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Kari rouhonen

  1. 1. Major Rail Projects in Finland Kari Ruohonen Director General Projects
  2. 2. www.fta.fi• Projects Finnish Transport Agency organization from 1 July 2013 2 Director General Operations Management Projects Infrastructure Management Traffic and Information Project Management Project Implementation Maintenance Infrastructure and the Environment Traffic Management Centres Information Traffic Services • Communications • Strategy Planning Finance and Performance Management Legal Services and Procurement HR and Administration • Internal Audit • Regional Steering 29.4.2014 KR
  3. 3. www.fta.fi• Projects3KR The FTA is responsible for transport infrastructure assets worth billions • The Finnish Transport Agency annually purchases infrastructure management, planning, surveying and other services for about 1.7 billion euros, which represents about one-third of Finland’s infrastructure field. • The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for transport infrastructure assets amounting to almost 19.2 billion euros.t Agency is responsible for transport infrastructure assets amounting to nearly 19.2 billion euros • The annual budget (gross) is about 1.8 billion euros, of which: • 1,020 million euros for basic transport infrastructure management • 610 million euros for development • 81 million euros for shipping • 100 million euros for the procurement and development of public transport, as well as for archipelago traffic24 million euros in subsidies for the building of the West Metro • The Finnish Transport Agency's own budget is approx. 87 million euros and 650 civil servants 29.4.2014
  4. 4. www.fta.fi• ProjectsKR 4 The length of the Finnish railway network is kilometres 5,900 level crossings and tunnels on the main lines 3,359 43 Every year million journeys are made by train 70 Every year around million tonnes of freight are carried by rail 40 Railway statistics 29.4.2014
  5. 5. www.fta.fi• Projects Mission The Finnish Transport Agency enables smooth, efficient and safe travel and transport Vision 2025 Smart routes and intelligent traffic - for you. Strategy of the Finnish Transport Agency 529.4.2014 KR
  6. 6. www.fta.fi• Projects Sratecig Goals 1. Well-functioning transport routes enhance competitiveness 2. Smooth and safe travel 3. We act in a responsible, effective and innovative way 4. The Finnish Transport Agency - an excellent workplace for professionals 29.4.2014 KR 6
  7. 7. www.fta.fi• Projects EU:n TEN-T Core Network 29.4.2014 7
  8. 8. www.fta.fi• Projects Core Network Corridors in Finland 29.4.2014 8
  9. 9. www.fta.fi• Projects Helsinki Metropol 29.4.2014 9
  10. 10. www.fta.fi• Projects Ring Rail Line in brief 10 ● length of railway line is 18 kilometres, 8 kilometres of which in tunnel • 5 new stations (Vehkala, Kivistö, Aviapolis, Airport and Leinelä) • 3 station reservations (Petas, Viinikkala and Ruskeasanta) • 45 bridges will be built • park-and-ride facilities in the initial phase: 1000 cars and 840 bicycles • Construction schedule is 2009-2015 • Estimated total costs are 738,5 million euros • Finnish Transport Agency 474 M€ • City of Vantaa 234,5 M€ • Finavia 30 M€ • (TENT-T funding from the EU 44,8 M€) 29.4.2014
  11. 11. www.fta.fi• Projects The Ring Rail Line connects the traffic in the metropolitan area ● The Ring Rail Line  provides an option to take the train to new areas and connections. Daytime trains will run at 10-minute intervals in both directions  reduces motor vehicle traffic along with environmental impact • The starting point of the station arrangements is easy mobility, smooth feeder traffic and short changing times.  park-and-ride facilities in the immediate vicinity of the stations  bus terminals at the stations in Vantaankoski and Kivistö ● The Ring Rail Line provides a direct railway connection to the airport  urban railway line to the international airport, the travel time to the airport is 30 minutes from the centre of Helsinki 1129.4.2014
  12. 12. www.fta.fi• Projects The Ring Rail Line creates something new ● The Ring Rail Line is an urban railway line creating opportunities for new residential and job areas.  The Ring Rail creates opportunities for new residential areas in its area of influence. In the initial phase 5 new stations will be built along the railway.  It also creates thousands of new job opportunities. At present about 850 persons are working on the Ring Rail Line project.  The first underground railway stations in Finland are built on the Ring Rail Line and its 8- kilometre twin tunnel for passenger traffic is unique. 1229.4.2014
  13. 13. www.fta.fi• Projects Aviapolis 1329.4.2014
  14. 14. www.fta.fi• Projects14 29.4.2014 MICROBE POPULATION IN RING RAIL LINE AIRPORT TUNNEL ● A microbe population was found during tunnelling under the eastern runway at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in summer 2010. ● The population consists of normal soil bacteria whose growth has been stimulated by glycol and other substances that have seeped into the ground from the runway. Glycol is used to de-ice aircraft. ● Work was stopped from 30 September to 12 October 2010.
