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Triton streaming and loyalty capabilities 0411


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Triton streaming and loyalty capabilities 0411

  1. 1. Triton Digital’s PremiereEngagement and Traffic Drivers
  2. 2. Triton Digital Situation Analysis• Interested in driving traffic and creating consumer actions on your website, social networking or e-commerce site? Traffic can be driven organically from banner ad campaigns produced on relevantstreaming music sites. Triton can also drive from our existing loyalty sites that are produced for othermedia and content companies.• Triton offers a variety of online, interactive marketing programs with a great audience for thisproduct. Our streaming media and loyalty programs engage a perfect audience for your campaign.• Triton recommends featuring your campaign on our most highly engaging platforms includingSlacker, Grooveshark, Accuradio, 1ClubFM and our very own loyalty platform to stimulate traffic andpage consumption of your online product.• Slacker Radio has recently completed negotiations and created exclusive relationships with a newsprovider and a sports information provider. Subscribers will have the ability to have this content appearas regular updates as desired on their Slacker account while streaming. This will increase contentconsumption, subscriptions and overall use of your services and offerings.
  3. 3. Triton Digital Media Local Content/Publisher Network• 3,000+ Audio Streaming Affiliates• 700+ Loyalty Club/Community Sites• 700+ Local Radio Content Sites• 20 Million+ Registered Users• 10 Million Mobile Device Users
  4. 4. Internet Radio Growth% Of US Pop. Listening To Internet Radio (Last 30 Days) 645% Increase 52.2 Since 2006 43.5 417% Increase Since 2006 36.2 30.2 159% Increase Since 2006 18.1 9.0 7.0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Source: Bridge Ratings Future of Radio Study for 2010 /
  5. 5. Online Audio Audience Profile 27% 20% 15% 16% 10% 63% 10% Adults 25-54Female 2% 45% Male 55% Teens A18-24 A25-34 A35-44 A45-54 A55-64 A65+ 61% 55% 54% 2009 2010 145 Index 37% 153 Index 126 128 16% 18% Index Index 160 180 Index Index Employed Full Time College Degree Or more $100k+ HH IncomeSource: Arbitron-Edison Media 2010/ A12+ Weekly Online Radio Audience
  6. 6. Mobile Audio Streaming GrowthWhen asked “Which cell phone activities do you most often use in a typical week?” Audio Streaming accounted for 72% in January 2010. Additionally, Audio Streaming via cell phone is poised to grow to 77% by 2011. By 2011 Audio Streaming will be Audio Streaming the 2nd largest mobile activity. 77% Cell Phone Usage Projected 72% Category 2011 Email 85.0% Audio Streaming 77.0% Social Networking 76.0% Instant messaging 72.0% 21% Audio Playback 71.0% 14% Text Messaging 68.0% Video Games 65.0% Internet Surfing 60.0% Jun-06 Aug-07 Jan-10 Proj 2011 Photo Sharing 59.0% Video Playback 40.0% Video Streaming 33.0% Tweeting 9.4% Source: 2010 Bridge Ratings, LLC Mobile Consumption Update
  7. 7. Triton Digital Media Core Value Propositions For Our Clients• Audience Activation Activation• Scalability• Speed Of Activation Scale Speed• Efficiency Of Platform Results• Ease Of Use ROI• Results/ROI/Measurability Ease of Efficiency Use
  8. 8. Triton Digital Media In Stream Audio Publishers• Over 3,000 Affiliate Channels• Terrestrial & Internet Only• Over 1 Billion Monthly Audio Impressions• Over 10.0 Million Monthly Uniques• Affiliates: – Slacker Radio, Accuradio,, Emmis, Inner City, Bonneville, Lincoln Financial, Alpha Broadcasting,, Big R Radio, & and more targetability: demo/gender geo ethnicity format Our Platforms: In Stream Audio Pre-Roll Video Audio Gateways Synched Banners
  9. 9. Slacker is the worlds first Personal Radiocompany offering “Your Radio Everywhere.”Slacker allows music lovers to play highlypersonalized music online at the Slacker website or on the go with Slacker Personal Radioplayers and mobile phones.
