't find anywhere else — all intended cocoon of magnetism. This unique adaptation of a to make your sleep a comfortable, restorative, healthy natural force helps to replicate the magnetic and natural event. conditions found in the physical universe. The foundation of the Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper and the fill material in the Kenko Naturest Custom Pillow are natural latex rubber. Unlike the ADVANCED DESIGN, BASIC PRINCIPLES Experts agree: most people don’t get the sleep they need for good health. The Kenko Sleep System is designed and engineered to make your sleep better. INTERNATIONAL SLEEP 9 PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION
  10. 10. THE FOUNDATION OF QUALITY SLEEP. NEW Kenko Naturest™ Mattress Topper The Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper combines advanced scientific technology with natural materials that are environmentally renewable, chemical-free and help you to enjoy refreshing sleep. Patent-pending RAM Technology uses spherical neodymium magnets, each rotated 60 degrees relative to its neighbor. This produces a series of overlapping magnetic fields to enfold and surround you. The physical foundation of the Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper is latex rubber — which provides a natural blend of support and comfort. An organic, natural-fiber cover promotes ventilation, helps to regulate temperature and offers resistance to flammability without adding the chemicals that some other sleep products require. The surface of specially molded nodules is the final touch, producing a massage effect that helps you sleep soundly and wake refreshed. After you try the Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper, you’ll never want to sleep without it. #1151 TWIN 10 #1152 FULL #1153 QUEEN #1154 KING
  11. 11. performance & rejuvenation LOOKS LIKE AN ORDINARY PILLOW. FEELS EXTRAORDINARY. NEW Kenko Naturest™ Custom Pillow Inside the Kenko Naturest Custom Pillow is a special filler of shredded natural latex. It’s designed so that you subtract or replace filler to achieve the desired degree of firmness — your personal perfect fit. The latex is especially resilient, so it resists being compressed flat, unlike a down or foam pillow. It’s also a natural material, as is the cover — for improved ventilation and coolness. Deep within the Custom Pillow is patent-pending RAM Technology and an orthopedic support for comfortable head and neck alignment. #1155 “ After seeing the transformation in our daughter, we would not trade in the Sleep System for anything. ” — Anne and Liam Dowling, Wendell, North Carolina A HIGH-TECH BEAUTY SECRET FOR LOOKING GOOD. Kenko™ Sleep Mask If you’re not sleeping well, your eyes are the first place to show it. The Kenko Sleep Mask helps you obtain deep sleep anytime — day or night. An important part of the Nikken Sleep System, this strategically engineered mask blocks out light to ensure restful sleep. Features EQL Magnetic and Far-Infrared Technologies. #1682 11
  12. 12. Nikken Far-Infrared Technology • Absorbs and reflects natural energy to keep you warm • Self-regulating to respond to temperature changes • Breathability reduces excess heat buildup It helps keep you warm but it’s designed to shed excess heat. You’ll be comfortable in just about any weather. And you won’t need heavy layers, heat pads or an electric power cord. Far-Infrared Technology can be found in Nikken support wraps, socks, the comforters that are part of the Nikken Sleep System, and more. It’s a completely different approach to keeping warm or cool, and there’s nothing else that works STAY WARM, like it. When you are cold, your body expends energy to BE COOL. warm itself. Ordinary materials merely dissipate the energy or heat. Nikken products with Far- Infrared Technology contain ceramic-reflective fibers that absorb energy, transform it into gentle warmth, and reflect it back to you. Some areas of your body heat up faster than others. The ceramic-reflective fibers near these areas will reach a limit in the amount of energy they absorb, and the excess heat escapes through the breathable cover. Only Nikken Far-Infrared Technology offers a natural source of warmth, from all-natural far-infrared waves. It can keep you comfortable wherever you are. Instead of stuffy insulation or electric wiring, Far-Infrared Technology uses the energy around you to help you stay comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. “ The Kenko™ Sleep System has changed my life. I sleep right through the night and I wake up with no back pain. — David Fliflet, Meridian, Idaho ” 12
