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Challenges and tasks for game testers.


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Challenges and tasks for game testers. A game tester is someone who works for game companies to thoroughly test video games before the final version is released to the public. Games testers receive a version of a game that is close to its final stages. They must play the game a number of times, from start to finish, in order to uncover bugs or glitches within the game.
Find out how users react to your game. Gauging overall game difficulty/challenge. Design needs testing!
Google developers group Tarragona. November 2018
#GameJamWTM18 #GDGTarragona #talentEADT

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Challenges and tasks for game testers.

  1. 1. Challenges and tasks for game testers Ruth S. Contreras Espinosa @ruthsofhia
  2. 2. By Ruth Contreras
  3. 3. Why? Find out how users react to your game. Gauging overall game difficulty/challenge. Design – needs testing! User Interface VS users
  4. 4. Observing player experience In-game events. Are the most common type. Ruth S. Contreras
  5. 5. Observing player experience Control inputs. Inputs on gamepad, keywords, the mean for players to interact with games. Ruth S. Contreras
  6. 6. Observing player experience Spontaneous player comments. Verbal expressions of frustration, usbility problem that player are encountering. Ruth S. Contreras
  7. 7. Observing player experience Player's body language, facial expresion. Non verbal indicators Ruth S. Contreras
  8. 8. Observing player experience The play space. Try to capture as much detail about the physical space where the play takes place. Ruth S. Contreras
  9. 9. Observing player experience The set-up. Document how players set up the space and technology. Ruth S. Contreras
  10. 10. Observing player experience The social context. Capture as much detail you can about the social dynamics during play (dinamics between siblings,the role of parents and turn-taking rituals). Ruth S. Contreras
  11. 11. Ruth S. Contreras
  12. 12. Ruth S. Contreras
  13. 13. Be Professional Write bugs reporting. What happened. What should have happened. How to reproduce. How common & serious the bug is. Supporting data, like screenshots, or numbers. Know the difference between a criticism and a critique.
  14. 14. Ruth S. Contreras
  15. 15. Results Participant feedback Satisfactions ratings Task completion rates Ease or difficulty of completion ratings Time on task Errors Recommendations for improvements.
  16. 16. Ruth S. Contreras A good playtester 1. Play games taking notes on the various bugs you find. 2. Categorize each bug with an appropriate severity level. 2. Maintain a journal during testing experience and report the progress. 3.Write his/her experience during the process. 4. Provide a list of improvements to for the game. 5. Is honest, frank, and direct. 6. Contrast and compare games.
  17. 17. Ruth S. Contreras Good luck and good playtesting!
  18. 18. Thanks! Ruth S. Contreras Espinosa @ruthsofhia