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Acquire, Evaluate, Develop Newsletter

  1. 1. Issue 3 acquire evaluate develop acquire evaluate develop Confident Networking for Career Success Seeing the Smaller Picture Engaging Future Leaders The Growing Need for Background ScreeningUAE
  2. 2. Market Update: UAE 2 Hello and Recruitment specialists Relationship Managers are presently welcome NOT generalists in widespread demand by the to the third Throughout the downturn and now banks, and the expected increase in edition in the midst of a period of strong liquidity within the region is likely to of AED growth, our focussed approach, trigger a fresh phase of Mergers and (Acquire, unparalleled access to a global pool Acquisitions activity. Evaluate, of candidates and ability to draw Develop), upon Reed Specialist Recruitments Business Serviceswhich has rapidly established international expertise have been This broad group incorporates aitself as an eagerly awaited highly valued by candidates and diverse array of different sub-sectorssource of interesting and clients alike. which Reed’s specialist recruitershelpful information about focus upon.different aspects of resourcing Big enough to cope, small enough to care HR and Marketing in particularIn addition to a carefully chosen With the majority of the team based have seen increased demand, withmix of specially-commissioned, out of Qatar and Dubai, Reed’s Marketing Assistants proving to be atopical articles, we have again recruitment specialists have helped popular hire.included a selection of items employers of all shapes and sizeslooking at trends and issues linked throughout the GCC, and also within Technical Servicesto the recruitment market. North Africa, adapt their resourcing The Energy sector is currently one of strategies to suit the changing the most dynamic within the overallHistorically, the Middle East economic environment. Technical Services sector.and North Africa (MENA) regionhas been reliant upon a steady Our specialist agency approach Demand is high for people withinflux of suitably skilled foreign now extends across three specialist skills for the Energy sector.workers. However, at the height broad categories; Financial This plight is accentuated by the localof the global financial crisis this Services, Business Services and skills shortage, which has lead to apool of talent was in many cases Technical Services. number of expats returning back todispersed as non-local employees the GCC.were made redundant. Financial Services Banking and Finance within the A local nuclear energy sub-sector isAs the MENA region has emerged region has stabilised, with the banks beginning to emerge, triggered byfrom the global recession, albeit at beginning to resume lending. an ambitious twenty year plan anddifferent paces depending upon recent developments such as thewhich country, state and business One of the impacts of the global creation of the Masdar renewablesector, the demand for suitably financial crisis was to highlight energy city and the adjacent Masdarskilled and experienced candidates to businesses the value that Institute. As a result, we have seenhas noticeable increased as good financial controllers and an increase in demand for skilledconfidence returns along with business analysts could bring professionals with experience gaineda renewed appetite for hiring to to an organisation. in this sector. Meanwhile, links withsecure competitive advantage. the Korean energy market also remain strong.