  13. 13. performance & rejuvenation YOU CAN THE ULTIMATE IN THE LIGHTWEIGHT TAKE IT WITH YOU. RELAXATION. CHAMPION. Kenko™ Travel Comforter Kenko™ Dream Comforter Kenko™ Dream Light Comforter With Nikken Far-Infrared Technology, A perfect balance of comfort for all The Kenko Dream Light Comforter the Kenko Travel Comforter is the climates, the Kenko Dream Comforter combines the latest advances in next best thing to having a Kenko can help you get the relaxing, Nikken Kenko Dream technology with Sleep System while away from home. refreshing sleep you need. a lightweight, all-season design. Revolutionary technology and the The dimensions of the Travel Nikken Magnetic Technology, with a finest materials allow better rest. Comforter provide a full-size personal network of strategically placed sleep cover or mattress topper when The Kenko Dream Comforter features magnets, assists in providing the unrolled. Or use it at an outdoor Ionic Comfort Technology — an idea cocoon of magnetism that is part of concert or sporting event.When based on the negative ions found in Kenko Dream innovation. Nikken Far- folded, the Travel Comforter makes a soothing outdoor settings. Chitocotton, Infrared Technology and Ionic convenient pillow or seat cushion. The another innovation, contains chitosan, Comfort Technology are featured, as is elastic bands permanently attached to a natural, marine-derived substance the Chitocotton layer. The cover is a the Travel Comforter make it easy to believed to have bacteriostatic silky smooth, breathable fabric to help fold into a packable size. properties. A magnetic layer keep you cool on warm nights, cozy complements the magnets in your on cooler ones. The Kenko Dream ONE SIZE 41” X 71” #1270 Nikken mattress to complete the Light Comforter is light in weight but cocoon effect. Far-Infrared Technology offers the technology you would Atmosphere is provided by ceramic-reflective fibers. expect from Nikken. The breathable cover is finished in an TWIN 66” X 86” Fill wt 600 g elegant, satiny weave that dresses up #1267 FULL/QUEEN 86” X 86” Fill wt 800 g your bed. #1268 KING 102” X 90” Fill wt 1,100 g TWIN 66” X 86” Fill wt 758 g Kenko™ Comforter #1269 #1264 FULL/QUEEN 86” X 86” Fill wt 999 g #1265 KING 102” X 90” Fill wt 1,271 g #1266 Human Body Far-Infrared Technology absorbs energy, reflects it as far-infrared. 13
  14. 14. MAGNETIZE, AS YOU ACCESSORIZE. Original Collection With Kenko Magnetic Technology Enjoy elegance and style with the added benefit of Nikken Magnetic Technology, in two styles designed by Antonio Rosso. Choose yellow or white, in genuine 24k gold plate. • GOLD-PLATED NECKLACE #19098 • WHITE GOLD-PLATED NECKLACE #19097 FORCEFUL. FASHIONABLE. FUNCTIONAL. TriPhase™ Sport Bracelet Crafted in durable, pliable silicone, the TriPhase Sport Bracelet is so light you won’t know you have it on — a plus for athletes who don’t want their golf or tennis swing affected by added weight. The neat magnetic clasp holds securely but separates easily. The style and color are equally attractive on men and women. #19095 14
  15. 15. touch to any wardrobe. The slimline, flexible shaft is a A seven-time Olympic Medalist and nine-time World harmonizing matte black. This Sport Bracelet can be Champion gymnast, Shannon Miller sees an opportunity worn during athletic activity or for any occasion. to help others enjoy better physical fitness. The most- The design was personally selected and approved by decorated American gymnast in history, she is also Shannon. And the purchase of every Special Edition president of the Shannon Miller Foundation — an Bracelet includes a organization dedicated to combating the rise of juvenile donation from Nikken obesity and making a positive impact on children’s to the Shannon Miller health through education and example. Foundation. She and Nikken are pleased to introduce the TriPhase Both the foundation and Nikken believe that wellness is a Sport Bracelet Shannon Miller Special Edition. It worthwhile goal that can be shared with everyone. When includes the same TriPhase Technology as the original you choose a Shannon Miller Special Edition Bracelet, you Sport Bracelet, in a striking new form. are contributing to this important resolution. The bracelet sleeve — inscribed with the inspiring Nikken “Discover it. Live it” message — and clasp both display a finish of 24k gold plate, to add a distinctive THE GOLD STANDARD. performance & rejuvenation GOOD LOOKS FOR A GOOD CAUSE. TriPhase™ Sport Bracelet Shannon Miller Special Edition Enjoy a beautiful expression of advanced Nikken technology in the TriPhase Sport Bracelet Shannon Miller Special Edition. When you wear it, you’re also demonstrating support for the Shannon Miller Foundation, that in cooperation with Nikken is devoted to improving the lives of individuals through wellness. #19090 15
