Workshop revised codes 2013


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Workshop revised codes 2013

  1. 1. The proposed new BEE Codes of Good Practice isgetting all of us in this industry very excited. THE “PLANNING AHEAD” WORKSHOP WILL BE HOSTEDEnormous focus is being placed on the Basic FrameworkChanges proposed in the Revised Codes, with special FROM 1ST NOVEMBER – 15 DECEMBER 2012attention to positive and negative implications that mayhave an impact on your existing BEE Scorecard.With the scorecard being reduced to 5 measurementelements, the impact of penalties for non-achievement ofthree basic BEE conditions is the biggest concern formost companies.While the Revised Codes are still in draft format, it isclear that the new framework and principles are here tostay. A change in the Codes can mean new strategiesneed to be derived and new targets to be met.
  2. 2. Comparative Analysis of Current Codes Alignment ,Targets & Criteria Vs New Codes Of The New Skills Development Strategy New Revised B-BBEE Scorecard Alignment ,Targets & Criteria Of The Including Targets & New Weightings Employment Equity Strategy Introduction & Impact Of The 3 New Strategies Required To Optimise Priority Elements Of Your Business Your BEE Score Preparing Your Procurement Department The Importance of VAS & EME To Optimise Your BEE Spend Suppliers Understanding The Implications Of Procuring Effective Strategy On All 5 Elements With Non-Compliant Suppliers.
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