  3. 3. Market Update: UAE 3Continued…There has also been a healthy The KV assessment process is very With over 50 years’ recruitmentdemand for experienced new rigorous and as the first international experience and expertise, Reedrecruits, such as Quantity Surveyors “Executive Search Firm” accepted Specialist Recruitment has a role tofor instance, from the recovering into KV, further bolsters our credibility play in the economic resurgence ofProperty & Construction sector. within the region. the MENA economy. By continuing to only recruit in service lines whereSatellite Offices The UAE team based in the we have experts with specialist sectorIn September this year, Reed secured Knowledge Village currently covers knowledge, Reed will continue tothe first international Executive both Dubai and Abu Dhabi - although be able to source the best availableSearch license within the Knowledge our dedicated Abu Dhabi office will talent for our clients and remainVillage free-zone in Dubai. also be opening soon. an important resourcing business partner for organisations of all sizes.Dubai Knowledge Village (KV) Expansion of HRlaunched in 2003, and was founded Consulting services With best wishes for a good closeas part of a long-term economic To further help clients optimise their to 2010 and to a successful startstrategy - focused on attracting new resourcing throughout the region, to 2011.organisations who will help introduce Reed Consulting, which works withnew people, new skills and develop companies of all sizes is launchingtalent in the region. a new suite of services to include: Competency Mapping, Goal AnalysisReed’s acceptance by this well- and Training. Maria Brown –respected organisation marks a Associate Directorsignificant milestone for the business. Page 4 Confident Networking for Career Success Page 7 Seeing the Smaller Picture Page 9 Engaging Future Leaders Page 11 The Growing Need for Background Screening Page 13 Reed News: Local and Global
  4. 4. Confident Networkingfor Career Success 4A business network is a web True self-confidence develops when 1. First, boost the inner confidenceof relationships with the you are repeatedly successful, while – maintaining personalitypotential to be mutually helpful at the same time genuinely being characteristics – the Cooland mutually trusting. These ‘yourself’. Your successes can be Cat qualities – that confidentrelationships can appear very large or small and your style of networkers share.similar to social friendships, operating can be highly conspicuous 2. Secondly, there are certain socialbut there are some underlying or not. It can also involve great skills that confident networkersdifferences because of their numbers of people or just a very few. use. We refer to these as Buzzypotential to become commercial Bee some form or other. There are some characteristics and 3. Finally, confident networkers have strengths that self-confident people developed extensive knowledgeA misconception some people share. Inwardly, they feel at ease on how to strategically managehave about networking is that it with themselves, in spite of knowing their networks and operateis an underhand form of selling. It they are not perfect. They know efficiently. We call this Wiseisn’t. The best business and career what they want and what they are Owl know-how.networks provide both formal and capable of achieving, and believeinformal opportunities to develop they will meet with success. Cool Cat qualitieslong-term social relationships The first, and perhaps mostbetween colleagues, clients and You have probably noticed such important of the Cool Cat qualitiescompetitors. They encourage the people radiate positive energy. is self-belief.sharing of personal and work-related They appear calm, in controlinformation, which will build trust and and approachable, and they Self-belief is at the heart of innerfacilitate the successful exchanges communicate clearly and openly. confidence and without it, ourof goods and services whenever They also directly ask for what they primitive urge to survive and thrivesuch needs arise. want and will, unhesitatingly and is weaker. If you network while effectively, both promote and defend your self-belief is shaky, you couldThey also function as insurance themselves whenever they choose be undermining the potential ofagainst a ‘rainy day’, when there to do so. all your strengths, skills andwill be someone who can advise achievements by:and help you meet unwelcome Some confident networkers will havechallenges. been lucky enough to have acquired n Playing too safe – You will these characteristics naturally, but probably either narrow yourSelf-confidence others – such as the shy business field of vision to people youWhatever kind of business tycoon and self-promoter par already know, or, to avoid gettingnetworking you do, or intend to excellence, Richard Branson – had rejected, you might stick to talkingdo, without question the more to learn how to be socially confident. to the small minority who areself-confidence you have the more Becoming confident enough to so nice that they wouldn’t evensuccessful you will be and the more network well may be harder for give a brush-off to a fly sittingyou will enjoy the experience. some than others, but it is never on their nose. impossible for anyone and we n Selling yourself short – You believe there are three areas of may hold back on sharing strengths that can be worked on: some of your strengths and
