2012 ASTD Project Tin Can – Tim Martin


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For more information on the Tin Can API, visit http://tincanapi.com

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  • First, a bit of history
  • Ah, vinyl. What does this fine piece of equipment do? It plays music.Where? The living room of a 1980’s home.It’s better than Pavarati. It’s portable. It’s plays at the same quality every time. You know what you’re getting.You can house many LPs in your library, not so with Pavarati. And they eat less.When you go shopping for it, you don’t have to think about whether it will work on YOUR machine. It just works. Mostly.Talk about standards and WHY the record played well at everyone’s house
  • SCORM is much like the record player  but there aren’t pretty pictures of itFor it’s time, it was state of the artIt accomplished certain things really well Produce content once, play many times  reusability Buy from any vendor and it works, mostly  interoperability10 years of successMany business built around it – including oursTalk about standards here, specific to SCORM Packaging Runtime API
  • (Ideally play the sound of a record scratching)HOLD ON, what the heck is an API?Record players didn’t have them. CD players did. (Talk about play, stop, etc.)In SCORM, it works like this: Application Programming InterfaceTalk about the javascript API and 8 methods and limited vocabulary
  • SCORM’s API matters to you, precisely because it IS a limitationOne lonely learnerInteracting with one monolithic LMSAlways in the browser
  • Let’s go back to the record player…It was great, yes. We were much better off. We were happy.(Mention David Wilcox song  everyone can fly)What we didn’t know then, but we do now:Quality was less than idealThe media won’t fit in your pocketNo remote controlIt only plays in your living roomCrazy things we hadn’t even conceivedWhat if the whole player could fit in your pocket?Why do I have to go to a store to get this stuff?What if it could work in your car?Could we just stream it from somewhere?What if it could show us images too?We didn’t yet know what to ask for
  • ADL – governing body for SCORM and a DoD agency AskedUs, Rustici Software, a provider of SCORM services, to go to the communityAndFigure out what comes next
  • So we went to the people who would know – our communityAnd we askedThe feedback was fascinating and deepLong form interviews with 75 people103 white papers submitted to LETSI (apologize for the alphabet soup)Piles of feedback via User VoiceWe even took some direction from the folks who funded it (ADL)150 LMS providers and 150 content vendors who are Rustici Software customersIt was, after all, a two way conversation (hence the name, Tin Can)
  • A draft version of the specificationPrototypesAnd more feedback
  • WebservicesvsJavascript (and a hint about why it matters)
  • Noun – verb – objectEnglish is readable.Anyone can follow what this means.And it can say SO MUCH.You’ve seen this before (next slide)
  • Facebook uses this structureIt comes from Activity Streams, a piece of work done on the Open Web Federation including Google and Facebook
  • The combination of two fundamental changes Webservices APISentence structureOpens a world of possibility  let’s talk about that
  • A collection of the new and the awesome
  • The loudest message we heard was this. SIMPLIFY IT PLEASEWe took the following goal for the activity provider: 8 pages and 8 hours to an implementation.We’re trying.(LRSs will still be more complicated.)
  • Does anyone recognize this? Where do you play this game?Mobile launched experiences (no browser requirement)Imagine all the things that you do on your phone that might be worth reporting learning from?Instapaper is a favorite app of mine.Inkling/IbooksRecipe app?What about a treasure hunt?
  • If this looks like greek to you, it’s because it is, or, well, Finnish at least.The JS piece of SCORM creates a real limitation you don’t want to explore. It’s called Cross Domain scripting, and it means that every piece of content has to be served from the LMS itself. Think of all the great things out there on the internet!YouTubeKhan AcademyBrainpopWhen you go to learn, you go to the web, not the LMS.
  • CPR dummiesWhat kind of statements might they make?Why couldn’t an xbox make a statement? Would a simulation like World of Warcraft have any stories to tell?How about Flight Simulator?
  • Has anyone learned anything new today? During the conversation?Does your LMS know that?Would the fact that you attended a conference be significant?Listen, I know that being the mayor is important, but do you think we could find interesting patterns from where people are checking in? And how it relates to what they’re learning?
  • For a long time, the travelling salesperson has been a foremost concern for disconnection. How can I train my salesperson about the new drug he needs to sell when he’s on the plane!?I get calls for a disconnected SCORM player all the time, but it’s hard.We’re starting to play with solutions for more extreme disconnected scenarios too? How could you collect learning data from a class in Africa that has computers but limited bandwidth?
  • Authored, taught, mentored, gradedWhen you’re offered an unlimited set of verbs, the things you can express are, well, unlimited.Note: In the current version of Tin Can, we’re going to support a limited collection of verbs. We don’t want you all going crazy right away. But the structure is there to support so much more.
  • SCORM provides no method for learning management systems to talk to each other.Present a scenario where a learner progresses through systems throughout his lifeElementary schoolHigh schoolCollegeFirst employerBusiness schoolA lifelong expression of experience
  • The time has come to remove the shackles that SCORM has imposed
  • The time has come for you guys to design broader experiences without limitations.PureSafety story. What might the broader experience of teaching someone to drive a forklift look like? Safety trainingProctored test?Actual driving test?Discussion with a mentor who had previously had an accident?Accident reports recorded in the same way?It all builds to this:Tin Can offers a vocabulary by which experiences can be recorded. Experiences of many different types. And those experiences can be related to outcomes.Imagine a hospital mitigating riskOr a salesperson mimicing the behavior of the best sales person?Start to design YOUR expereiences
  • ADL is doing real things right nowIn 2011, they followed 5 projectsIn 2012, this is the path forwardWeekly public meetings starting last Thursday, April 5, continuing todayExpected June releasetincan.adlnet.gov
  • You have somewhere to play with this stuff right now.beta.projecttincan.com
  • 2012 ASTD Project Tin Can – Tim Martin

