7 Questions to Ask About SCORM in an RFP


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Presentation given by Mike Rustici at eLearning DevCon 2010. Run through of the most important questions you should consider about SCORM when planning an LMS purchase.

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7 Questions to Ask About SCORM in an RFP

  1. 1. Beyond the Checkbox: 7 things to ask your LMS vendor about SCORM Mike Rustici Rustici Software DevCon 2010
  2. 2. All we do is scorm Now,  at  Rustici  Software,  we  do  SCORM   and  we  do  …  SCORM.  It’s  all  we  do.  As  a   result,  we’ve  seen  it  done  well  and  we’ve   seen  it  done  …  not  so  well.  Let’s  just  say   it’s  easy  to  say  something  is  SCORM   compatible  but  not  necessarily  easy  to   actually  be  compatible.    
  3. 3. We  know  it’s  possible  for  you  to  get  what  you  need   and  not  have  it  be  a  complete  headache.  If  you’re  out   to  have  SCORM  in  your  LMS,  here  are  the  seven  most   critical  questions  to  ask  your  LMS  vendor  before  you   sign  the  dotted  line.  (We  actually  have  more  than  27   for  you  to  consider,  but  you  don’t  want  to  watch  all   that.  Visit  our  website  –  scorm.com  -­‐  to  get  the  paper   with  full  discussion  of  each  of  the  questions.)   Kevin  on  flic kr   CC  image  by   CC  image  by  Cappellmeister  on  flickr  
  4. 4. VERSIONS? Question  one:  What  versions   of  SCORM  do  you  support  
  5. 5. There  are  five  versions  of  SCORM   SC0RM 1.1 right  now  –  1.1,  1.2  and  2004,   second,  third  and  fourth  editions.   The  most  widely  adopted  is   SCORM  1.2,  so  you’ll  want  that   version  at  a  minimum.  SCORM   2004  adds  some  great  functionality   but  it’s  not  quite  as  commonly   SC0RM 1.2 used.  Yet.   SC0RM 2004 Editions - 2nd, 3rd, 4th
  6. 6. SC0RM 1.2 != SC0RM 2004 != SC0RM 1.2 Note  that  it’s  not  a  seamless   transition  between  them  –  just   because  it  supports  2004   doesn’t  mean  it  supports  1.2.   Not  backwards  compatible.  
  7. 7. CERTIFIED? Question  two:  Are  you   SCORM  certified  by   ADL?  If  not,  please   provide  test  logs.  
  8. 8. ADL Certification for SCORM Vendor/Developer Academic ADL Co-Lab Vendor/Developer • Run self test suite Vendor/ • Review self test logs and product Developer opts Yes Start available at information forms. to proceed • Fill out, sign, and return the www.adlnet.org with SCORM SCORM Conformance • Provide the following to the • Review process and test? Registration Agreement Form Vendor/Developer: download product Letter or email with • When notified, send product information forms at description of services to with installation instructions, www.witesting.org be provided and estimated fee product pre-installed on No • Submit self test logs hardware, or login information The SCORM Conformance and forms to the Registration Agreement Form Academic ADL Co-Lab. Wisconsin Testing Organization Wisconsin Testing • Perform conformance test Organization Certification Process Yes No Vendor/ No Product End Developer Passes End request a Conformance Academic ADL Co-Lab Alexandria ADL retest? Test Co-Laboratory • Provide Vendor/ Developer with Test Vendor/Developer Finish • Post successful Results Report Form Yes certification test results and the test log • • Pay invoice Pay invoice Academic ADL Co-Lab on ADL Website • Provide ADL Certified • • Fill out, sign and Fill out, sign and (www.adlnet.org) logo to Vendor/ • Invoice Vendor/ return SCORM logo return SCORM Logo Developer license agreement and License Agreement Developer • Provide test results to Vendor Consent Form and Vendor Consent • Send SCORM Logo the Alexandria ADL authorizing release of Forms authorizing License Agreement and Co-Laboratory test resultstest results release of Vendor Consent Forms
  9. 9. t   k VERSION ADL  will  certify  systems  as  being  conformant  with  a   particular  version  of  SCORM.  A  LMS  is  not  “SCORM   Certified”,  it  is  “SCORM  2004  3rd  Edition  Certified”  or   “SCORM  1.2  LMS-­‐RTE3  Certified”  (more  on  the  “RTE3”  bit   in  the  next  question).  Also  note  that  ADL  only  certifies  the   specific  version  of  the  LMS  that  it  tests  against.  If  a   vendor  has  changed  their  SCORM  implementation  since   becoming  certified,  it  is  no  longer  technically  certified.  
  10. 10. Certification  is  a  bit  of  a  process,  and  nice  to  see,  but  not   critical.  If  they  are  not  certified,  there  is  still  a  way  to  ensure   that  their  claim  of  SCORM  conformance  is  legitimate,  ask   them  for  their  test  suite  logs.  ADL  produces  a  freely-­‐ available  conformance  test  suite  that  runs  all  of  the  same   tests  that  a  certification  auditor  runs.  So  ask  to  see  the  logs   from  tests  to  ensure  they  can  pass  whether  or  not  they’ve   gone  through  the  certification  process.  