  10. 10. Slacker Radio Overview• Slacker is a free personalized radio service available online at, on all leading smartphones and on a variety of devices for the home.• Slacker has over 21 million registered users.• Listeners can create a custom station by searching for their favorite artists or songs. Custom stations can be a simple as searching for one artist or as specific as requesting a long list of specific songs. While listening to any station, listeners give feedback to make the stations more personal.• Slacker listeners are able to listen to over 120 pre-programmed genre stations, programmed by music experts.• Slacker has over 4 times the music as the leading competitor (Pandora) - featuring over 3mm songs
  11. 11. Slacker RadioClutter Free Ad EnvironmentAudio Ads are served with a companion 300x250 clickable banner ad!
  12. 12. Slacker Radio Clutter Free Ad EnvironmentAudio/Video Ads & Roadblock Web Display Ads Page Takeovers
  13. 13. Slacker Radio Mobile Audio with Graphic• Over 10 million of the 21 million Slacker Radio listeners listen on a Slacker Radio mobile application. This includes BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Palm webOS and Windows Mobile.• Targeted audio + graphic ads on Slacker mobile applications are clickable to the client mobile site• Slacker Radio is available on all leading smartphones including: – Android – BlackBerry – iPhone – Palm webOS – Windows Mobile
  14. 14. Slacker Radio Affiliate Spotlight For Verizon Wireless• In this print piece, the Slacker icon is prominently featured in the “app-sphere” as well as the primary featured application• Slacker continues to be included as a featured application on more and more phones.• Slacker is featured or scheduled to be featured in key campaigns in 2011 with Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, Research in Motion, and others.
  15. 15. Over 80 free internet radio stations with the best Rock, Country, Rap, Old School, NewAge, Jazz, Pop & Top 40, Talk & Fox News Radio, Classical, Dance & DJ, Blues, Live Mixes,Oldies, Reggae, Kids Pop, cutting-edge shows and more.1CLUB.FM was designed with the input of over millions of people just like you. Easynavigation of their website offers the greatest LIVE radio stations ever created. Save yourfavorite radio stations, your favorite videos and much more.1CLUB.FM’s superior HD quality audio makes them the critically acclaimed, awardwinning internet radio station that they are today.
  16. 16. Homepage Takeover: Skin & Synced SkyscraperThe skin is a custom-createdunit that is able to supportvideo, animation, andmultiple CTA’s.The skyscraper banner will becustom branded for thetargeted user’s session.
  17. 17. Pushdown Header BannerAs listeners experience yourcampaign on Grooveshark,the site skin will beextended to every page viathe header banner unit.From the “Popular “ and“Recent” sections to theuser’s library and playlists,and branded messaging willfollow throughout allGrooveshark interaction.
  18. 18. AccuRadio: Programmed by real people, but customized by you!AccuRadio is comprised of hundreds of channels of music, spanning over 60 genres, thatare programmed by people who love music (not by soulless computer algorithms).But our hundreds of channels are not like broadcast radio -- you can personalize them!How? 1) Skip songs you dont like. 2) Delete artists from the upcoming playlists. 3) Mix various genres together in a single channel.AccuRadio currently reaches almost 1,000,000 unique listeners per month (as many as alarge New York City radio station), with an audience of as many 20,000 simultaneouslisteners on weekdays during business hours (Internet radios "prime time").
  19. 19. Triton Loyalty A Variety Of Content Sites Dan Patrick National 700+ Media Brands 13.5 Million Permission Based Members Over 125 Million Monthly Impressions Target-ability: Demo, Gender, Market, Lifestyle & FormatEngagement Platforms: Surveys, Trivia, Virtual Events, Featured Links & more WMMS-FM Cleveland
  20. 20. Triton Loyalty What Is It? Just like many of the premier rewards and loyalty programs you already know,Triton Loyalty turns radio’s listener loyalty into a powerful marketing engine
  21. 21. Triton Loyalty EngagementsPlenty of EngagementOptions:Our registrantsparticipate on average of28 minutes per visit!• Trivia• Surveys• Featured Links• Special features andmore!
  22. 22. Triton LoyaltySurvey and Trivia Examples
  23. 23. Triton Digital Thank You Russell SaundersVP, Interactive Sales and Partnerships 212-419-2976 office 917-328-5783 cell