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  • Hogue ruth ann_wdo-web strategy

    1. 1. Whiptail Publishing Website Phased Redesign Strategy Prepared June 2010 by RuthAnn Hogue
    2. 2. Shift in focus • Whiptail’s new brand is aimed at authors • The current site does not reflect brand • Changes are needed to meet brand goals
    3. 3. Phase 1 • Whiptail needs to welcome authors • Whiptail needs to provide targeted services aimed specifically at authors • The site needs keywords such as author or book promotion to appear in organic copy.
    4. 4. Subtle callouts signal a shift in market focus to authors Whiptail Publishing - Marketing for Authors A new page header lets authors know they are welcome and their needs will be met. It is not yet clear to them why they should trust Whiptail, but it is a place to start. BookTrailerCentral.com The addition of a social media network where authors can promote their books and network with other authors and with readers creates a sense of community and gives them a reason for coming back as well as referring the page to colleagues and friends. Phase 1: Welcomes authors and offers a social networking site.
    5. 5. Phase 1 Tests Poorly “Besides that it says it's for authors and the book trailer section, I don't see as anything that "stand out" that would make me choose it over other domain sites (I've been looking at several today).” -- Angela Current Book trailer, I had to look around bit, it is pretty small, so if I didn’t know specifically what I was looking for I would probably miss it. I have always found Go-Daddy to be difficult to use because there are so damn many buttons that the site generally feels busy and disorganized. -- Rick D'Elia I was able to find the link for "Book Trailer Central" easily, but only because I was looking for "Book Trailer Central." I would otherwise have no idea there was a link to a networking site. -- Scott Hesterman
    6. 6. Phase 2 • Whiptail needs replace its main image with something more author friendly • Whiptail needs to make Book Trailer Central more visible to visitors • The site needs to be “less busy”
    7. 7. Cleaner page focuses more on authors A new image let’s authors know they’re in the right place. Book Trailer Central has been added to the product carousel. Colors have been updated to be more seamless with booktrailercentral.com and @MyWhiptail on Twitter.
    8. 8. Building Brand Taking various elements from each page and incorporating them into the others makes it easier to see how the social network, Twitter and Whiptail fit together to serve authors. This is a precursor to a new navigation menu. A new menu signals a fundamental content shift Our Mission | Author Network | Author Resources | Events | Promote Books | Get Noticed
    9. 9. Phase 3 • Whiptail needs to create a custom home page to support organic, keyword rich copy • Whiptail needs to integrate custom navigation with related pages filled with rich content that can be linked to products and services deeper inside the Web site.
    10. 10. Mockup of Phase 3 Home Page Inline links Rich content offers the opportunity to link keywords deeper into the site to product pages offering exactly what the customer needs. This improves findability, usability and search engine optimization. First tier The first-tier links take authors to pages designed for them. Once inside, they will be directed to services to fit their needs, based on the content they choose to access from the home page. These also get indexed
    11. 11. “I like it. It has a warmer feel.” - Angela Current An Opinion Changed Before the redesign: Truthfully, I wouldn't likely purchase from this site over others because I don't see enough of what a writer looking to network and promote would want. I think if they are promoting as a site for writers, there should be more directed toward them. -- Angela Current
    12. 12. Opportunities • Ning offers monetization through ads and storefronts where members’ books and Whiptail gear could be offered for sale • Press releases could create a buzz and improve SEO • Regular RSS content updates can keep it fresh and make the site sticky
    13. 13. Taking a page from a competitor: @uthorsWeb Authorsontheweb.com includes a testimonial on the top right of its home page, a logo celebrating 10 years of business, vertical navigation on the left with key departments well marked with visual cues for organization, links to social media and a call out to connect with authors. The dominant visuals elements are actually thumbnails linking to home pages of its clients. Below are active campaigns and a footer with a link to Flikr. Opportunity: Whiptail could host contests and seek testimonials.
    14. 14. Inside Content Our Mission This should link to a page describing Whiptail’s mission and create a sense of trust and authority by offering information about the company. Author Network This should link to a page describing the benefits of the online community located on the Ning network. It should be as seamless as possible to transition from there to Book Trailer Central on Ning. Author Resources Authors love information and resources they can use and share. A collection of links related to copyright, getting published, writing tools and more would provide a reason for authors to bookmark the site and suggest it to others even if they are not personally ready to buy a Website. This should include links to Web products Whiptail offers on either the left rail of the page in addition to BookTrailerCentral.com. Author Events This should link to the events calendar on Ning. Book Promotion Here’s where content needs to speak directly to authors and convince them why they need a custom domain name for each book title, multiple email accounts using various book titles or how to set up a quick Website tonight. The content should be useful to anyone. The ability to click through on a menu to purchase those services should be made prominently available on the page. Get Noticed This is a great place to offer personalized branding services for authors seeking to make a name for themselves. Because this cannot be purchased through a shopping cart and immediately downloaded, this page would require a request for information form or a customer survey that visitors could complete. An automated reply with assurance that they will be contacted within 24 business hours should be attached to the form or survey.
    15. 15. Learn More • Porter, J. (2008). Designing for the Social Web. New Riders. Berkeley, Calif. • Krug, S. (2006). Don’t Make Me Think. New Riders. Berkeley, Calif. • Walter, A. (2008) Building Findable Websites. New Riders. Berkeley, Calif.