  11. 11. No test passage = ! BIG  NOTE:  If  they  can’t  pass  the  full  set  of   conformance  tests,  they  are  MOST  DEFINITELY   NOT  SCORM  CONFORMANT.  If  there’s  nothing   else  you  get  out  of  anything  I  say,  please  demand   that  the  vendor  provide  some  kind  of  proof  of  their   SCORM  conformance.   SC0RM conformant
  12. 12. USER EXPERIENCE? Question  three:  What’s   the  experience  like  for   the  user?  
  13. 13. flickr   ahlström  on   CC  image  by  Håkan  D n  flickr    mauspray  o CC  image  by How  does  the  SCORM  player  respond  to   large  courses?   Can  the  user  interface  be  customized  for   each  course?   How  many  windows  does  the  LMS  open?   Does  the  LMS  provide  any  indication  of  progress   and  status  to  the  learner?     Is  there  an  easy  to  use  course  menu?   r    mattias_ eson  on  flick CC  image  by r   foord  on  flick CC  image  by  Ollie  Cra kr   wan-­‐M  on  flic CC  image  by  E
  14. 14. DATA? Question  four:  How   does  data  reported  via   SCORM  feed  into  the   rest  of  the  system?  
  15. 15. SCORM  contains  logic  that  precisely   defines  when  a  SCORM  package  is   considered  “completed”  or   Dy anna  on  flickr   “satisfied”.  It  contains  logic  to   CC  image  by   identify  a  precise  score  and  many   other  data  model  elements.  
  16. 16. However,  SCORM  doesn’t  say  that  “once  the  course  is   completed,  the  learner  should  receive  credit  for  it  in   the  LMS  and  it  should  show  up  on  his/her  transcript”.   How  the  data  created  and  tracked  by  SCORM  affects    on  flickr   the  rest  of  the  LMS  system  is  beyond  the  scope  of   CC  image  by  psd SCORM,  but  should  be  considered  carefully  to  ensure   that  it  is  in  line  with  expectations.  
  17. 17. It’s  all  about  understanding  your   expectations.  Knowing  what  you   expect  and  making  sure  it’s   r   actually  what  you  get.   raphy  on  flick CC  image  by  Trippog
  18. 18. striatic  on  flickr   CC  image  by  
  19. 19. REPORTS? Question  five:  What  reports   are  available  to  extract   SCORM  data?  
  20. 20. SCORM  provides  content  with  the   ability  to  report  a  wealth  of  data  about   the  learner’s  experience  with  a  course.   r}  on  flickr   s   |  Jason  Teste The  content  can  provide  as  much  or  as   errilla  Future little  of  this  data  as  is  relevant.     CC  image  by  {Gu
  21. 21. SCORM  requires  the  LMS  to  store  this  data  only   for  the  current  attempt  on  a  SCO.  Once  that   attempt  is  over,  there  is  no  formal  requirement   for  the  LMS  to  persist  the  data.  SCORM  also   r   doesn’t  specify  how  the  LMS  should  make  the   ang  on  flick tracked  data  available  for  the  learner  or   CC  image  by  zappowb administrators  to  view  and  report  on.  
  22. 22. Again  -­‐  It’s  all  about  understanding  your   expectations.  Knowing  what  you  expect   and  making  sure  it’s  actually  what  you   r   raphy  on  flick get.  You  might  not  need  or  care  about  a   ton  of  reports.   CC  image  by  Trippog
  23. 23. striatic  on  flickr   CC  image  by  
  24. 24. TOOLS? Question  six:  What  tools   are  available  to  LMS  user   and  content  developer   when  creating/importing   content?  
  25. 25. Is  there  a  sandbox  environment  for   LMS  administrators  to  use  when   r   dorf  on  flick testing  new  content?  Is  this  sandbox   CC  image  by  sgils available  to  external  content   developers  (if  so,  are  additional   licenses  required  for  them)?  
  26. 26. PLUG-INS? Question  seven:  Does  the  LMS   require  Java  applets  or  other   plug-­‐ins  be  available  in  the   browser?  
  27. 27. These  can  create  huge  support   a headaches  and  are  notorious  for   causing  compatibility  problems.  And   note  that  SCORM  requires  JavaScript,   ! not  Java.  
  28. 28. Kevin  on  flic kr   CC  image  by  
  29. 29. I  hope  this  gives  you  a  great  start  on  what  to  ask   your  LMS  vendor  to  ensure  you  get  a  SCORM   implementation  that  brings  you  joy  rather  than   headaches.  If  you  have  any  questions  about   anything  I’ve  mentioned  or  SCORM  in  general,  drop   nget  on  flickr   age  by  basiba by  our  website  at  scorm.com  and  ask  us.  We  like   questions!   CC  im
  30. 30. Beyond the Checkbox Twitter: @mike_rustici Email: mike.rustici@scorm.com www.scorm.com