  16. 16. RELIEF COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. 1 3 2 Kenko™ Magnetic Pads Nikken renowned magnetic technology is available in several forms. Kenko Magnetic Pads offer a range of magnetic gauss strengths from 400 to 700, with Field Gradient Technology. The Kenko™ Super Mini features 1,600-gauss Equilateral Magnetic Technology and replaceable far-infrared discs. 1. Kenko Mini (1.57” diameter) #1427 2. Kenko Flex (7.56” x 5.55”) #1447 16 3. Kenko Super Mini #1421 (3 pk Super Minis) #1441
  17. 17. SMALL YET MIGHTY. YOUR DEFENSE AGAINST TAKE A SEAT. performance & rejuvenation Kenko™ PowerPatch™ DISCOMFORT AND STRESS. KenkoSeat™ Plus PowerPatch features Nikken Magnetic MagCreator From executives to truck drivers, technology in a convenient size, and The foundation of the Nikken Rollout, from students to computer operators, an adhesive backing for easy the MagCreator has specially today’s men and women spend more applications. At the center is a 750- engineered components that add time sitting than ever before. gauss magnetic core, complemented increased stimulation to its fluid Nikken has designed a unique product by nodules on the surface. These high rolling action. that delivers consistent support and and low areas introduce variations in The MagCreator features Nikken comfort. The KenkoSeat Plus features the shape of the magnetic field, magnetic technology, superior stainless the same Rubberthane core that gives producing a greater field depth. steel construction, a balanced bearing the Ultra KenkoPad™ its exceptional The hexagonal PowerPatch magnet is housing and comfortable handgrips. qualities of comfort, breathability, plated in genuine 24k gold, for a #1330 ventilation and vibration suppression. durable surface. The adhesive is non- And now the KenkoSeat Plus includes irritating. PowerPatch magnets are Nikken Far-Infrared Technology. Top reusable, and replacement adhesive engineers found a way to fuse ceramic- discs are included. reflective material directly to the seat #1456 matrix for the added comfort provided by breathable warmth. Designed with specially placed magnets and upholstered with 100% pure wool, KenkoSeat Plus is comfortable in all seasons. COVER: 100% WOOL BACKING: 65% POLYESTER, 35% COTTON KENKOSEAT PLUS (KING) 18” X 42” #1409 In your home, office and car – make every seat a KenkoSeat. RELAXATION IS IN YOUR HANDS. Magboy® Take wellness into your own hands with the Nikken Magboy. Packaged in a convenient, portable holder, these sturdy magnetic balls have specially designed nodules that stimulate and relax your entire body. Gently roll the Magboy between your palms or on any part of your body where you experience discomfort or tension. SET OF 2 #1320 17
  18. 18. Nikken Far-Infrared Wraps and CM Complex Skin Cream • Far-Infrared Technology in KenkoTherm™ wraps • Comfort and support wherever you need it • Soothing cream for muscles and joints ENERGY THAT FLOWS FROM THE OUTSIDE IN. The same Nikken Far-Infrared Technology used in our Sleep System products (see story, page 12) is applied to support wraps, to provide gentle, reflected warmth from ambient energy. CM Complex Skin Cream is also an ideal workout partner — make it part of your routine for casual or sport activities. 18
  19. 19. GET WRAPPED UP. LOOSEN UP. performance & rejuvenation KenkoTherm™ Wraps CM Complex Skin Cream Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just a weekend Ankle Wrap 1. ANKLE WRAP - MED #1821 warrior, Nikken CM Complex Skin Cream can help 9”(L) X 31/2”(W) soothe the muscle and joint discomfort that comes from 9”-14”(C) 2. ANKLE WRAP - LG #1831 living an active life. In a non-greasy cream, it combines 9”(L) X 33/4”(W) state-of-the-art ingredients — including cetyl 9”-14”(C) myristoleate, long used to alleviate the discomfort that comes from arthritis. CM Complex Skin Cream is Elbow Wrap 1. ELBOW WRAP - MED #1823 formulated with pi water and exclusive Magna-Cell 9”(L) X 31/2”(W) Technology liposomes that encapsulate the ingredients, 11”-13” (C) 2. ELBOW WRAP - LG #1833 allowing them to be rapidly absorbed — so that you can 91/4”(L) X 41/8”(W) begin feeling better! 12”-14” (C) Knee Wrap 1. KNEE WRAP - MED #1824 93/8”(L) 12”-15” (C/T), 11”-14” (C/B) 2. KNEE WRAP - LG #1834 95/8”(L) 15”-17” (C/T), 13”-16” (C/B) 3. KNEE WRAP - XL #1844 101/2”(L) SAMPLE SIZE 15 CT #15515 161/2”-20” (C/T), 151/2”-19” (C/B) Wrist Wrap 1. WRIST WRAP - MED #1825 41/2”(L) X 27/8”(W) 7”-9” (C) 2. WRIST WRAP - LG #1835 41/2”(L) X 31/8”(W) 7”-9” (C) SINGLE (4 fl. oz.) #1506 M L XL 3-PAK (4 fl. oz each) #1551 Ankle Wrap Elbow Wrap Knee Wrap Wrist Wrap Endorsed by the US Walking Federation Thermographic imaging shows how KenkoTherm Wraps surround areas with gentle warmth as well as support. “ CM Skin Cream has been a huge help to our family. ” — Chris Yarroll, Sandwich, Illinois 19
