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2011 DevLearn – Beyond SCORM – Aaron Silvers


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2011 DevLearn – Beyond SCORM – Aaron Silvers

  1. 1. Beyond SCORM: Supporting Future Learning Experiences DevLearn 2011Mike Rustici @mike_rusiticiAaron Silvers @aaronesilvers
  2. 2. image from disney’sphineas and ferbWhatchaDoi n?
  3. 3. SCORM’s SuccessCC image by lynac on flickr CC image by amylena on flickr Before SCORM After SCORM
  4. 4. It CanBe Done… But It’sNot Pretty cc image from Phil Manker on flickr
  5. 5. What are the roadblocks?
  6. 6. To The Rescue • ADL – FLEX – Project Tin Can • AICC – CMI 5 – PENS • LETSI – RTWS – CaaS • IMS – Common Cartridge cc image from revbean on flickr – LTI
  7. 7. Simplicity Power
  8. 8. I Did This
  9. 9. I Did ThisNoun Verb Object
  10. 10. I I completed “Explosives Training”Noun
  11. 11. I Crew #8 completed “Explosives Training”Noun
  12. 12. Did Mike Taught “Explosives Training”Verb
  13. 13. Did Mike Successfully Handled ExplosivesVerb
  14. 14. This Mike completed “F-16 Engine FailureObject Scenario Simulation”
  15. 15. This Mike taught “SCORM For Simulations atObject LEEF 2011”
  16. 16. cc image from Whole Wheat Toast on flickr1. On the fly entity creation2. Device transition
  17. 17. Mike taught “SCORM For Simulations at LEEF 2011” Crew #8 attended “SCORM For Simulations at LEEF 2011” Johnny participated in “SCORM For Simulations at LEEF 2011”cc image from HåkanDahlström on flickr Ben authored “SCORM For Simulations at LEEF 2011”
  18. 18. I Watched “Kahn Academy, Pattern of US Cold War Interventions” I Read “The Cold War: A Military History”, by Ambrose, Carr, Fleming et al I Passed “The End of the Cold War”, University of Georgia - History 4091 I Simulated The Cuban Missile Crisis as Robert McNamara I Played Negotiation in Motioncc image from Joe Lencioni on flickr I Experienced Berlin Wall in Second Life I Was Mentored By Stephen Ambrose I Blogged “My Childhood and the Cold War”
  19. 19. Team 2 wrote “Impacts of the Cold Waron Explosive Technology”Mike edited “Impacts of the Cold War onExplosive Technology”Professor Smith graded “Impacts of theCold War on Explosive Technology”Professor Smith gave Mike an A on“Impacts of the Cold War on ExplosiveTechnology”Professor Smith gave Team 2 a B on“Impacts of the Cold War on ExplosiveTechnology”
  20. 20. cc image from Whole Wheat Toast on flickr• Out of Browser Experiences• Offline and Occasionally Connected• Cross Domain• Alternate devices and formats (mobile)• Security• Decoupled data models
  21. 21. I Complexities • • • Email address Open Id Organizational Id • System Id I Did This Did • Learned Noun Verb Object • Attended • Participated • Player • Simulated • WatchedSomebody In Context Well / • Wrote I Did This On June 17 says that Of ____ Poorly • Answer • Passed This Asserted Noun Verb Object Target With Result Timestamp By • URL • Textual Description • Structured Learning Object Metadata • Repository Handle • CoP • Simulation Definition
  22. 22. Prototypes
  23. 23. Activity Streams: The Hotness
  25. 25. Vikings Did This(in the context of a community).
  26. 26. So, who uses activity streams?• Project Tin Can• Federal Learning Registry• Activity• Google+• Facebook
  27. 27. You Do This Already!
  28. 28. Social Metadata: how people use stuff!!!• Social networks highlight people and how they use stuff.• Learning Registry focuses on how the “stuff” gets used.• Same type of data; different way to sort the activity stream.
  29. 29. How do all the pieces fit?
  30. 30. A “Next Generation SCORM”• Project Tin Can – A fresh start – Pure R&D• AICC CMI 5 – Evolution form CMI 4 and current SCORM – New communication framework• And More…
  31. 31. Mike Rustici * @mike_rustici Aaron Silvers * @aaronesilvers Project Tin Can * @projecttincan ADL Flex * @lrnEXP Federal Learning Registry * @learningreg LETSI RTWS * @letsi AICC CMI 5