  5. 5. Confident Networkingfor Career Success 5Continued… achievements, because you have Once you have identified your UAPs, lost faith in your ability to live up you need to create an abundance to these past standards. Or, you of opportunities to display and share may do so because you fear you them. Confident networkers often will be judged as arrogant. seize fleeting opportunities thatn Displaying poor social skills others may not ever even notice. of outer confidence, which are so crucial for interacting For instance, if you were standing with people and building in an airport queue and spotted good relationships. the man next to you was readingn Failing to ‘seize the moment’ an article on a topic that was of – In a fast-paced world, we often great interest to you, would you have only fleeting moments to Unique Appeal Points politely try to initiate a conversation? make a connection. If you waste To help you do this, we have Let’s imagine you would, and that time sweating about whether or developed the concept of Unique during your five minutes of small talk not an interesting new lead or Appeal Points (UAPs), which are a it emerges that this man works for famous VIP will want to talk to variation on the well-known acronym a company that has just the kind you, almost certainly a Cooler USPs and cover four key areas of opportunities you are looking Cat will seize your opportunity. of strengths: for. But then, unfortunately, you also learn that he has a differentHow to develop your self-belief 1. Innate aptitudes: these are destination from you.Unlike many of the other those enduring, personality-components of self-confidence, defining qualities that usually How well would you use the fivethe vast majority of us once had predetermine major areas of minutes you have left of this luckystrong self-belief. Certainly, new- contribution in your career. For break? Would your new contactborn babies don’t doubt their right example, you need to be board his plane, knowing about yourto be noticed, liked and have their clear about whether you are interest and also have an accurateneeds met. Unfortunately, once a natural extrovert, an introvert impression of what you as anpast infancy, most people’s self- or somewhere in between. individual might be able to offer him?belief takes a rocky path. It is 2. Developed character A good networker has to be ableknocked by failures, criticism, strengths: these are the to accurately convey their UAPs torejection and identity crises. strengths you’ve developed as a a new contact in just one minute. result of your life experiences and That may sound like a tall order, butAs a good networker, your main could be, for example, patience, it is not impossible and only requiresfocus should be on what others resourcefulness, consistency or, preparation and practice.might need from you, rather than of course, self-confidence.on what you want or need to sell. 3. Technical skills: these are your Our final tip for self-belief is toSo you must display and highlight learned competencies, which you prepare a plan for recovering fromyourself in the way that is most can legitimately claim as areas of the inevitable knock-backs you willlikely to make you and what you special expertise. get while you are networking. Accepthave to offer relevant and therefore 4. People skills: particularly those that you are certain to encounterappealing to the other person. which are critical to networking, some rudeness and rejection, but such as responsiveness, insight instead of panicking about this and co-operation. reality, note down the five steps of
  6. 6. Confident Networkingfor Career Success 6Continued…this emotional recovery plan and n immerse yourself in an activity people, communication, the typekeep them at hand as a guide: that you enjoy and will guarantee of event or networking in general. a satisfying result;1. Calm your pulse n ring a friend whom you know will 5. Make at least one resolution to:You can achieve this by, for example: love to hear from you; n do a favour for a colleague, friend n script and rehearse ann retreating to somewhere or neighbour; assertive response to use private and doing some n make a donation of time or at your next meeting; controlled breathing and money to a charity; or n write a letter of complaint; stretching exercises; n look through your networking n apologise or make recompense;n visualising a peaceful place, or contacts and find two people n enlist on a training course to the face of someone you love; who might benefit from being improve a skill; orn going for a quiet walk around introduced to each other. n try an alternative the block; or networking scenario.n listening to a calming CD 3. Analyse the facts or humming a peaceful Summarise what exactly happened Confident networking is not as and rhythmic melody. using objective, third-person difficult as it may first appear. You language, being careful not to use just need to know what to do, when2. Boost your self-esteem any superlatives, generalisations to do it and have the courage toYou can do this by doing any and exaggerations. Then, talk test out the strategies and tips stepor all of the following: through your analysis with an by step. Trust that one day it will empathetic and level-headed