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Rbth For Media Eng

  1. 1. Foreign Supplements of Rossiyskaya Gazeta
  2. 2. Contents: : 1.The Problem 2.Aims and Objectives 3.Background 4.Partners 5.Audience 6.Formats 7.Presentation 8.Feedback 9.Contacts
  3. 3. – "Rossiiskaya Gazeta" (Russian Gazette) was founded by the Russian Government. The first issue appeared on November 11, 1990; – "Rossiiskaya Gazeta" enjoys official status: we publish official acts of state, in addition to ordinary content; – "Rossiiskaya Gazeta" is intended for the general reader, its content embracing everything from daily news, special reports and interviews with government officials to expert comments. – Our daily circulation: 218, 905 copies; – According to TNS Gallup Media, our audience includes 331 000 regular readers; – "Rossiiskaya Gazeta“ is printed in 44 Russian cities. Local issues include regional supplements and special features; – "Rossiiskaya Gazeta“ has 32 offices; 18 of them are located abroad.
  4. 4. The Problem Reports on Russia are frequently biased, and the image Influential national newspapers with million strong of Russia presented in foreign press is distorted. readerships, reinforced in recent years by their online resources, remain a widely used source of everyday Foreign communities cannot adequately evaluate the information for members of political, business and academic positive changes taking place in Russia on the basis of elites in western countries. single-sided information. News supplements, sections, inserts on economy, policy This has a negative effect on the country’s international and culture of other countries published in cooperation with image, creating an unfavorable environment for foreign influential quality newspapers are a traditional tool for direct policy initiatives, hinders effective operation of Russian communications with key influence groups in western businesses in other countries, and reduces the inflow of countries. Such inserts are regularly published throughout foreign investments. the world by China, Kazakhstan, India, Brazil, Taiwan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Northern Ireland, Azerbaijan, other Media channels of counteraction to single-sided countries and regions interested in improving their global foreign publications about Russia include specialized image. electronic media – RIA Novosti, Russia Today, Voice of Russia. All of them, however, face high “entry barriers” to western media markets, which limit their reach and opportunities in forming Russia-loyal influence groups. Publication of “Russian” inserts in influential western newspapers is an effective and needed channel for distribution of alternative information about Russia, its home and foreign policy, economy, business and culture in other countries.
  5. 5. Strategic Objectives: Enhancement of the international reputation of Russia, its political leaders and executive powers; Promotion of important international initiatives and events with Russian participation; Contribution to raising the country’s investment attractiveness; Promotion of the nation’s brand, Russian trademarks and innovations; Counteraction to misinformation and unfair competition against Russian businesses and the country in general, including its specific regions in their expansion to foreign markets and attempts to secure foreign investments; Researching of the true public attitude towards Russia in specific countries though interactive tools (voting, contests, blogs, etc.) Advertising and promotion of other Russian media targeted at foreign audiences. The primary goal of the project is to help the international community go beyond the stereotype perception of Russia, to offer a view of a country that is changing in response to global challenges, while maintaining its traditions and identity.
  6. 6. Background: RG Foreign Supplements Stage I (late 2006 – mid 2007) Partners: • The Washington Post (USA), including washingtonpost.com • The Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom) • The Economic Times (India) • Duma (Bulgaria) Stage I objectives: • testing of different models of editorial and commercial collaboration with partner newspapers; • analysis of reader feedback. Stage I publication scenarios: • editorial produced in Moscow, but laid out and published under control of partner newspapers on the basis of special preferential rates (USA, UK); • the same, but on terms of editorial partnership and mutual production of pages (India).
  7. 7. Background: RG Foreign Supplements Stage II (August 2007) What changed and what’s new on stage II: • new editorial concept; • uniform graphic style and design; • common name - Russia Beyond The Headlines (and stereotypes of the western press); • expanded online edition on www.rbth.ru; • new e-paper format with additional information capabilities Stage II objectives: • to seamlessly integrate the new product into western newspapers and the new multimedia environment; • to comply with generally accepted western newspaper standards (design, graphics, styles); • to form a potential for online expansion in countries of publication; • to establish a consistent system of communications with readers (feedback); • to achieve a high level of recognition and trust in target groups in order to make it easier for other products and services to enter the same markets.
