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From Rubyist to JavaScrip-er - My Pain, Your Gain

  1. From Rubyist to JavaScript-er “My Pain, Your Gain”
  2. Who am I ? SME @ Emeritus Mentor w/ and Turing School Former Opera Singer Digital Garden at
  3. And if you haven’t, you will be soon We’ve all been there
  4. Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash Photo by Maxwell Nelson on Unsplash Good - self-learning with classes - Get the basics down - Wide variety of topics to choose from - See how other people do it - Figure out code in isolation
  5. BETTER - SMALL PROJECTS - Integrate small pieces of code into working functionality - Get community support around tooling and technical sophistication - Space to fail epically but still learn
  6. Net positive effect…what now?
  7. Best - Volunteering -You care, so you’ll push through -Find out latent skill sets -Your work is out in the real world -You get to work with incredible professionals like Alex and Glenn :)
  8. UBER BEST - Mentoring -Mimics real-world team environment -Builds empathy -Shows gaps in personal knowledge outside of isolated work issues
  9. (I’m looking for my next role! Lets talk) The End