  20. 20. Elastomag® Wraps • The only wraps with 100% magnetic coverage • Far-Infrared Technology for gentle warmth • Orthopedic design for contoured support Any wrap or elastic bandage can do a passable job of magnetic coverage — in 100% of the wrap surface. providing support to aching or tired joints or And instead of rigid magnets, the material itself is muscles. magnetic — soft, elastic, comfortably molding itself Elastomag wraps offer far more. to you. Only Nikken offers this technological breakthrough in a wrap. With Far-Infrared Technology, Elastomag fabric reflects natural An orthopedic surgeon was consulted to energy as gentle, soothing warmth. determine the best shape for Elastomag It’s like wearing a combination Support Wraps. The contoured shapes support wrap and heating pad — conform to various joints and regions, except that the milder warmth such as the elbow, shoulder, knee, back, supplied by Far-Infrared can or wrist. Each wrap offers a snug, but not provide longer-lasting, even all-day too tight, comfortable fit. MEET YOUR SUPPORT GROUP. comfort. Wear Elastomag wraps for aching joints or The magnetic component of Elastomag technology is muscles, while exercising, or whenever you want to equally extraordinary. Early magnetic wraps merely enjoy comfort that relaxes as it supports. “ The Elastomag® wraps have attached a few rigid magnets in the material, Support that also gives you gentle warmth — ” scattered here and there. This provides scant complete, flexible magnetic coverage — in an worked wonderfully. magnetic coverage — with some designs, as little as orthopedic, contoured design. — Bob Kimmerle, Costa Mesa, California 2% of the surface area. Between Elastomag and any other wrap, there is just In Elastomag Support Wraps, EQL Magnetic no comparison. Technology ensures complete and consistent Flexible, stretchable magnetic support material is a Nikken exclusive. Adding natural warming technology made these wraps even better. Patented EQL Magnetic Technology is inside every Elastomag wrap. 20
  21. 21. performance & rejuvenation Elastomag® Neck Wrap Elastomag® Hand Wrap Elastomag® Knee Wrap Elastomag® Elbow Wrap MEDIUM #1695 MEDIUM #1687 MEDIUM #1688 MEDIUM #1686 UP TO 16”(C) 71⁄2” - 111⁄2”(C) 15” - 16”(C) 12” - 13”(C) 101⁄2”(W) 51⁄2”(W) 8”(W) 8”(W) 941⁄2 SQ.”(F) 71⁄2” X 51⁄2”(F) 81⁄2” X 8”(F) 61⁄2” X 8”(F) LARGE #1696 LARGE #1692 LARGE #1693 LARGE #1691 16” - 19”(C) 81⁄2” - 121⁄2”(C) 18” - 19”(C) 141⁄2” - 151⁄2”(C) 12”(W) 51⁄2”(W) 8”(W) 8”(W) 1441⁄2 SQ.”(F) 81⁄2” X 51⁄2”(F) 81⁄2” X 8”(F) 61⁄2” X 8”(F) Elastomag® Back Belt Elastomag® Ankle Wrap Elastomag® Shoulder Wrap Elastomag® Wrist Wrap MEDIUM #1631 ONE SIZE FITS MOST #1683 LARGE #1699 ONE SIZE FITS MOST #1684 ADJUSTS FOR WAIST SIZES 31”- 38” 9” - 14”(C) 45”(C) UP TO 81⁄2”(C) 38”(C) 5”(W) 14”(W) 21⁄2”(W) 71⁄2”(W) 10” X 5”(F) 14” X 12”(F) 81⁄2” X 21⁄2”(F) 151⁄2” X 71⁄2”(F) LARGE #1632 ADJUSTS FOR WAIST SIZES 41”- 48” 48”(C) 71⁄2”(W) 151⁄2” X 71⁄2”(F) Elastomag® Cleaner #9459 8 FL. OZ. Elastomag® Headband C = Wrap Circumference ONE SIZE FITS MOST #1681 W = Wrap Width 14” - 24”(C) F = Flexible EQL Magnetic Technology Surface 2”(W) 21 2” X 22”(F)
  22. 22. Air Wellness™ Power5™ Pro Air Wellness™ Traveler Let’s clear the air regarding the environmental conditions in your home. • Laboratory-quality, multiple-stage and HEPA filtration The indoor air that you and your family are • Generates no harmful ozone breathing may be more compromised than you • Produces beneficial negative ions realize. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says: Most of the contaminants found in indoor air are In the last several years, a growing body of scientific invisible — a long list of harmful chemicals, evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other natural allergens and man-made pollutants. Even buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor heavy metals such as lead. The American Lung air in even the largest and most industrialized cities. Association, concerned with inhalant dangers, estimates that 83% of private homes still contain CLINICALLY CLEAN, some lead-based paint. To help you and your family breathe easier, NATURALLY FRESH. Nikken offers the Air Wellness Power5 Pro and the Air Wellness Traveler. The Nikken Power5 Pro features several filter technologies. They include carbon filtration and a unique system that uses organic plant materials to neutralize contaminants. The final stage is a HEPA filter, just like those in laboratories and hospital operating rooms. This is the absolute standard of excellence in air filtration. High amounts of negative ions are found in natural settings. A walk through a forest or by a mountain stream feels soothing and relaxing — the Japanese call this shinrinyoku, “forest- air breathing.” STATE-OF-THE-ART FILTRATION NEGATIVE-ION GENERATION — NO OZONE 22
  23. 23. Clean operation is also part of this patented technology. Other air filters rely on a process that creates ozone, a toxic gas. Not the Power5 Pro. The state of California has already banned the sale of ozone-producing air systems, and other localities are expected to follow. Nikken Air Wellness design is once again ahead of the curve. It’s environmentally responsible as well. The Power5 Pro has been awarded the EPA’s Energy Star designation. With a Power5 Pro, you’re clearing the air inside your home at a lower cost — in your electric bill, and to our ecosystem. The Power5 Pro includes a environment convenient, multifunction remote control, or can be set to operate automatically. Special dust and silent modes allow you to clear the air rapidly or set the unit for nighttime. But even at its highest setting, the Power5 Pro is as quiet as a library. A BREATH OF FRESH AIR. AIR ON THE GO. The advanced technology and Air Wellness™ Power5™ Pro Air Wellness™ Traveler array of features in Air Wellness The Nikken Power5 Pro features The high-technology innovation in technology inspired the Traveler powerful multistage and HEPA air air quality offered in the Power5 Pro — a compact model for use in a filtration. It produces negative ions is repeated in the Traveler. smaller environment, or an — like the air found in invigorating Multistage and HEPA filtration, automobile (it fastens securely to forest settings. negative-ion generation, and ozone- a seatback). The Traveler offers free, automatic operation are all Only the Nikken Power5 Pro has all the same advantages in improving included in a compact, versatile these features: indoor air quality. design that goes from car to office, GREAT ATMOSPHERE • Five-stage advanced filtration school or almost anywhere. • Ozone-free technology AIR WELLNESS TRAVELER #1396 • Negative-ion generator AIR WELLNESS TRAVELER REPLACEMENT FILTER #13965 • Dust and silent modes ADDITIONAL HOME POWER CONNECTOR #13966 • Particle sensor • Remote control • Low noise level • Energy Star technology • Automatic fan control • Air quality display AIR WELLNESS TRAVELER • Easy filter replacement • Sleek, lightweight design • Low-maintenance operation AIR WELLNESS POWER5 PRO #1438 AIR WELLNESS POWER5 PRO FILTER REPLACEMENT PACK #1439 “ Even at the highest speed, the Power5 Pro is so quiet. And it’s lightweight, portable and convenient – as far as I’m concerned, this product is a home run! — Mary Dingmann, St. Cloud, Minnesota ” 23
  24. 24. PiMag™ Water Technology • A natural phenomenon re-created by Nikken • Combines multiple filtration and patented pi design • The better alternative to expensive bottled water DRINK FROM THE WATER OF LIFE. 24
  25. 25. You bathe in it, cook with it and drink it, but do you All include multiple levels of filtration. Special really have any idea what kind of water is being piped ceramics are added to substitute for the effects of into your home? Tap water can have chlorine, the mountains of minerals. An additional component sediment, heavy metals and pesticides running produces a magnetic field — one more breakthrough through it, which is why billions of dollars are spent that no other water system can provide. each year on bottled water. But that’s expensive, and it still may be no better than what’s on tap. Enjoy bottled water? You may be in for a few surprises. For one, commercially bottled water is not Nearly half the residents of the United States have all from mountain springs, no matter what the said they want an alternative to drinking tap water. advertising says. A lot of it comes straight from a Everyone wants water that tastes better. Water that municipal water source. And in blind taste tests, even is