suddenly ‘click into place’ and startn give (or plan to give) yourself a colleague, boss or mentor. to feel natural and so easy – just treat, such as a break and some like it does to those super-confident favourite food, or buy yourself a 4. Reflect on your learning people you used to admire so much. small luxury; Note what the experience ofn look at some reminders of your knock-back has helped Stuart Lindenfield past achievements; you learn about yourself, other Head of Transition Services Reed Consulting About the authors: Gael Lindenfield: Gael is widely been translated into 33 languages management, with a strong regarded as the UK’s leading and sold more than 2.5 million track record of helping individuals confidence and self-help expert. copies, her most recent book, enhance their careers and assisting She is a psychotherapist and ‘101 Morale Boosters – Instant organisations to successfully trainer specialising in confidence comfort for difficult times’ was manage transitions. From main building, assertive communication published by Little Brown Book board to frontline operatives, he and the management of feelings. Group in February this year. has supported staff at all levels A best-selling international author both in the commercial and not- of 21 ground-breaking personal Stuart Lindenfield: Stuart for-profit sectors. development books, which have is a leading expert on career
  7. 7. Seeing the Smaller PictureThe Importance of Making Informed Resourcing Decisions 7Across the region and account of important local and general awareness as to how levelsthroughout most sectors, labour industry variances. of pay compare. Industry normsmarkets have undergone a can also have a significant effect,major transformation – from Only with a thorough, up-to-date particularly in the case of seniorbeing highly employer-focused understanding of whether there or specialist roles. Other importantduring the GFC, when vacancies are localised skills shortages or factors, including the resourcingwere in short supply, to now surpluses, and what dynamic local activities of sector competitorsbeing more employee-centred labour market factors – such as a and local employers, demographicswith companies having to work major employer moving to the area and the composition of the localmuch harder to recruit and – are at play, can organisations jobseekers talent pool – itsretain the best talent. put in place the most efficient and depth and skills levels, should cost-effective resourcing strategies. also be considered.In these circumstances,organisations need a thorough Micro-economic factors may also While many organisations areunderstanding of relevant local influence reward decisions. Offer missing the opportunity to informand sector-specific data in order to below the local market rate, and their resourcing strategies in thismake the most effective resourcing organisations will not only struggle way, other, more enlighteneddecisions. In particular, reviewing to attract new recruits, but are also businesses are using detailedsalary and benefit package trends likely to have employee retention research to their sector, profession, level and issues. Offer above the geographiclocality are critical in ensuring and sector market rate, and For instance, a major power anda competitive edge. organisations will be wasting energy company wanted to develop money on excessively high wages. more effective resource planningAll too often, organisations of all sizes – including improved attraction,impede the potential success of their Good resourcing decisions recruitment and retention strategiesresourcing activities by adopting a need good local data – to help it staff its customerbroad-brush approach based solely The full resourcing picture is much service centres as cost-effectivelyon macro-economic factors. more complicated and cannot be as possible. understood simply by applying aMaking the rightresourcing decisionsAt a macro-economic level, fallingunemployment and rising levelsof inflation suggest not only thatrecruitment success will be impairedby a shortage of candidates, butalso that pay increases may benecessary for employee retentionand candidate attraction.However, organisations that relyon this broad information alonerisk encountering more acuteresourcing issues by failing to take
  8. 8. Seeing the Smaller Picture 8Continued…Recognising that they first needed based upon an understanding of and the development of an effectivea detailed insight into the external local candidate availability it is also attraction campaign, to defining alabour market conditions for possible to identify the suitability suitable reward package and theeach location, they used Reed’s of potential attraction techniques design and delivery of the rightspecialist research team to provide to support the filling of specific assessment process.information, analysis and insight professional roles.into what factors would have a likely The same detailed understandingimpact upon the recruitment and Resourcing best practice of local market data and pay ratesretention of customer service staff. Organisations should ensure they will help minimise the unwanted employ a best practice approach attrition of valuable talent, while alsoThis enabled the company to then to resourcing and make appropriate protecting your organisation againstundertake workforce