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The revenge of the codes


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Rivised codes need careful longterm planning

Published in: Business
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The revenge of the codes

  1. 1. Be prepared for South Africa’s economic revolution. The new codes will affect how business is done in South Africa. Change is inevitable so let BChange Management Consultants be your guide. Our consultancy will assist in the implementation of workable strategies for growth and
  2. 2. The drastic move from black participation to black ownership, willbe effective in under 40 days .The changes made defines governments move toward rapideconomic transformation. A Dti official said “This is how businessshould demonstrate it’s commitment to South Africa, our stabilityas a nation depends on how swiftly we eradicate vast inequality.”The rapid pace of change calls for a new approach. Rememberbeing compliant guarantees a favourable position with thoseneeding your score to win lucrative contracts.Let BChange be your guide. We happen to be 100% Black ownedLevel 1 QSE, this means that we factor all consultancy expensesincurred and absorb the cost into Enterprise and SupplierDevelopment spend. Over 40 points available on the new scorecard. We have had the privilege of training many professionals onthe codes of good practice, some of them include : Small BusinessOwners, Verification Analyst, BEE Champions, CEO’s HRProfessionals Directors of Multinational corporations. Our firstconsultation is free and our business ethos is to serve with passion.Please feel free to contact