good for them. And that they can drink every day, expensive bottled products often rank behind ordinary to supply the water their bodies need. tap water. Nikken PiMag water products meet all these Another surprise may be the expense. Compare the requirements. Your water will taste better. It can help financial impact of buying bottled water, with Nikken you add plenty of water to your program for good health. PiMag Water Technology: PiMag water is sometimes called a natural miracle. Now this miracle has been duplicated by Nikken. PiMag™ Deluxe Water System: $1,769 Bottled water: $31,250 Near a small town in Japan is an area with unusual topographical features. A narrow stream flows And when you consider the tremendous waste and environment between two hills. As it happens, one of these hills pollution generated by billions of disposable plastic is largely composed of a mineral called magnetite. water bottles, PiMag water makes more sense The other hill contains calcium compounds. The environmentally as well. stream between them courses over a bed of silicates, the material that forms natural crystal. PIMAG VS. BOTTLED WATER And here, Japanese scientists discovered that the The PiMag Deluxe Countertop and Under Counter TASTE THE DIFFERENCE Water Systems have been tested following the criteria water from this stream had amazing results on the established by the American National Standards surrounding plants. Institute and National Sanitary Foundation. ANSI/NSF What they saw astounded them. They named this testing certifies that the PiMag Water System meets or exceeds the standards specified in ANSI/NSF 42 and substance pi water. Then they set out to duplicate 53, for chlorine reduction, cyst reduction, lead these natural conditions in the laboratory. reduction, turbidity reduction, taste and odor reduction. Researchers found that by using special materials, they could reproduce the environment that led to pi water in nature. These discoveries are incorporated in Nikken BETTER BY NATURE FIVE-YEAR COST COMPARISON PiMag™ products. (based on typical water consumption, includes all costs over five years) The substances removed or reduced by this device are not necessarily in your water. Use only on municipally treated water or other supply known to be safe for drinking. What comes from your tap can be turned into better-tasting, better water. 25
  26. 26. PIMAG PRODUCTS FOR EVERY PART OF THE HOME. CLEANER, BETTER WATER — INSTANTLY ON DEMAND. PiMag™ Deluxe Under Counter Water System Top-of-the-line filtration technology in the PiMag Deluxe Under Counter Water System provides a defense against the broadest range of pollutants and substances found in some municipal water supplies. * Among more than 30 contaminants tested, the DIRECTIONS: reduction rate is greater A used PiMag filter (right) reveals the 1. CONNECT TO FAUCET. than 90%! These impurities that may be in your water. 2. ENJOY IMMEDIATELY. multiple filter stages, together with pi and magnetic PiMag™ Deluxe Countertop technologies, produce the “water of life.” Water System The PiMag Deluxe Under Counter Water System gives The PiMag Deluxe Countertop Water you the convenience of clear, sparkling PiMag water System features the same advanced right from its elegant faucet — and because it filters filtration and PiMag technology as the water directly from household plumbing, you have a PiMag Deluxe Under Counter Water practically unlimited supply, at any time. The under- System — with the same results: counter design is out of the way and out of sight, but superior filtration that reduces more than always ready to serve. System tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI/NSF Standard 42 for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor, and Particulate Class I and ANSI/NSF 30 recognized contaminants, and an Standard 53 for cysts, lead, VOC and MTBE. PIMAG™ DELUXE UNDER COUNTER WATER SYSTEM #13151 instant supply of PiMag water. PIMAG™ DELUXE REPLACEMENT FILTER #13152 The design of the PiMag Deluxe Countertop Water System allows you to attach it in minutes to a faucet, for instant PiMag water on demand. No plumbing modifications are required, yet you’re able to enjoy the advantages of PiMag water right from the tap. PIMAG™ DELUXE COUNTERTOP WATER SYSTEM #13155 PIMAG™ DELUXE REPLACEMENT FILTER #13152 26 *Nikken has no information on water quality regarding the water in your area. The substances removed or reduced by this device are not necessarily in your water. Use only on municipally treated water or other supply known to be safe for drinking.