    1. 1. Tim Martin – Rustici Software – tim.martin@scorm.com - @timpmartin
    2. 2. <history>
    3. 3. Record Player cc image via stewf@flickr
    4. 4. SCORM image cc image via rusticisoftware@flickr
    5. 5. What is an API? cc image via clunyclogger@flickr
    6. 6. LMS cc image via shanghaidaddy@flickr SCORM’s APIcc image via tmartin@flickr
    7. 7. image via apple via bgsulib67@flickrcc image via smemon@flickr
    8. 8. 2011 – A research project image via snapsurveys
    9. 9. The Community cc image via shaughnessy@flickr
    10. 10. </history>
    11. 11. The Result (circa 2011)
    12. 12. <nap time><technical explanation>
    13. 13. learning record store (LRS) activities
    14. 14. This topic is boring and terribly ill-suited to a picture.
    15. 15. I did this.
    16. 16. Facebook/activity streams
    17. 17. </technical explanation> </nap time>
    18. 18. <new capabilities>
    19. 19. Simplicity cc image via gilderic@flickr
    20. 20. Mobile/no browser
    21. 21. Run content from anywhere (cross domain) cc image via kuivalainen@flickr
    22. 22. Games/Simulations (xbox, flight simulator) cc image via foxypar4@flickr
    23. 23. Real world
    24. 24. Disconnected cc image via johnmcnab@flickr
    25. 25. Tim commented on a blog Tim authoreda bookTim graded an assignment Tim searchedfor info on a topic
    26. 26. LRS  LRS
    27. 27. </new capabilities>
    28. 28. Remove the shackles image via magicpuzzles
    29. 29. Grand vision  painted cc image via dotx3@flickr
    30. 30. <this is real>
    31. 31. ADL
    32. 32. Sandbox cc image via marical@flickr
    33. 33. Early adopters Articulate Blackboard Dominknow Elogic ExamBuilder Litmos Rapid Intake Many others…
    34. 34. </this is real>
    35. 35. <what can I do?>
    36. 36. Participatehttp://tincan.adlnet.govhttp://beta.projecttincan.com
    37. 37. Ask your vendors
    38. 38. Refuse to accept the status quo Imagine more
    39. 39. </what can I do?>
    40. 40. Tim Martin – Rustici Software – tim.martin@scorm.com - @timpmartin