planning use of all the tools and information unnecessary pay rises.across seven locations, with a available to them. This approachthorough understanding of the will enable them to successfully In all cases, what may appear tospecific, prevailing external labour address two fundamental be internal management decisionsmarket factors, including suitable resourcing concerns: should be informed by a fullsalary levels based on what local understanding of external conditions.competitors were offering. More 1. Filling key vacancies quickly,widely, the analysis of reward efficiently and cost-effectively In a climate where an optimisedand engagement practice even with the best people available. cost base and maximum staffinformed decisions regarding the 2. Retaining the most valuable talent performance are key, making trulybest ways to maximise customer by rewarding staff as equitably informed resourcing decisionsservice standards. as possible. could mean the difference between success and failure.The scope and depth of labour Having a detailed, research-informedmarket data and analysis can picture of who potential recruits are David Hopkinsvary and can include salary and what is necessary to attract Head of Strategic Resourcebenchmarking, local labour market them is vital. It will inform all phases Reed Consultingconditions and potential candidate of the recruitment process, fromattraction options. Additionally, evaluating recruitment feasibility
  9. 9. Engaging Future LeadersWhy Generation Y are so Important to Achieving Competitive Advantage 9Generation Y (Gen Y) are under employer to employer – sometimes employers and between ambitious30 years old, typically ambitious after little more than a year – in Gen Y individuals looking to secureand frequently criticised for order to gain as much experience an attractive job opportunity.having a ‘diva-like’ approach to as they can, as quickly as they can. Even with an improved economicjob hunting – expecting first jobs outlook, many large organisationsto almost fall into their laps and During the GFC, when really good have cut back on how manyfor the financial rewards on offer job opportunities were rare, most individuals they recruit, especiallyto be high from the outset. employees made a conscious onto their graduate development / decision to stay put and ride out trainee schemes. Add in the steadyWhile this is something of a the economic storm. Not so for increase in student numbers overgeneralisation about people born Gen Y, who continued to look the past few years, and the resultafter 1980, many do have a very for and move to new roles with is more Gen Ys than ever currentlydifferent outlook and approach employers in order to keep their looking for work, and life in general, than career on the fast track.their parents’ generation. Business However, in many sectors theand personal communication has Attracting and retaining recruitment market has alreadychanged immensely over the past the best talent from Gen Y begun to move quite dramatically10 years, and Gen Y are so much The world’s economy has improved from being employer driven andmore familiar with the internet and throughout 2010 and a level of candidate rich during the GFC,in particular online networking sites, confidence has returned to the to now being candidate poorthat the way they communicate with jobs market. This has brought and applicant driven. With talenteach other and interact with society back a healthy level of liquidity in attraction and retention bothis (rightly or wrongly) affecting and recruitment, with more organisations becoming more of a challenge,changing the way we all work. hiring and an even larger number it is more important than ever for of talented Gen Ys actively looking to employers to understand and caterWith this new age already upon move on from their current jobs. for what is important to job transientus, the reality for many employers Gen Y candidates, in order to buildis that for their organisations to be Competition, though, is fierce, the foundations for a successfulsuccessful in the future, they need both among talent-seeking recruitment and retention attract, recruit and retain Gen Y.The challenge, therefore, is clear:employers need to get as full anunderstanding as possible aboutwhat makes Gen Y individualstick, so that they are able tocreate suitable talent attraction,development and retentionstrategies that are relevant to thiskey group, enabling them to createsustainable competitive advantage.For instance, one clear behaviouraltrend amongst Gen Y is thatthey are not afraid to move from