  27. 27. environment AS DEPENDABLE AS GRAVITY. SERVE IT HOT OR COLD. PiMag™ Aqua Pour™ Gravity Water System PiMag™ Aqua Pour™ Deluxe Using an ingenious gravity flow system, the PiMag Aqua The Aqua Pour Deluxe features the same filtration Pour can provide you with Nikken PiMag water no and gravity flow technology as the original Aqua matter where you are. Pour, in a design that accommodates any standard The Aqua Pour includes several stages of filtration, to water cooler or hot/cold water dispenser (not mimic the natural purifying process of streams and rivers. included). Pi ceramics are in the filter, to impart “the water of life.” With the Aqua Pour Deluxe you can enjoy PiMag hot Nikken Magnetic Technology completes the process. The drinks or a glass of chilled PiMag water without PiMag Aqua Pour is the most convenient way to set up a refrigeration or ice cubes.* supply of PiMag water practically anywhere. AQUA POUR DELUXE #13631 FILTER CARTRIDGE AQUA POUR GRAVITY REPLACEMENT #1361 WATER SYSTEM #1360 MICROSPONGE PREFILTER FILTER CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT #1362 REPLACEMENT #1361 CERAMIC PREFILTER REPLACEMENT #1364 MICROSPONGE PREFILTER MINERAL STONES REPLACEMENT #1386 REPLACEMENT #1362 CERAMIC PREFILTER REPLACEMENT #1364 MINERAL STONES REPLACEMENT #1386 * For a list of compatible water cooler systems, contact your Independent Nikken Consultant. 27
  28. 28. REDUCE CHLORINE THE NATURAL WAY. PiMag™ Ultra Shower System Only one shower design combines advanced redox filtration and PiMag Technology. The PiMag Ultra Shower System reduces chlorine up to 90% — without adding chemicals. It neutralizes the chlorine through an exclusive copper-zinc process. A superfine 2-micron filter reduces a wide range of other water contaminants. The showerhead has five selectable settings including Pure Mist™ Technology, a deep-cleaning spray. The PiMag Ultra Shower System also features pi and magnetic technologies, innovations you’ll find only in Nikken PiMag water products. PIMAG ULTRA SHOWER SYSTEM #1383 PIMAG ULTRA SHOWER SYSTEM REPLACEMENT FILTER #13831 The substances removed or reduced by this device are not necessarily in your water. System tested and certified by ANSI/NSF Standard 177 for the reduction of 90% of free available chlorine for 6,000 gallons. 28
  29. 29. THE NIKKEN SOLUTION TO THE SEARCH FOR environment PERFECT WATER. PiMag™ Optimizer II The Nikken PiMag Optimizer II uses the same forces as those found in nature — magnetic energy, water agitation for natural oxygenating pi technology — to produce water that is optimized, ideal for any use. The two-liter water pitcher with a closeable spout keeps optimized water ready for drinking. The ergonomic layout of the Optimizer II requires minimal counter space, and the digital readout panel includes multiple functions. PIMAG OPTIMIZER II #1359 PI RING AND ROTOR REPLACEMENT #1358 PITCHER #1357 “ After two months of drinking PiMag water and using Nikken products, my life has been changed for the better. — Theresa L. Solana, Haysville, Kansas ” MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY FOR HOUSEHOLD PLUMBING. Nikken Magna-Charger™ Focus-Field Technology is an innovation in magnetic engineering. The concave shape of the powerful, neodymium and ferrite magnetic inserts on the Magna-Charger provides a better fit for pipes. The facing magnetic surfaces are opposite in polarity — this creates the Focus-Field effect, in Magna-Charger helps prevent buildup (at left, above) and reduces clumping of which the magnetic flux lines are directed at right angles through the sediment. Attach it to any inflow pipe. water flow. #1312 29
  30. 30. Nikken believes — as you do — that the Kenzen™ Wellness | Organic-Based Nutrition best way to take care of your nutritional needs, is the natural way. So we created • Made from real food — an alternative to synthetic supplements the first complete program based on organic ingredients. These can fill the • Carefully selected for maximum nutrient yield nutritional gaps in your daily diet, to help • A complete program inspired by the body’s biological processes you “eat right,” even when your meals may fall short of the mark. Organic-Based Nutrition means that all ingredients are carefully chosen and the organic content is maximized. Nikken Kenzen Wellness nutrition was founded on a whole-food philosophy. These organic-based solutions bring your daily diet even closer to nature. NATURALLY BETTER. NEXT TO NATURE. KEEPING IT REAL For lifelong health, food may be the best medicine. Kenzen Wellness is the path to good eating and a better lifestyle. 30