  8. 8. Partner Newspapers from 2007 Major newspaper and web resource of the US capitol Daily circulation - 657 000 copies Combined readership - 1,7 mln Publication date – last Wednesday of each month Website audience - 13 mln, incl. 8 mln in the USA + one of the biggest Internet resources in the USA WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM
  9. 9. Partner Newspapers from 2007 с 2007 года Biggest quality national newspaper in Great Britain with a powerful online presence Daily circulation - 660 000 copies Combined readership - 3,7 mln Publication date – last Thursday of each month Website audience - 23 mln monthly unique users + one of the biggest Internet resources in Great Britain WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK
  10. 10. Partner Newspapersс 2007 года from 2007 National business newspaper published by India’s largest media group - Times of India Daily circulation - 870 000 copies Combined readership - 3 mln Publication date – first Saturday of each month Website audience – 15 mln monthly unique users + ePaper on one of India’s major English language Internet resources WWW.ECONOMICTIMES.INDIATIMES.COM
  11. 11. Partner Newspapers from 2007 с 2007 года Bulgarian #1 national newspaper Daily circulation - 14 000 copies Combined readership - 60 000 Publication date – last Wednesday of each month + website WWW.DUMA.BG
  12. 12. New International Project Partner. 2009 In February 2009 Rossiyskaya Gazeta signed an agreement with one of Brazil’s major publishing houses - Inews Comercio de Jornais, Revistas y Periodicos Ltd. From March 2009 Rossiyskaya Gazeta publishes Russia inserts in Jornal do Brasil – national newspaper (Brasilia, and Gazeta Mercantil Rio de Janeiro) Circulation - 91 000 copies. The Brazilian partner publishes monthly Brazil inserts in Rossiyskaya Gazeta – financial and economic business newspaper (San Paolo) Circulation - 75 000 copies. + websites www.jbonline.terra.com.br and www.gazetamercantil.com.br
  13. 13. Key Audience Groups
  14. 14. Audience Survey - The Daily Telegraph Research commissioned by The Daily Telegraph (UK) showed that the insert was noticed by the readers, and that its contest is of interest to the target audience. Survey revealed actual demand for additional alternative information about Russia, which readers are prepared to receive both through printed and online media channels. 45% 39% Saw the Russia Beyond Read the Russia Beyond the Headlines insert the Headlines insert
  15. 15. Constant Multimedia Presence The monthly frequency of the paper edition is compensated by the opportunity to constantly update its digital (e-paper) and online editions Modern technologies make it possible to enhance published texts with video and audio content, additional materials and graphics, links to relevant websites, presentations and comments. Extended editorial and advertising capacity. Possibility of searching, archiving and emailing content. Increased “readability” of pages. Access to accurate statistics on visits, views, reading time for specific pages, etc. Online monitoring of audience profiles and geography. Immediate feedback. www.rbth.ru ePaper
  16. 16. The Printed Edition
  17. 17. Project Formats: Online Edition www.rbth.ru Easy navigation Convenient search of sections and stories Easy access Free access to archives of all publications Online advertising in various formats
  18. 18. Project Formats: Digital Edition (ePaper) www.rbth.ru/e-paper Possibility to view the paper as if was printed Possibility to add additional content: video files, presentations, photo galleries Online advertising on additional pages with links to brand sites
  19. 19. Project Formats: Partner Newspaper Websites Publication of content on Opportunity to publish websites of partner additional content: videos, newspapers significantly presentations, photo galleries expands project coverage provided by media partners Interactive techniques of communication with the Plans include use of audience (surveys, contests, multimedia content (video and etc.) provide opportunities for audio podcasts, photo regular research, and allow galleries, slideshows, etc.) the publisher to receive provided by media partners feedback from readers Opportunity to advertise Apart from materials from Russian media partners to printed supplements, the western audience microsites are regularly updated with additional analysis and reviews
  20. 20. Overview of Partner Newspaper Websites www.economictimes.com www.washingtonpost.com Audience – 13 mln Audience – 15 mln, incl. 8 mln in the USA www.telegraph.co.uk Audience – 23 mln
  21. 21. Our Newsmakers
  22. 22. First Person Biographies of top executives International status of companies Expert opinions Corporate statistics and facts Experience on the Russian market
  23. 23. Business News and Events Company News Business Calendar
  24. 24. Expert Opinions and Commentary
  25. 25. Regions Promotion of Russian cities and regions, brands of products and services from a specific geographic area; Promotion of investment opportunities in various Russian cities and regions; Promotion of export and tourism opportunities in various Russian cities and regions; Information support of participation of Russian cities and regions in foreign exhibitions, fairs, etc.
  26. 26. Examples of Region Presentation
  27. 27. Feedback from Professionals “This series of supplements sets a new global standard in depth, quality and impact, and is already generating considerable interest in many countries that want to follow its example. I have been working in this field for ten years, and Russia chose a much better approach than others, because it has a comprehensive through through plan“. Amer Yakub, Publisher, Foreign Policy magazine, Washington Post Media “We are very happy with the Russian supplement. It gives our readers an opportunity to learn the Russian point of view from the inside. This is confirmed by our readers’ feedback”. Catherine Weymouth, Publisher, Washington Post “American readers now have a wonderful guide to modern Russia. RBTH covers many aspects of our life, demonstrating true journalistic talent. I cannot express all my feelings to this media project. Rossiyskaya Gazeta has a very serious and professional approach. I can confidently state that RBTH is already recognized in the highest echelons of US power and has made the lists of the Washington elite‘s must read literature“. Yuri Ushakov, former Russian Ambassador in the USA.
  28. 28. Feedback from US and British readers “The Russian insert is a good demonstration of what virtually everyone has been talking about for decades: the western press never strived to give a truly unprejudiced or balanced presentation of other countries’ points of view. Alternative opinions from these countries, even coming from their governments, should only be welcomed!” “We are tired of getting selected quotes from American politicians as the only source of information on which to base our opinions on the state of the entire world… It’s ironic that the state known for its thoughtless demonstrations of power and excessive patriotism criticizes the Russians for trying to create a more balanced impression of their country abroad” “Thank you for publishing Russia Now supplements in Washington Post. It is essential for more Americans to have access to information showing that our Дочь Дж. Буша - Jenna Bush – с американской вкладкой policy is now always the best.  We must cooperate with other countries on «РГ» перед посадкой на борт global issues. Your supplement provides information that cannot be found in президентского самолета — our mainstream media. It would be good if all Americans were prepared to go фото агентства beyond their borders and learn from others, instead of accepting information Associated Press generated by those who benefit from lack of trust. Please, continue publishing от 26 сентября 2007 г. Russia Now in Washington Post”. Вывешен на сайте The Washington Post
  29. 29. Contacts: Alexander Gorbenko General Director Rossiyskaya Gazeta International Projects Department Tel. +7 495 775 3117 gorbenko@rg.ru Tel./Fax +7 (495) 775 3114 Mobile +7 (903) 549 3644 Email: abov@rg.ru WWW http://www.rbth.ru