  15. 15. www.fta.fi• Projects ● - In February 2011 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland completed a study concerning the effects of glycol seepage on concrete and steel structures. The study showed that seepage will reduce the service life of tunnel structures. ● - When glycol breaks down, it forms acidic by-products and carbon dioxide, which have a corrosive effect on the tunnel and its walls as well as structures extending into the bedrock. ● - When bacteria nourished by glycol seep into the tunnel and come in contact with oxygen, it speeds up the growth of bacteria. The resulting glycol breakdown products form a harmful chemical environment for steel and concrete materials. ● - Research indicates that in the case of the Ring Rail Line tunnel the chemical environment would cause steel and concrete materials to deteriorate. Deterioration would be rapid, and an acceptable service life (50-100 years) could not be achieved with ordinary solutions. ● - The Finnish Transport Agency received seven solutions, presented on 10 May 2011, to prevent deterioration. ● The solution is double structure; first larger rock tunnel and inside concrete tunnel. Between them is airproof and underinflated space where the water is collected ● Extra costs are about 50 M€:s, State and Fianavia Ltd 15 29.4.2014
  16. 16. www.fta.fi• Projects Lentoasema glycol solution 1629.4.2014
  17. 17. Metro west extensions 1 & 2 Under construction Ruoholahti – Matinkylä Ready to start construction Matinkylä - Kivenlahti
  18. 18. www.fta.fi• Projects Metro line – now and in future 1829.4.2014
  19. 19. www.fta.fi• Projects19 Metro Routing and Profile Line length 14 km (2 tunnels), 8 new stations, cost estimate 985 milj. € 29.4.2014
  20. 20. www.fta.fi• Projects Tunnel profile 29.4.2014 20
  21. 21. www.fta.fi• Projects Otaniemi 29.4.2014 21 Otaniemi
  22. 22. www.fta.fi• Projects New Centrum 29.4.2014 22
  23. 23. www.fta.fi• Projects TRIPLA of YIT was the Winner of the Pasila One competition 29.4.2014 23
  24. 24. www.fta.fi• Projects Pasila western additional track Objectives ● To increase capacity in the Helsinki-Riihimäki direction ● To increase the capacity of Pasila railway yard ● Less vulnerability to traffic disturbances in local and long- distance traffic ● Better punctuality 29.4.2014 KR 24 Planning area situated directly north of the Helsinki railway yard, at the Pasila railway yard, where there are now 9 platform lines and 2 yard tracks. ● An additional track will be built on the western edge of the Pasila railway yard. The length of the track is 1.5 km and the section includes several bridges. ● The new track runs through the present station building. ● The turnouts and the functionality of the railway yard will be altered so that the number of tracks in the Helsinki-Turku direction will remain the same (4). The tracks in the Helsinki-Riihimäki direction will increase by one, amounting to a total of 6 tracks and 2 yard tracks. + 1 platform line + 1 main line Riihimäki Kerava
  25. 25. www.fta.fi• Projects Improving the efficiency of the Helsinki railway yard, HELRA ● Preliminary report on the transport and track schematic model presented: ● The best out of four alternative schematic models chosen for further development, on the basis of traffic and disturbance simulations ● HELRA measures ● Efficiency of the tracks at the Helsinki railway yard will be improved by adding more turnouts and groups of scissor crossings ● Signalling stages are added to the urban railway line between Helsinki and Pasila ● By reducing the speed limit 80 km/h60 km/h more capacity would be added to Pasila ● Cost 56 M€ ● Replacement of the signal box later (after 10-15 years), 86 M€ (Year 2018) 29.4.2014 KR 25 Objectives • To increase rail capacity • Reduce vulnerability to traffic disturbances
  26. 26. www.fta.fi• Projects Improving the efficiency of the Helsinki railway yard, HELRA ● Planning continues ● Improvement planning in 2014 ● Impact of simulated speeds of 60-70-80 km/h on safety and functionality studied through risk management ● Detailed planning of track geometry ● Detailed planning of safety devices for later procurement ● Construction planning in 2015-2016 ● Implementation in stages in 2016-2019 ● Project completed approximately in 2020, as HELRA measures and Pasila additional track have been implemented 29.4.2014 KR 26
  27. 27. www.fta.fi• Projects Railway from Helsinki to North Added capacity between Helsinki and Riihimäki 29.4.2014 KR 27