  10. 10. Engaging Future Leaders 10Continued…The need to understand Gen Y they all expect employers to offer by recruiting and retaining top Gen Ywas clearly emphasised in a a structured career path with a talent is recognition.recent survey conducted by Reed firm emphasis on training andamong part-qualified accountants. development, regardless of how long An employer that has a reputation they intend to stay working for them. for recognising and rewarding theResults showed that: achievements of its employees n 31% of those polled wanted to will stand a much better chancen 52% of employees stated they enrol onto professional courses. of attracting and then keeping were unhappy with the benefits n 28% wanted to take accredited hold of Gen Y given this group’s packages offered by their firms. courses. motivations and aspirations.n Almost one in seven said that n 21% wanted to take in-house benefits would play a big courses. In a Gen Y world that is made part in influencing their next n The remainder were seeking up of ambitious, talented and job decision. one-to-one tuition or other forms demanding individuals, employers of training, such as e-learning. need to recognise that resourcingIn addition to this, the survey also and retention strategies for thesepolled employers. Results worryingly In this example, continual professional future leaders need to reflect theirshowed that the answers given by development seems to be as unique make-up. With a very largethe Gen Y respondents completely important as money and benefits, proportion of hiring managers beingcontradicted those of accountancy making it possible for smaller Gen Xs (and baby boomers) theemployers – 83% of which believed employers to compete effectively with successful companies of tomorrowthat their employees were happy major firms for talent by picking their will be those who can understandwith the benefits they received. battlegrounds carefully. and embrace this new era of workers.In addition to this stark difference, Recognition – last but not leastthe research also showed that The final element in a comprehensiveGen Y aren’t just motivated by resourcing strategy to help securemoney and benefits packages, and maintain competitive advantage
  11. 11. The Growing Need forBackground Screening 11Fraud is a global phenomenon dismissed. Application fraud is Fraud prevention andthat is costing countries, on the increase – up by 45%* detection measuresbusinesses and individuals huge – and can take many different Irrespective of the size, natureamounts of money each year. forms, including: and sector in which an employer operates, to try and preventWhile the majority of staff working n Application fraud. becoming a victim of fraud, itfor any organisation are hard- n Providing false or forged should examine its recruitmentworking, reliable and honest, ID / qualifications. processes as closely as thethe cost to and impact upon n Failure to declare criminal applications it receives.businesses caused by the very records – the most commonlysmall proportion of staff who act identified offence. There are a multitude of differentdishonestly and defraud their n Providing false or exaggerated procedures that can be adopted inemployer can be huge. employment history. order to try and prevent application n Providing false or fraud, including:Candidate and employee fraud inappropriate references.As well as making dishonest claims n Professional qualificationabout qualifications, responsibilities Despite candidate screening and trade body membershipand achievements in previous becoming more defined and checks – including levels androles, candidates also make false sophisticated, there has been dates of affiliation.statements about the dates that a marked increase in cases of n Educational establishmentthey were previously employed – successful employment application checks – to verify attendanceeither to make it appear that they fraud. Fraudsters continue to work and also what qualificationshave the required experience for a hard to try and evade detection they obtained.position, or to disguise a period of and employ ever more creative n Passport and workingtime when they were out of work, methods of deception. visa (where relevant)or in a post from which they were authenticity checks. n Credit and sanctions checks. n Employment history verification – written references should be sought to confirm: • that the applicant did work there in the role(s) specified, performed the tasks detailed and was an employee between the dates given; and • that there are no unexplained gaps on a CV (it is very common that applicants try and hide certain periods of their work history). *Research conducted by Reed UK, 2010
  12. 12. The Growing Need forBackground Screening 12Continued…n Authenticity of referee n Previous employer verification Getting help from the experts checks – independently checks – to validate that those Reed Specialist Recruitment are contacting employers enables organisations listed on an industry experts when it comes a prospective employer applicant’s CV are genuine. to staff screening and recruitment to confirm the validity of n Criminal record checks. procedures. Screening thousands a candidate’s previous of applicants each year, our employers. Simply relying One final factor for employers vast experience of checking on telephone numbers and to be aware of when recruiting applicants’ criminal record, email addresses provided surrounds the existence and rise credit and employment histories, by an applicant for their of ‘career applicants’ – individuals qualifications, health screening and previous employers is risky who submit more than one CV, identity validation gives employers because those contact details using different names, in the the assurances they need to make may take the recruiter to the hope of bringing about a financial the right hiring decisions. candidate’s accomplices, claim against accusations such who have been deliberately as discrimination. Keith Rosser lined up to provide false Head of Compliance witness if they are approached Reed Specialist Recruitment by a prospective employer.