  31. 31. Whole Body Renewal is a radical new approach to nutrition. It builds on the whole-food perspective that Nikken introduced with Kenzen Wellness. The central hub of Whole Body Renewal is the Core System, designed to help you meet your daily needs. Each of the other modules offers support for a specific biological activity: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neurological, immune, skeletal. Some elements of Whole Body Renewal accommodate the Bio-Replenishment™ theory conceived and developed by Dr. A.S. Narain Naidu — supporting the Digestion Complex 4-20 Lactoferrin Gold 1.8 compounds that the body synthesizes internally to enable metabolic processes. Others address the need for Bio-Nourishment — the externally-obtained nutrients that we require to keep going. Mental Clarity Omega Green + DHA Mega Daily 4 Bio-Replenishment and Bio-Nourishment are Jade Greenzymes Ciaga complementary. In the same way, the combination of Body Balance the Core System and the additional, individual system KE IK N categories make Whole Body Renewal a comprehensive, inclusive approach for supporting Organic-Based Nutrition means that Immunity WHOLE BODY RENEWAL: THE ESSENCE OF HEALTH OsteoDenx CalDenx Liver Support lifestyle these products are as far from wholly overall wellness. RG N Joint synthetic supplements as you can get. A GASTROINTESTINAL Every one of these is either 100% SYSTEM organic, or as organic as possible while staying consistent with offering the optimum support to help you meet your nutritional requirements. NERVOUS SYSTEM CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM CORE SYSTEM SKELETAL SYSTEM IMMUNE SYSTEM • Mega Daily 4 • Mega Daily 4 • Omega Green + DHA • Jade Greenzymes • Ciaga • Omega Green + DHA Nikken Organic-Based Nutrition N S IC O O Kenzen Daily Pack: Kenzen Deluxe Daily Pack: KENZEN DAILY PACK (MEN) #4626 KENZEN DELUXE DAILY PACK (MEN) WITH JADE GREENZYMES JAR #4628 KENZEN DAILY PACK (WOMEN) #4627 KENZEN DELUXE DAILY PACK (WOMEN) WITH JADE GREENZYMES JAR #4629 KENZEN DELUXE DAILY PACK (MEN) WITH JADE GREENZYMES CAPSULES #4638 KENZEN DELUXE DAILY PACK (WOMEN) WITH JADE GREENZYMES CAPSULES #4639 31
  32. 32. Core System Kenzen Core System nutrition represents the foundation of your nutritional program. The Core System contains the elements you require to help ensure you are meeting daily nutritional needs.* • Mega Daily 4 — daily vitamins and vegetable nutrients* • Ciaga™ — superpowered antioxidants support good health* • Jade GreenZymes™ — offers maximum nutrient intake and maximum nutrition* • Kenzen™ Body Balance Healthy Meal Replacement Mix — weight management, plus Mega SYSTEM 4 Daily JadeJade Greenzymes Greenzymes Ciaga Body Balance Digestion Complex 4-20 Lactoferrin Gold 1.8 Mental Clarity Omega Green + DHA Mega Daily 4 Ciaga Body Balance OsteoDenx Immunity Calcium Plus Liver Support Joint GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM NERVOUS SYSTEM CORE SYSTEM CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM CORE SKELETAL SYSTEM IMMUNE SYSTEM FEEL THE DIFFERENCE IT MAKES. VITAMINS, MINERALS, VEGETABLES AND Kenzen™ Ciaga™ MORE. For thousands of years, exotic Kenzen™ Mega Daily 4™ fruits such as noni, Kenzen™ Mega Daily 4™ is far more than a multivitamin pomegranate and goji berry supplement. It is formulated with organic vegetables — have provided exceptional which offer nutrients that chemically synthesized vitamins health benefits. But none of often lack. Mega Daily 4 gives you all known types of them alone offers an water-soluble and fat-soluble antioxidants, as well as expansive range of nutrients for supporting cellular function — for healthy nutrients. One drink metabolism, heart, cardiovascular, immune and brain does: Ciaga. It contains all function, hormonal balance and more.* It includes every the above and more, including aloe vera, cherry, blueberry, grape type of vegetable phytonutrient, derived from the whole and pear juices — and the combination creates synergy that spectrum of vegetable classes — red, orange, yellow, tan multiplies the effects of the individual ingredients. Ciaga’s natural and green — to help support healthy function of all your juices, herbs and extracts confer the benefits in its name: body’s biological processes and systems.* The 4 in Mega cardiovascular, immune, antioxidant, gastrointestinal and Daily 4 refers to four features: a multivitamin and mineral; adaptogenic.* It has double the antioxidant levels of ordinary vegetable superfoods (selected for their exceptional health drinks, contains no added water or preservatives, is all- nutrient content); whole body renewal components; natural, and tastes good. Enjoy Ciaga, and drink to your health. gender-specific support.* 2-PAK #15575 For Men For Women Mega Daily 4 for Men includes Mega Daily 4 for Women includes a natural herbs including blend of traditional herbs such as turmeric and green tea extract, green tea, dong quai and grape seed and plants such as saw palmetto extract to assist in moderating and Pygmeum africanum, to common effects of premenstrual support a healthy prostate.* syndrome and menopause, and for #1569 other female-specific concerns.* #1568 32 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.