  28. 28. www.fta.fi• Projects Added capacity between Helsinki and Riihimäki ● Project schedule and costs ● Railway plan for the first phase to be completed in April 2014; construction planning and construction will commence in 2015 ● Cost estimate 150 million € ● General plan for the second phase will commence in June 2014 ● Cost estimate 200 million € ● Project impact ● Number of commuter trains can be increased between Helsinki and Riihimäki ● Reduced risk of traffic disturbances and improved punctuality ● Smoother operation of long-distance trains ● Separation of slow freight traffic from fast passenger traffic increases track capacity and enables less strict freight traffic scheduling ● On the section north of Pasila the project increases the capacity required in order to draw benefits from the City Rail Loop project. 29.4.2014 KR 28
  29. 29. www.fta.fi• Projects Added capacity between Helsinki and Riihimäki ● The project has been divided into two phases ● First implementation phase: ● Turnout and track alterations at Tikkurila ● Additional track for freight traffic at Kerava to the Vuosaari and Sköldvik track. ● Additional track between Kyrölä and Purola ● Turnout arrangements at Hyvinkää ● Track, turnout and platform alterations at the Riihimäki passenger yard Second implementation phase: ● Additional tracks from Kytömaa to Kyrölä and from Purola to Jokela ● Connecting of Kerava freight traffic to the Lahti direct line ● After the second implementation phase there will be four tracks to Jokela ● Track for freight traffic from Hyvinkää to Riihimäki 29.4.2014 KR 29
  30. 30. www.fta.fi• Projects Espoo urban railway line westward from Helsinki Objectives ● Increased capacity ● Less vulnerability to traffic disturbances in local and long-distance traffic ● Better punctuality ● Better public transport connections ● Lower motorization level and less congestion The planning area Leppävaara – Kauklahti is located at the Helsinki–Turku main line in the cities of Espoo and Kauniainen ● Railway section about 15 km ● Current double track altered into 2+2 tracks  slower urban traffic and faster long-distance traffic on separate tracks ● 7 traffic operating points (Kilo, Kera, Kauniainen, Koivuhovi, Tuomarila, Espoo, Kauklahti) ● 26 bridges ● A high-quality underpass for bicycle traffic is also planned in connection with the railway plan29.4.2014 30KR
  31. 31. www.fta.fi• Projects Espoo urban railway line ● Cost estimate 300 M€ (Year 2018) ● Railway plan circulated for comment in autumn 2014 ● The town plan for the power supply station delays completion ● Approval of the railway plan in 2015 29.4.2014 31KR
  32. 32. www.fta.fi• Projects The City Rail Loop Helsinki The City Rail Loop would ● enable an increased volume of passenger rail traffic ● enhance public transport ● improve passenger convenience ● reduce train delays Töölö Station Hakaniemi Station City Centre Station
  33. 33. www.fta.fi• Projects Project status - General plan approved 2012 - Railway plan completed end of 2014 - Detailed planning 2015-2016 (-2017) - Planning cost estimated 40 M€ (including geological surveys) - Decision of the construction works, Finnish parliament - Project costs 750 M€ (year 2018 price level) - City Rail Loop - Under the city center of Helsinki - 8 km (6 km in tunnels), 2 tracks - 3 underground stations, 250 m platforms - Local trains every 5 (3) minutes (both directions)
  34. 34. www.fta.fi• Projects City Rail Loop in figures Underground stations Töölö, Keskusta, Hakaniemi Material to be excavated and transported 1 304 000 cu.m Length of railway line 8 km Length of section in tunnel 6 km Bridges to be built 3 Longest concrete tunnel (Stadium) 200 m Maximum depth of excavation from surface 63 m Construction costs (estimate) EUR 740 million (ex VAT) Design stage duration 4 years Design cost estimate EUR 40 million 29.4.2014 34
  35. 35. www.fta.fi• Projects Helsinki centrum, tracks today 29.4.2014 35
  36. 36. www.fta.fi• Projects City Rail Loop, tracks 29.4.2014 36
  37. 37. www.fta.fi• Projects Passengers in stations, year 2035 Pasila 27 000 rush hour 180 000 per day Töölö 2 100 per rush hour 16 100 per day Keskusta 5 300 per rush hour 42 700 per day Hakaniemi 10 700 per rush hour 79 100 per day 29.4.2014 37
  38. 38. www.fta.fi• Projects City Centre station ● Large numbers of passengers distributed more evenly in the city centre ● Most extensive network of access points and underground walkways ● Access to adjoining commercial premises
  39. 39. www.fta.fi• Projects City Centre station
  40. 40. www.fta.fi• Projects Hakaniemi station ● The highest-volume station on the City Rail Loop ● Good interchange facility between metro and rail ● Largest potential number of passengers changing between metro and rail
  41. 41. www.fta.fi• Projects Thank You 29.4.2014 41