  13. 13. Reed News: Local and Global 13New Director of male workers being particularly Mena:International Operations attached to their gadgets. More Reed has secured the firstReed Specialist Recruitment than one in 10 men (11 percent) international Executive Searchhas appointed Russell Yeomans said they couldn’t live without their license within the Knowledge Villageas Director of International Blackberry and more than a quarter free-zone in Dubai.Operations, to lead the company’s said the same of their expansion. Dubai Knowledge Village (KV) raises more launched in 2003, and was foundedYeomans is an industry veteran, than US$250,000 for Pakistan as part of their long-term economicwho has held senior recruitment The Big Give (a Reed Charity) has strategy - focused on attractingpositions in Australia, Asia and raised more than US$250,000 by new organisations who will helpEurope with the likes of Morgan & doubling online donations to the introduce new people, new skillsBanks and Hudson. Pakistan emergency appeals. and develop talent in the region. Reed’s acceptance by this well-50th anniversary report Reed’s offer to match more than respected organisation marksWorking nine to five is no longer US$80,000 of online donations a significant milestone for thethe way to make a living according was fulfilled in under a week. When business. The KV assessmentto a new report – ‘50 years at combined with the other funders, process is very rigorous and asthe forefront of recruitment’ – this resulted in a total of 700 the first international “Executivecommissioned to mark the individual donations being matched. Search Firm” accepted into KV,50th anniversary of Reed further bolsters our credibility withinSpecialist Recruitment. Participating charities included: the region. Oxfam, Christian Aid, DisastersThe report canvassed the views of Emergency Committee, ActionAid, Asia Pac:3,000 workers and revealed that British Red Cross and Merlin. We are delighted to announceemployees are embracing more the opening of our latest office inflexible working patterns, with Europe: Korea. Headed up by the vastlymany burning the candle at both Sinead Wallace, Country Manager experienced local recruiter S.H.ends and putting in over 10 hours of Reed Specialist Recruitment Kim, Reed Korea will concentratea day at the office. And for many, – Ireland has reached the finals on executive, professional mid-levelwork doesn’t end in the office – of the coveted Women Mean recruitment, temp staffing, career /most people complete 42 minutes’ Business Award 2010. The outplacement consulting and cross-‘homework’ every night because awards, in their fourth year, are border recruitment acrossthey “simply have too much work designed to recognise, inspire and all get done in the working day.” reward female entrepreneurs andFrom typewriters and telephones businesswomen alike. This year’sin the 1960s to Blackberries and theme was ‘Believe in Change’ andPDAs in the noughties, the report the WMBusinesswoman of the Yearalso shows how technology has Award 2010 was presented to theacted as a catalyst for change in woman who has contributed mostthe workplace during the last 50 to the success of her company inyears. The internet and email are the past 12 accepted as essential toolsof the trade in most jobs, with
  14. 14. C6 Tower Bainunah St 13One Company, 30 Specialisms 34 Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi P.O. Box 113100, Abu Dhabi UAE + 971 2 406 9600 www.reedglobal.aeReed Specialist Recruitment has experts that operate at all and across a wide range of specialisms including:Accountancy IndustrialActuarial InsuranceBanking Marketing & CreativeBanking Sales MortgagesCommunity Care NurseDoctor PA & SecretarialEducation Property & ConstructionEnergy PurchasingEngineering RetailFinance SalesGraduates ScientificHealth Social CareHospitality & Leisure TechnologyHuman Resources Training ProfessionalsIn addition, we have industry leading capabilities in:Recruitment Process Outsourcing Graduate RecruitmentEmployment Screening HR ConsultingManaged Services Strategic ResearchAssessment, Development & Talent Transitions & Outplacement