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Marie Brizard Anisette brochure 2015


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Marie Brizard Anisette brochure 2015

  1. 1. Marie BrizardDE IS 17 nisette Li• ueurAu rd MARIE BRIZARD BORDEAUX P RODUCED IN FRANCI recipe that has been kept secret since 1755. Asubtle combination of eleven plants and spices that intensifies all the freshness of green anise from the Mediterranean. egant, fresh and powerful, Anisette combines nobility with charm. L•njoy it straight, over ice, or mixed with soda or fruit juice. Marie BrizardDEPU S ANISETTE LIQUEUR Over 250 Years of Flavors & Color In early 1750, Marie Brizard, living in Bordeaux, was given a treasure from a young West Indian soldier. It was the secret of an aniseed liqueur made of eleven plants, spices and fruits. She set up her first distillery near the port of the city, and was supplied with spices from Africa and West Indies. Soon, the new creation quickly traveled the world, being served to Kings and Queens.The range of liqueurs was extended and the company became truly international. Proud of its past and committed to inovation, Marie Brizard remains the premier line of flavored liqueurs. Composition EEC/USA: Sugar, water, alcohol, green anise spirit (4.2%), plant and citrus spirits Characteristics Sensorial characteristics Appearance: liquid, crystal-clear. Smell: characteristic of green anise. Taste: sweet, slightly acid, characteristic of green anise. Analytical characteristics Alc/vol: 25% +/- 0,3 Density: 1,1371 +/- 0,01 Sugar content: 460 gIL Energy: 322 Kca1/100 ml Quality and Certification The entire staff of the Marie Brizard Group is committed to quality and services rendered to our customers. Product UPC code SCC code NABCA# Cases Pallet Weight Anisette Liqueur 25% 750 ml 6/750 ml 685701000025 20685701000029 475-65606-75 4/22 88 20.51bs
  2. 2. Filtering Spirits .4 Proportioning sIik MP. Alcoholat rye Infusion 4117 MIM Water 1.11. Alcohol mow Sugar Ageing Blending Vat Bottling Marie Brizard ANISETTE TONIC INGREDIENTS .5 oz Marie Brizard Anisette I fresh squeezed Lemon Juice I Half slice of Lemon Top with Tonic Water Marie BrizardDEPUIS 1755 ANISETTE Anisette is made using a unique and unchanged secret recipe, consisting of a subtle combination of eleven plants and spices intensifying all the freshness of green anise from the Mediterranean. Elegant, fresh and powerful,Anisette combines nobilty with charm. Enjoy it straight, over ice, or as a long drink with water and a dash of lemon! Elegance: The complex aromas produced by the double distillation of eleven spices and fruits. Smoothness: The balance between sugar and alcohol. Freshness: The overriding flavor of green anise from the Mediterranean. Anisette Liqueur 25% 750 ml ANISETTE COCKTAILS PREPARATION SEXY MARIE INGREDIENTS 3 oz Marie Brizard Anisette I oz of your favorite Marie Brizard Cordial: Parfait Amour Blackberry Pear Orange Liqueur PREPARATION PINK MARY INGREDIENTS .5 oz Marie Brizard Anisette I oz Vodka 3 oz Cranberry Juice I fresh squeed Lemon Juice PREPARATION Add all the ingredients (except the tonic Pour the ingredients directly in a glass full of ice cubes Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with water) in a shaker with some ice cubes. and a fresh flower garnish some ice cubes. Shake, serve in a tumbler glass with ice Shake and serve in a matini glass cubes and top with tonic water. Decorate with a lemon slide. MSSTHE OTHER WINE & SPIRITS 7300 BISCAYNE BLV # 404- (3RD FLOOR). MIAMI FL 33I38.TLF 305-895-9757. WWVV.OWS-WINESPIRITS.COM